Californication Gets Canceled After Seventh Season

Remy Carreiro December 10, 2013 0


You cruise down the open road, the wind in your hair. To your left, you see the crisp azure stare of the ocean, and to your right, a stunning young woman sits in the passenger seat of your convertible. Truthfully, all is well with the world. Then SCREECH. That is sort of what it felt like to hear Californication gets canceled. Truth is, there is one more season left to tell the story, so it is not like coming to a dead-stop, but pretty close.

But don’t worry that Californication gets canceled. Is it getting canceled? Yes. But not until AFTER the seventh season is over, and that season is set to come back (and wrap up) starting in April. Showtime is promising viewers that they will get Hank’s storyline wrapped up, so need need to worry about the show disappearing while there is still story left to tell. It may be getting canceled, but atleast it will have an opportunity to tell the story it wants to.

So what do you think will be in store for Hank when Californication gets canceled, and where will David Duchovny go next? We wont lie, we like Duchovny on TV, so we hope he finds something just as fitting. Note we got through this whole article without mentioning what the show is actually about. This is a family site, afterall.

More details about Californication’s cancellation over at TV Line.

[Photo via Jason Kempin/Getty]