Californication 6.10 Sneak Peeks: Hank Meets Faith’s Mother

CalifornicationFaith has been a bit of an enigma this season on Californication. Although we know that the former Catholic schoolgirl turned into a groupie out of rebellion and a love for rock’n roll, it’s hard to place where exactly she came from, who she was exactly before morphing into the free spirited sexpot that stands before us today. Granted, Hank doesn’t seem to mind not knowing the ins and outs of his latest sorta-kinda girlfriend, but how will he react to being transplanted to the place she grew up and learned to rebel?

On the next episode of Californication, we’re let into Faith’s former world when she and Hank make a trip to visit her parents. The two run into her extremely devout mother outside the house and Hank actually leaves a pretty decent impression, mostly because he’s not the type (long hair, tattoos) Faith is typically drawn to. This trip home could be the thing that determines the course of Hank and Faith’s relationship/partnership; if it goes well enough, they might become closer or even consider turning their muse-artist arrangement into something more real and romantic. If it doesn’t go so hot, Faith could be looking for her next “project” before the season finale.

Elsewhere on Californication, Becca has approached Hank and Karen in hopes of going abroad to further her writing. Some of her favorite writers have made the sojourn to foreign lands for life experience and literary inspiration and since her first manuscript didn’t impress her father, she wants to do what she can to better herself. While Hank doesn’t like the idea of Becca leaving and thinks that going to party in another country doesn’t make you a writer, Karen seems more into the idea of allowing her daughter to be who she is and explore what she wants to be. Will Hank eventually relent and fully support Becca’s dream of becoming a writer?

Californication airs Sundays at 10:30 on Showtime.

How will Hank’s time in the parental spotlight go? Does this mean that he and Faith are inching toward becoming something real? Should he and Karen allow Becca to go abroad?




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