Castle: 5.02 “Cloudy With A Chance Of Murder” Review

There was just so much to love about this week’s Castle, wasn’t it? Even though it wasn’t the greatest of episodes – I do have a few issues I want to point out and discuss with you all – you have got to hand it to TPTB when it comes to the Castle/Beckett relationship. They have eased so seamlessly into their new relationship status that it is hard to believe they haven’t been together for a while.

You all know how terrified I was that they would screw this up if this transition wasn’t handled well. But with two episodes in, I have to say that they have successfully navigated those dark waters and our dynamic duo just can’t get any cuter.

The case of the week was just okay for me – as most of the cases usually are – but what really shone through in “Cloudy with a Chance of Murder” was Beckett’s struggle with her feelings. There is so much to be said about Stana Katic’s performance in this episode and how she portrayed the subtle transition from blissfully happy to concerned, to playful, to incredibly jealous, then seriously pissed off and incredibly vulnerable. This episode was a prime example of her amazing ability to convey her character’s emotions with just a facial expression. The end scene alone was probably the best example of how she manages to go from one emotion to another in a flash. It was so incredibly amazing to watch.

I loved most of the writing in this episode, but what I really, really enjoyed seeing was Castle and Beckett’s growth through it all. If that had been a season or two ago, they would have just ignored the elephant in the room and act like nothing had happened. But this time Castle stepped up to the plate and apologized and Kate actually told him straight out what she was feeling and her fears and wishes and, man, watching this after four years is probably the greatest gift to a fan of this show. Also, can we just take the time to appreciate how adorable and a joy to watch Kate being head over heels in love is? If anyone ever had any doubts that her feelings for Castle were not as strong as his feelings for her, those two first episodes completely proved otherwise. Stana is doing wonders in portraying a smitten Beckett and I just can’t get enough of it.

Now, the episode was nice and that last scene was to die for, but I do have a few issues with it. For four years now the secondary characters have watched the Caskett relationship grow and evolve and they have all been really supportive through all the ups and downs. Do they really expect me to believe that suddenly Lanie doesn’t even suspect that something changed between them? Not only that, but that she would ask Kate about her new man in front of Castle? Also, Ryan and Esposito callously talking about Castle going after the entertainment reporter in front of Beckett. What the hell was that? Both scenes were so ridiculously out of character that I wasn’t even sure what they wanted us to take from them. Unless all three characters suspect something is going on and this is their way to play them, the emotional continuity with those three really needs to improve.

Other than that, I just can’t get over how freaking adorable those two are together. So yeah.

What did you think?


  • JAA

    I loved the episode but you’re right that it was out of character for Esposito and Ryan to be talking about Castle and that reporter in front of Beckett when Esposito has always been a vocal advocate for Beckett’s feelings towards Castle. Season 2 finale comes to mind. It was rather cruel.

    • lv2bnsb

      I don’t think it was really anything. I mean, I think it’s pretty apparent to R & E at this point after 4 years that Castle and Beckett are just partners like R & E are with Beckett. And Cops do A LOT of ribbing – so much more than what they show n this tv show. Firemen are even worse. That said, Lanie knows. She’s suspecting and that’s why she wiggled her finger at both of them to see if they’d just fess up and tell her already.

  • saveCastle

    Really enjoyable episode…nothing more to add that you have not covered.

    You know what’s most enjoyable about your reviews, commentaries and post-show thoughts? Aside from being succinct *and* substantive (always appreciated!) – you aren’t afraid to fly the fan-girl flag just as you aren’t afraid to put it momentarily aside to serve up the straight talk.

    Well done. and thanks!

    •!/lucianamangas Luciana Mangas

      Aw, thanks, darling! I really appreciate it! :D

  • lame

    I don’t have a problem with Espo or Ryan, that was macho guy talk. And in Espo’s case a bump to Beckett’s ribs, something he’s done before in matters involving Castle. My question is how could Lanie ask Kate who the guy was she is having sex with after the convo they had last season. Okay, I know I’m jumping the gun here and this will become clear in 5.3 and 5.4 and it does add to the fun, but it did feel odd, out of place.
    As for the DD’s relationship, it is stunning to watch, to see these two struggle to verbally express their feeling to one another and not run and hide is sooo incredibly refreshing I’ll need a few more eps to come to grips with the new dynamic.
    Thank you AWM, Thank you.

    • Klover

      The last conversation with Lanie was exactly why I *don’t* think it was out of character for her to ask Kate about a new guy in front of Castle. The last Lanie knew, Kate was dragging her feet in regards to her feelings about Castle, and then witnessed along with Kate him bringing the stewardess around. Why shouldn’t she ask? She’s done it before.

  • lame

    Oh, and that sneak peek for next week with Martha is pure “Gold”,can’t wait!

  • Shena

    With regards to Esposito, Lanie and Ryan “not noticing” anything… I think they all suspect something, but being the friends that they are, they are allowing Castle and Beckett the chance to come clean on their own. But this doesn’t mean that the trio won’t drop hints and tease them. I wouldn’t be surprised if the two of them have a bet going as to who can get Castle and Beckett to admit to it first!

  • Kate

    lovely review!

    i agree that it’s strange for Esposito and Ryan to openly talk about Castle with another woman in front of Beckett unless they’re messing with her. Especially since they both had moments late in season 4 where they acknowledged the tension between Castle and Beckett. They aren’t unaware of the tension that had been there.
    I actually find Lanie’s questioning Beckett about another man WAY more ridiculous. I’m surprised there wasn’t a scene later in the episode with just Beckett and Lanie. I find it nearly impossible to believe that Lanie would think it’s any man other than Castle after Beckett actually openly confessed to being crazy about him last season and they’ve clearly made up after that period where things were “different”. I think Lanie does know but is just waiting for Beckett to tell her, otherwise i think there’s a serious continuity issue there.

    Other than that I agree it wasn’t the best case ever but the transition into Castle and Beckett being a couple has been seamless and it IS rewarding as a longtime fan to see them openly discussing things and using their words. Especially after the tension that existed throughout last season.

  • http://facebook janet

    loved the review and loved this episode love the way beckett and castle fit together no awkward moments its like they have always been together,it can only get better.

  • RoadSinger

    I agree with what you say and the case may not have been that intriguing but what a perfect crime backdrop to display all the issues. The TV news/weather/entertainment aspects really allowed them to play with the “secret office romance” and Castle as entertainment fodder allowed Beckett’s insecurities to be introduced in a really open way. I had worried about how they’d handle that. Besides, IMO and regardless of what A.M. says, I have always seen the show as a romantic comedy that’s spun around a detective story/murder mystery, not the other way around. Seriously, do we get excited about the crimes? With the exception of 3XK and Johanna Becket’s case, not so much. We care about the relationships, all the relationships. That’s what keeps us coming back.

  • mj9000jeanne

    What I want to know, especially from the men, is what does Castle’s little smile at the end mean? I have my own idea but I would like to know from anyone willing to write back. What do is the meaning of his little smile?

    • mj9000jeanne

      Really should reread before I hit return. What does the smile mean?

      • Samantha

        Not a man but I’m married to one, LOL!, and we watch together (have from episode #1) … he said the smile was for 2 reasons:

        * Hit Castle that he and Beckett are really together aka mutually exclusive/no dating or seeing anyone else.

        * Castle follows Beckett into the bedroom and put in “work” to erase the images of the bikini clad woman w her boobs in Castle’s face.

        •!/lucianamangas Luciana Mangas

          I’m obviously not a man either, but I think it’s a little bit of both reasons your husband mentioned. At least that’s how I understood. :)

  • Guppy

    Some said it is because, although Kate walked away, she did not ask Castle to leave. In Seasons 3 and 4, Kate was such a terrible fighter (It’s Over!! and Get Out!!) this is a vast improvement. LOL

    Anyway, there are four or five lovely fanfics that add one more scene to the end of “Cloudy W/a Chance of Murder” and I particularly like this one: All of them address somewhat the reason why Castle’s expression at the end is what it is.

  • lame

    The smile was knowing he’s going to follow her into her bedroom and sooth her worries. It is something he hopes will take all night. The fact that she didn’t through him out her apartment shows him how much she loves him.

  • Dave

    My initial thoughts were that since we have not heard an “I love you” from Kate, the fact that Beckett is that jealous and bothered by the image of the two of them is a clear read between the lines signal that she loves him. As a writer he is used to reading between the lines and this is his first real revelation of how much she really cares. In reading the other responses I do believe that part of that smirk is his intent to make it up to her in private.

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