Castle: 5.08 “After Hours” Review

Luciana Mangas November 20, 2012 7

First and foremost, I am so sorry I have been MIA these past few weeks. Life sometimes has an annoying tendency to mess with my writing and I have had a serious family emergency this past month that required my time and support to my sisters.

But now I am hopefully back for good and I have to say I absolutely loved last night’s “After Hours”. I admit I thought the argument at the beggining was a little silly and maybe even a little forced, but I loved the repercussions and everything it made our favorite dynamic duo sit back and think about their own relationship. I don’t know if I am alone in this, but I think a fight between our leads was way overdue and I am glad that they touched down on the issues they discussed in last night’s episode.

I called it from the beggining that Leo seemed to be a little shady, but I kept thinking to myself that the twist couldn’t be that obvious, but alas, Leo really was the real killer. But even with that less than original plot twist, I found myself completely amused and on the edge of my seat for most of it. The fact that they were bickering through basically half of the episode proved to be highly entertaining for me.

Even though there are still a lot of things Castle and Beckett need to talk about, I was really glad they discussed the fact that he is a celebrity and she is just a cop and that they come from completely different worlds. And I was beyond relieved that they managed to talk about it like the mature adults that they are, without holding anything back from each other once they realized what was really making them fight.

That scene when Leo shoots the hell out of that car and Kate thinks Castle is inside was great (and scared the crap out of me for a second there) and the reunion afterwards was just amazing. It is just so rewarding to watch them express their affection for each other freely now, especially when one (or both) of them is in danger.

I thoroughly enjoyed the subplot with Ryan and his fear of nuns and, as a former Catholic school student, I can confirm his apprehension is completely justified. Back at the precinct, there was a moment that I thought that their secret would come out when Papa Jim and Martha arrived together, but Gates either still doesn’t know or managed to play it cool.

Speaking of our dynamic duo’s parents, I was surprised to find out that Jim is still working as a lawyer. I had thought for sure that he was already retired. Now, after he and Martha patched things up and were entirely too friendly with each other, I have something to ask from TPTB. Please, for the love of everything good and holy in this world and on behalf of Kate and Castle, I beg you, do not – I repeat, do not – make them get together romantically. Don’t even think about it.

Anyway, I really enjoyed “After Hours” and I wish we didn’t have a mini hiatus until the Christmas episode.


PS: On a completely shallow note, did Nathan Fillion look really, really good last night or what? Whatever it is he is doing, it sure is working for him!

  • mary

    Great episode, it had everything that makes Castle special. I was weirded out with Martha touching Jim’s face at the end but thankfully, Marlowe said he would never go there.

  • mj9000jeanne

    OH so good to have you back Luciana. And again spot on the review of After Hours. I loved the spat they had and loved the talk they had plus the kiss and hug. Boy, a kiss and hug all in one episode, how lucky can be get.

    The Secret Santa episode has the potential to be a awesome episode from the promo. Hope we will be pleased since we will have to wait well over a month for a new episode.

  • Andrea Arruda

    I think the episode was very entertaining as it has been all season long. My only concern is that for a CRIME show the plot and procedures have been questionable. On the other hand the ” casting” for the characters have always been perfect, and Leo was no different. Finally I love Susan Sullivan and Martha is always fun to watch….

  • grey

    One thing about the Jim and Martha “argument” and it seeming a little forced to some. This being television and an “hour” actually only being 44-47 minutes depending on how many commercials there are, I think it’s important to note that we [the audience] came in on that little dinner party at the desert course. Martha was just serving up her “Death by Chocolate” (which is a fabulous desert btw, if you ever see it on a menu grab it, lol) when our little party train went completely off the rails. I’m thinking things were probably tense and a bit awkward from the salad course onward but television time doesn’t allow for the whole dinner to be seen. And even if there were some more scenes to it Lord knows this wouldn’t be the first time Jim Beckett has been sacrificed to the edit axe for the sake of time. I think they’re just as invested in Rick and Kate as anyone but, like Murphy’s Law, that doesn’t mean that things can’t still get off on the wrong foot – we just didn’t get to see that part of it. I’m willing to extend my imagination in the case.

    • lame

      Well stated Grey, when scenes are filmed they are done in two or three different ways. The end product, the one we see on screen, are the choice of those in the editing room. Sometimes the actors are as surprised as everyone else when viewing the final edition.

  • Kirsty

    Can’t wait to see this one!

    mj9000jeanne, I tried emailing you back today but they kept bouncing back to me:( Tried 3 times so will try again tomorrow:) Got yours okay though.

  • Viv

    I always love your reviews Luciana. They’re the best ones on the web and I missed them. You don’t simply recap but always give an opinion without being extreme. And you often put into words what I think.
    I hope everything is fine now for your family.

    I liked this episode very much, I loved the season 1&2 banter back. And I agree that it was overdue.
    The only thing bothering me is that I don’t feel like they’re in different worlds anymore. Castle seems to spend all his time with Beckett or at the precinct. We don’t see him very often in his other world and the show IS called “Castle”. I wish we did see (or hear) more of his book related stuff, or celebrity parties, film premieres, poker games or just being recognized on the streets or while interviewing people. He doesn’t call “his guys” anymore (in the CIA, in the mob etc…). He doesn’t get favors from the mayor anymore etc…
    Castle really seems like a regular guy who happens to have a great loft in NY (and I’m sure millionnaires have bigger lofts than his).
    So that whole conversation about coming from different worlds doesn’t really ring true.

    Still, that didn’t stop me from liking this episode more than the 2 previous ones! They had great dynamics, whether it be while arguing or being all cute (“I’ll bring back a doggy-bag!”)