Castle: 4.20 “The Limey” Review

Luciana Mangas April 3, 2012 9

Unlike many episodes in which a third party comes between our dynamic duo, last night’s ‘The Limey’didn’t cause jealousy for either of them. Instead, it left Detective Kate Beckett heartbroken and Castle acting like a petulant child whom I started to progressively hate over the course of those forty-two minutes.

I admit I was a little reluctant about this episode and not at all excited about the fact that someone would presumably come between Castle and Beckett again, particularly after how last week’s ’47 seconds’ended. But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The case was alright (although I was more preoccupied with the characters especially Kate than the case itself) and I actually liked Mr. Scotland Yard. Of course the fact that he was really easy on the eyes helped, but I liked the way the character was written and that he wanted justice for his friend. Also, he wasn’t blatantly coming onto Beckett, so that helped too. Although and I am not really one to judge since English isn’t my first language that British accent left something to be desired, didn’t it? Sometimes I had to go back and watch the scene again so I could try to make some sense of what he was saying. But all in all, Mr. Scotland Yard got the seal of approval from me.

The entire sequence at that British Council party was brilliant and I particularly loved how Kate was super awkward at first and then turned on the charm when she had to get the prints somehow off of Charles Shaughnessy’s character. The chemistry between Stana Katic and Brett Tucker was really something and I loved seeing them together.

Then we have Lanie, who was the voice of the fandom in this episode, and made me love her even more. I loved that she pushed Kate to think about doing something, even though it was heartbreaking to watch our favorite detective watch Castle flaunt his newest bimbo. She still has no idea why he’s suddenly so cold and distant with her and I swear I just wanted to punch Castle’s pretty face in the entire episode. I mean, I get it, the guy is hurt and feeling betrayed and I understand that the way he found to release some of that anger is to act out. But the complete reversal to season 1 Castle (and in a way, it was even worse, because in season 1 there were no feelings involved) really ticked me off.

Honestly, I think both Castle and Beckett are at fault here and I know what Kate kept from him was huge, but what he is doing to her is just not cool. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he finds out that she loves him right back and he was being a jerk this whole time without knowing the whole story and that he should have just talked to her instead of acting like a 5-year-old throwing a tantrum.

Not to mention the fact that he is keeping a pretty big secret from her as well, so he is basically being a hypocrite on top of being an immature jerk. Yes, I am really pissed off at what they did with his reaction and, if we really have to go down this road, I can’t wait to see what happens when they talk things out. I’ll bet then he is really going to feel like a fool. And I believe things will be even worse when his secret comes out now, because not only he’s being completely immature and ignoring her without even giving her a chance to explain herself, but I’m willing to bet that his secret is going to blow up in their faces and the outcome will not be pretty.

Anyway, despite the fact that Castle was acting like a child and that I wanted to give Kate a hug the entire time, ‘The Limey’was actually a really nice episode. The Lanie/Kate scenes were definitely one of the highlights and I really hope they won’t put this friendship in the backburner for another entire season.


PS: I am officially on Team Kate now, in case that review didn’t make it clear. What about you?

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  • http://yahoo Regi

    I totally agree with ur review… Din’t expect such a move from Castle… He was too cruel to Kate… Poor Katie…… Lanie was amazing in today’s episode… Missed Martha and Alexis though!!!!!!

  • raha

    me too on the team of kate…..

  • Flick

    Agreed. Thought Castle was being such a jerk, hello! You’re keeping a massive secret from her as well! And Brett was just awesome – I enjoyed watching him more than castle. Defs on team Kate!!

    Go Lanie! She did what had to be done and boy aren’t we all super glad!

  • Rohit Andley

    I think Castle is doing right but wrong aswell by not giving importance. He is heartbroken. The thing with Castle is that Beckett lied to him that ‘She dosen’t remember anything’,he asked her twice this thing and now also she isn’t telling him when he is ignoring her. She would have said yes earlier that she heard everything but would explain him that why she can’t be in a relationship.

  • Miranda

    Team Kate on this one. Castle has no right to be acting like he is. He’s not just trying to pull away from her he’s being intentionally cruel and if he doesn’t get his act together soon then I’m going to begin wanting Kate with someone else that will treat her right. Castle is supposed to be her friend and he’s not even being that. Hurt or not hurt that does not give him the right to act like a petulant child that’s just been told he can’t play with his favorite toy. What he needs right now is a time out not a new Barbie.

  • Hylean

    Oh come on! More comments deleted?! What the hell, guys?!

  • Cam

    Oh my goodness. I can’t believe it. You seriously put my exact thoughts into words! I agree COMPLETELY with EVERYTHING you said. I too believe that Castle was acting like a moron and being both hypocritical and insensitive.

    I also agree that I’m on “Team Kate” (though I hate making it sound like those two are pitted against each other) and have been for essentially the whole season. While I understand where Castle is coming from, I can’t help but think he’s handling this completely wrong. Oh well.

    I’m really glad that we know everything will turn out okay by the end of the season. At least, we hope so. Otherwise, I might not even want to keep watching, with one of the main characters acting like such an idiot.

  • Kirsty

    S4 starts in NZ next week but I’m curious about Kate’s scar in the ep with the low cut dress. Was it visable or any mention of it?

  • Joseph

    I believe they are both equally at fault here. Castle opened his heart up completely and Kate left him in the cold. Upon realizing that Kate is willfully leaving him there with absolutely nothing to go on, he’s hurt and wants to find at least some comfort. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Who would seriously chase a person for 4 years and then not figure it’s about time to move on when you find out that your profession of love after all of that time is being ignored without a single hint of reciprocation? We can see Kate has feelings for him, sure. But all Castle sees is her constantly wiggling around the issue and avoiding it. Where does that leave anyone but feeling like they’ve wasted their feelings all that time? However, Castle clearly needed to confront her about his discovery rather than just lash out and be hurt – I don’t see how you just give up without explanation after all that time either. On that note, Kate did the same thing at the end where instead of actually confronting him, she just decided to put down the flight attendant. Overall, hated the last two episodes. Neither of them are acting like adults. It doesn’t help the story arc to have their not-so-romance swing back and forth at this point.