Castle: 5.04 “Murder, He Wrote” Review

So… Castle and Beckett finally made it to the Hamptons. It is a known fact that the fans had been eagerly awaiting this storyline since the end of season 2, when Castle first asked the detective to go to his beach house for the weekend. The expectation around this episode was sky high because, well… we had been waiting for this for the past two years.

And maybe that was why it didn’t quite work for me.

I know this is most likely an unpopular opinion and I’m in the minority here. A romantic weekend in the Hamptons is probably every Caskett shipper dreams come true – and I did like the nod to the shippers in that scene – but there was something about it that didn’t feel right to me. Maybe it was the editing – most of the episode felt really choppy, like the scenes weren’t put together all that well – or the writing too, because those interruptions were getting downright annoying, but “Murder, He Wrote” just didn’t flow right like other episodes. Whatever it was, it made the episode that I had been so looking forward to fall a little flat to me.

I didn’t really care for the case, but that is not something I usually focus on when watching this show. This time, however, the case was interfering directly in the characters’ lives to the point that I was rolling my eyes when they introduced yet another suspect that just got in the way of their weekend.

Also, back in New York, I still can’t get over the fact that Ryan and Esposito really did not have a clue that Castle was Beckett’s mysterious boyfriend. Do they really want us to believe that those two didn’t notice anything going on between them and would be so insensitive as to mention Beckett’s “new boyfriend” in front of Castle after our dynamic duo spent a good portion of season 4 practically attached at the hip and making goo goo eyes at each other? It just doesn’t make any sense.

However, not all was bad in “Murder, He Wrote”. There were a few moments that were really great, like that scene when she asks about the other women he had taken to his beach house. I love that she feels comfortable enough with him now to ask those kinds of questions and be vulnerable around him. His answer was awesome and I wanted to pat him in the back in congratulations. I also really liked that first precinct scene and how Kate is counting down the seconds to get out of there to start her weekend with him and I absolutely adored the last scene.

I loved that Ryan was the first to find out about them at the precinct and that he chose to keep it to himself. I also think Lanie is onto something and she definitely suspects that there is stuff going on between Castle and Beckett, which was why she was so dodgy when the boys were harassing her for information on Beckett’s secret boyfriend.

Bottom line is there were some cute moments that probably made the shippers very happy, but that’s all they were, really. The episode as a whole was lacking that spark that is so characteristic of a classic Castle episode.

“Murder, He Wrote” had the potential to be amazing, but it didn’t live up to it.  It was just okay.


  • Kate

    We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one! I thoroughly enjoyed this episode ….I’m watching it for the second time right now. I thought it was light and fun, we got to see a fabulous Det Ryan interrogation scene and got some good Caskett romance to boot! Loved it! And the promo for 5.05….WOW.

  • Linda

    I agree with the reviewer. I also thought Beckett seemed out of character in an odd way, for example, how passive she was when they were having dinner with Castle’s neighbor. Normally, she would
    Jump in and intervene in a clever but take charge way. Same thing when castle got them imto trouble
    In the restaurant. Overall. I’m so done with the interruptions. I wish the wrriters would get on with another gimmick, we shippers have waited too long as it is.

  • Sarah

    shouldn’t you have waited to upload the review after the episode had aired on the West coast? unfair for those eagerly waiting for the episode

  • lizzie

    Huh, this was one of my favorites – loved the old school, screwball vibe and I thought the timing was dead on.

  • MM

    I agree with Luciana on this. Overall this episode had it good moments but the expectations were sky high for a Hamptons getaway and it fell a bit short. The moment when she wonders about the other women was very well portrayed by the Kate. It was not believable that Castle could joke about Beckett’s boyfriend since everyone practically knows he is waiting for her and is crazy in love with her. Lanie is probably one who has guessed it. She has had a talk with Kate about this last season and I think she guesses it. Espo and Ryan joking in front of Castle – can’t buy that.

    The last scene was really awesome.

    But one question – Luciana – where is your review for episode 3 ?? And thank you for your prompt review of this episode.

    •!/lucianamangas Luciana Mangas

      I didn’t have time to sit down and write a review for last week’s ep, but I did comment about it when I posted the sneak peeks for “Murder, He Wrote”.

  • Sandy

    Was Castle’s Hamptons home the same one house that was Diane Keaton’s beach house in Something’s Gotta Give?

  • Richard

    I think one reason Beckett seemed a bit off was that she was totally out of her element. I do not know if this was the writer’s intention. I’ve enjoyed all the new shows and love the fun the characters are having. A great change from last season’s dreary episodes, most of them anyway.

    I laughed quite a bit during this episode. Yes, I thought too it was strange that Esposito and Ryan had no inkling about Castle and Beckett. Strange they would bring up boyfriends in front of Castle. Still, I did enjoy it. The promo for the next episode was intense.

    • Flick

      I agree. I think it’s because Beckett isn’t Detective Beckett, she’s just Kate, a person on a romantic getaway with her boyfriend, not a police officer. I thought it was refreshing to see her vulnerable side and all. The case was good, and Ryan finding out first was just perfect! I still think Lanie knows already. Come on, they’re best friends. She knows.

    • lame

      laughed my ass off, couldn’t disagree with you more Luc. Haven’t enjoyed an episode this much since who knows. And as for KB being out of character, she was intimidated by his “estate”, look at how she wanders through the kitchen,that first time,it’s the same look she had in “chill runs through her veins” when first she entered Rick’s loft. she’s only now beginning to realize just how much money Rick does have. Same as last week when she couldn’t understand why he had 2G’s in his pocket.

      • lame

        Glade to see you on board again Richard.

        • lame

          And you too Flick.

          • Flick

            Always a pleasure lame, nice to see discussion happening here again!

  • Melody

    You will undoubtedly have the minority opinion regarding this highly anticipated Hampton’s Episode. For two years Castle Fandom has waited for Kate to take a visit to the Hamptons with Rick. This episode was fun, side splitting and romantic all rolled up in to one shipper’s delightful Caskett ball. Kate was out of her comfort zone and normal element the moment Castle parked the car. In fact, she knew this was Castle’s domain when she asked him if he was rich or something. I honestly do not think she really understood his vast amount of wealth until she toured the home. Beckett wonderfully played by Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion was his normal lovable, skillfully played Caste. My grade a solid A.

  • mco

    I disagree with this review on a whole lot.
    I really loved that one, great fun, liked to see Beckett out of her element and thus letting Castle lead a little more. Liked also to see her not wanting to investigate showing that she’s way more than a detective. It was fun, the interruption is a good running gag and we still have sweet and gentle moment between those two.
    However I agree that Ryan et Esposito are being insensitive this season. First in episode two they have that whole conversation “who will nailed thom forst” just in front of Beckett. Now they talked about Beckett new boyfriend in front of Castle. They usually more sensitive than that, as it was shown in season 3 and 4 mostly.
    There’s one moment I disagree it’s beckett vulnerable and insecure about other women. I am diggin a little deeper than just this episode here. While the moment is sweet and Castle have a very good answer in this ep, I feel like it’s becoming repetitive. We already have that in Episode 2 and *Spoiler Alert* we will have that again in the next one. For me, it’s a little too much in too short time. For Once we got it, Beckett is insecure. No need to repeat it every episode. Plus, I can understand that Castle would reassure her if it happened once in a while. However every week or so, I feel like he should be more hurt by that. That it’s not really realistic that he doesn’t snap. I like that they show Castle as the perfect man about that, but it isn’t realistic. I don’t know about you other Castle fans, but if my boyfriend doubt me or remind me that I have a past every week or so and so not to be totally trust, I would stop to be understanding and start to get annoyed. IMO it would be better to visit Kate insecurities not so often. And maybe start to show that Castle has some too. Really, you can’t have 4 years of hurt and rejection and have everything erased just like that, even if Beckett (and even Castle) had done big gesture. Some doubt has to rise from time to time. While they’re doing a pretty good job showing that truth about Beckett (even if I feel it’s a little too much too often), I sadly can’t say the same about Castle.

    • Lydia

      I agree with everything about this comment. I really enjoyed the episode overall but they’re harping too much on Beckett’s insecurities. They need to find a different source of tension. I was sort of hoping they were going for her feeling a bit uncomfortable with Castle’s wealth, which would at least have been different.

  • Lisa

    Sorry LM we will have to agree to disagree on this one. Other than the case, (which I never pay attention anyway) this ep was perfect. Had everything I could ever want. Honest conversation, hot theory building, funny Rick, and sexytimes at the end.

    Whole ep. was full of win. Season five is a perfect 4 for 4 so far!

  • saveCastle

    You’re not alone in your minority-ness, Ms. Luciana. Your B- is generous (it was in the c slash c- range for me) given all the shoehorning & out of character bits throughout the episode:
    – Vacation Kate. Ok, it’s believable that while she is at least attempting to be on vacation there may be a way to dial down her aggressiveness. But to turn it into complete passivity? Nah, not buying it.
    – Castle. Oh, Castle, you silly man. You finally get the girl, she’s in bed with you on a rare and much-needed break, aaaaannd you want to put up a pot of coffee & discuss the case? oohhhkayyyyy.
    – Ryan & Esposito. How can these competent & otherwise intelligent detectives not detect that Kate’s boyfriend could possibly be the guy who has been by her side for 4 years running? Not even a remote possibility?

    • Jessie

      I had a problem with Castle being more interested in the case than with being with Beckett. It just didn’t ring true to me. He’s waited years for the chance to be her boyfriend and he just lies in bed next to her obsessing about the case instead of obsessing about the fact he finally has the woman of his dreams lying next to him. At this stage of the relationship, they really should be all over each other every chance they get but the writers seem to be holding them back for some reason I don’t understand.

      • The Nanny

        Actually the point of showing Castle’s reaction to him paying more attention to the case than to Beckett initially was to demonstrate how these two are connected by their love of solving mysteries and the sense of justice (what brought them together to begin with), because after the dinner with the mobster, once Castle is ready to resume their romantic activities, then it is Beckett the one that wants the resolution to the crime and puts the romance on hold while asking him to call the boys. At that point Castle’s frustration mimics Beckett’s earlier reaction. The tables are turned, but I believe is more fuel to the point of how these two are meant for each other. I think it is so them and quite funny to see how they both get turned on when they are building theory. That scene when he holds her, she moans, and then he obliges by calling Ryan and Esposito was sexy and goofy.

        • lame

          Nice observation nanny, right on point.

        • grey

          Well said. Plus I think people are sort of forgetting it has been *four years together* (sex or no sex) and the both of them have been around the block a few times, so to speak, in relationships. It’s not like they are teenagers or a couple of “twenty-somethings” who just met and can’t keep their hands off each other. They have history together and a certain comfortableness and patience that comes with that. They‘re already pretty much an “old married couple” in the best sense and murder is the family business. It didn’t feel odd to me at all that one, then the other, would become distracted by the case *especially* since a) the victim literally died right in front of them, and b) it was obvious the local law enforcement was doing an incompetent job – with the later more significant than the former. Beckett (and Castle too) has complained about and been frustrated by sloppy detective work since the beginning of the show – not to mention her mom’s murder which first started the frustration for her. So, yeah, again, this scenario didn’t feel wrong to me at all.

          • lame

            Damn, Grey that was good. I sure missed you and the others. Glad to see the ball rolling again. The fun is just beginning.

          • saveCastle

            True – there is an element of comfortableness that comes along with a 4 year friendship-turned-romance. And the cautionary tale lies in the “familiarity breeds contempt” adage.

            And just a few words on opposing viewpoints. Collectively, we are not all going to see things the same way. Can I regale you with the lyrics to the Diff’rent Strokes theme song? “what might be right for you, may not be right for some” You say the scenario did not feel wrong to you and I say it did not feel right to me.

  • Emily

    Oh look. I’m disagreeing with a review of yours again.

    But I have a genuine, non-snark question for you. Do you think that the expectations on this particular episode may have influenced your enjoyment of the episode? I know the fandom buzz set the bar sky-high on this and it was never going to be reached by all watchers. Do you think that’s the case with you on this?

    Personally I loved it as I’ve loved the first four episodes of this season. I will be truthful and say I have more concerns over next episode. I get that all the evidence to Castle means they have to follow protocol, but if any of them remotely believe he might have done it will fall very flat with me.

    But as ever, I have faith in this writing staff to deliver it in a way that makes it work. Looking forward to it with crossed fingers.

    •!/lucianamangas Luciana Mangas

      I think my expectations might have influenced my enjoyment of the episode, Emily, but it wasn’t only that. Like others have already pointed out, the fact that they would interrupt their first vacation together to investigate a murder that has nothing to do with them (except for the whole falling into his pool thing) did not ring true to me, especially in the honeymoon phase they are now in.

      So yes, there were some cute moments and I liked them, but I don’t think that makes an episode. The Ryan/Esposito B plot was also incredibly distracting because it was so completely out of character for them. I am not saying it was a bad episode, but it wasn’t amazing either. There were some really great moments as I pointed out in the review, but the interruptions got old really fast and Ryan and Esposito being completely clueless was annoying.

      That said, I am really enjoying this season and I thought the first three episodes were stellar.

      • lame

        Without a murder mystery, there is no Caskett,there is no series, Rick and Kate are two people in the city. I don’t see MilMar ever writing a episode without a mystery although the Christmas episode Terri wrote last year and may be the one we’ll see this year might come close.

        •!/lucianamangas Luciana Mangas

          I understand that, lame. I really do. And I never said the episode sucked, I just didn’t like the way they handled it. I have really enjoyed this season thus far and I liked most of the Hamptons episode. But the things I pointed out in the review were so distracting for me that by the end of the episode I was just frustrated. Maybe it was the writer’s intention, but it didn’t work well for me.

          That said, I am really looking forward to the next ep. You all know how I’m a sucker for intense/dramatic episodes and “Probable Cause” looks like it’s going to be awesome.

  • Grace

    You are right.
    You are the minority on this one.
    Because in my Monday Night Viewing Party(good friends & family), the verdict is fun, beautiful, enjoyable.

  • Viv

    I agree with Luciana. While having enjoyed it, it still did not come out as good as the previous episodes. Maybe I had too much expectations. I didn’t think it realistic that Castle would rather think about the case than have a romantic evening with Kate. (I mean, he’s been waiting for 4 years to have her for himself!)
    As he says in the beginning : (paraphrasing here) “don’t you want to find the answers?” And when she’s not buying it: “don’t you want justice?”. He’s the one looking for the answers, to solve the puzzles. She’s the one that’s all about finding justice.
    And yet, he’s the one who can’t stop thinking about the case at first when an innocent man is accused (injustice) while Kate wants to leave it alone.
    And Kate is the one who can’t stop thinking about it at the end, when things don’t add up (why at the Hamptons?) while Castle wants to leave it alone.
    I might also be alone on this one, but I didn’t like the “Caskett” thing. I saw it coming a mile away. I think it would have been funnier if he had said “Beckle”.
    And am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that she took off her robe at the gate instead of by the pool?

    That said, I liked that she was feeling self-aware about having “the tour” and I loved how Ryan found out about them!

    Love your reviews, Luciana.

    • Carrie

      You guys missed the point that, yes, Castle was interested in the crime initially, but then Kate gets into it, and later on she’s the one who wants to solve it when he would rather be romantic with her. Think of the scene when she’s wearing that pretty dress. They both experienced the same level of frustration, for the same reason. I think the writers were trying to convey how much these two have in common. And like Castle said, it’s what brought them together.

  • Bren

    I loved this episode! It won’t go down as one of my all time favorite episodes, but it brought the same sense of romantic fun I’d been looking forward to, and more.

    If the case was irritating you, then perhaps your expectations weren’t realistic. You certainly weren’t the only one. With few exceptions, Castle is a murder mystery first, a romantic comedy second. (Nikki Heat & Rise being exceptions to the rule.) It’s easy to lose sight of that though.

  • mj9000jeanne

    First off I would like to say welcome back lame- seems like you disappeared for a while. Are you still able to go to the location shoots so we can get some more photos?

    As for last night’s episode, I have to disagree with you Luciana. I loved it. Yes, it was choppy at times but the overall feel of the episodes was great. I just wish when they were in the kitchen at the end of the episode that they would have used the promo picture of Rick’s hand around Kate’s waist and her hand holding his. It would have added so much more feeling to the scene. I also loved how insecure she was at the beginning wondering how many women Castle had shown his Hampton house to. I really would have loved him giving her a small kiss to reconfirm his love for her then, but what he said was great. And the last scene in the bedroom. Sexy as heck but for me it was a bit dark ( as in light level ), just like the end of “Always”. Am I wrong in wanting to see the two of them kiss without having to go in and adjust my TV’s brightness level to see what happened.

    As for Ryan keeping the secret, I think he wants to make up for not having Beckett’s back in “Always”. Yes, he saved her life and she forgave him. But he knows that if her relationship with Castle comes out, Castle will have to leave and that would hurt Beckett. So he keeps it quiet and doesn’t even share it with his partner.

    The promo for the next episode kind of broke my heart to see Kate questioning her relationship with Castle. I guess I just have to have faith in Marlowe to write an episode that will melt our hearts and not break them.

  • europa

    Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.

  • grey

    (Sorry if this is a duplicate post.)

    I don’t get it. I thought the episode was a whole lot of fun with Ryan’s interrogation being one of the funniest moments in the history of the show – at least for me. I know we’re only four episodes in but I think this is shaping up to be one of the best season’s ever. The dialog is fun, the “Caskett” banter is fun, the “Caskett” relationship feels “real” with an organic evolution to it, the whole cast seems to be enjoying the work – at least it seems so by the way their performances are coming across on screen. I don’t feel like we’re getting filler episodes (which most of season four felt like to me!) but a smooth transition to whatever is next for our dynamic duo and fab-four. What more do we want? (And really the only thing I can actually think to complain about is Fillion’s weight – its get harder and harder to disguise/camouflage – I’m just saying.)

    I know you can’t make everyone happy and no matter what the writers do or what direction the show goes in *somebody or groups of somebodies* are going to be unhappy. For example, it seems *to me* that people/fans complain when there isn’t any “Caskett” PDA and then people/fans complain when there is. Jeepers. I guess, to each his own. I don’t know. But I am starting to get a little weary of people often setting their expectations too high for a particular episode or story arc, etc. I know it’s hard with all the previews and promos they throw at us and when part of your job is to watch them all I’m sure it must be pretty much impossible not to expect more than what you get. Again, I don’t know. Sorry. :D But I do think sometimes when need to just take it (the show) as it comes; just let it wash over us. Enjoy it for what it is (you know, like we did back in the beginning). :D I’ve mentioned before that I stopped watching all previews and promos because I found they were truly interfering with my unabashed enjoyment of the show. I guess I may have to add reading reviews to that list as well. LOL. I have to say, I was feeling pretty good about this episode until I came here. LOL.

    • lame

      I guess we are a small group that fell off our chairs with laughter. Welcome back Grey. I’m enjoying the hell out of this season. Pardon my french. And don’t you dare leave. LOL!!!

      • grey

        (Okay, I don’t know what’s going on with this site and or my computer so I’m doing a cut paste reply.)

        @ lame

        “I guess we are a small group that fell off our chairs with laughter. Welcome back Grey. I’m enjoying the hell out of this season. Pardon my french. And don’t you dare leave. LOL!!!”

        Hey, your “French” is just fine with me. ;D LOL. And thanks.
        I tell ya, Ryan in the interrogation … I haven’t laughed that hard since the “pickled egg incident” in “Sucker Punched.” LOL. Anyway, I’ll still be checking in … once in a while.

  • Carole

    One thing that I think people need to remember is that they have been together now for like 3 months… Not that their sex life has fizzled and not that vacation sex isn’t awesome, but it doesn’t seem that unusual for me that he was distracted by the case, even if it WAS the gorgeous Kate Beckett in his bed. Like he said, the guy died in his BACKYARD!! I mean, I know he’s been to a crap ton of crime scenes complete with dead bodies, but this was at his HOME, where his daughter and he had swum, his place of ‘serenity’, as he put it. And he tried to revive the guy, without success… Now given all that, can you really blame the guy for being fixated on it and not being all down with the sexy times?! Kate’s almost total desire to ignore the case didn’t quite ring true, but a) it’s not HER home, b) she didn’t spend time trying to bring him back and c) as a homicide detective, I’m sure it’s a professional hazard that she’d see other detectives not handling cases the way she would, so she’s more used to bowing to professional courtesy and letting things go that she wouldn’t if it was her own case.

    I loved every bit of it… Although I do find it somewhat difficult to believe that her co-owrkers haven’t suspected something yet… I would have liked to see that they all knew all along and were just messing with them, but that’s clearly not the case… i think it will turn out well in the end, though!!

    • grey

      Good post. I said something similar above.
      In regards to Ryan and Espo not already knowing and or catching on, you know what I think? Castle and Beckett have gone back and forth so many times and had so many “near misses” that I think Ryan and Espo just figured Castle and Beckett were back to their status quo when she came off suspension. It’s sort of like that old saying; sometimes the best place (or way) to hide something is in plain sight. Ryan, Espo and the rest can’t see the forest for the trees.

  • SJ

    I have to say I totally agree with you. But then I usually do as I think you are the best reviewer for Castle, hands down. You are fair, positive and analytical, without being an AM worshipper to a ridiculous degree. I loved Ryan and a few other parts, but the constant interruptions of romantic moments (we are now getting about 2-4 per episode) felt very forced and unrealistic. And why do the kissing parts have to be in darkness? What’s up with that? Plus, they all know Rick loves her, so his being so ok with a new bf would be totally suspicious. Ryan’s scene was the highlight for me, not Caskett. Though I did adore Rick saying ‘serenity’ and ‘Caskett’!

    • lame

      Good points, this all happens in Rick’s backyard, he feels obligated in assisting with the investigation and of course there is his writer’s curiosity. Kate is there for on reason, to have Rick to herself and is overwhelmed by his wealth. I hope AWM & CO continue showing Kate having to adjust to this realization. What I found truly fascinating and I’m sure it will continue is how C/B at times, have trouble being on the same wavelength. One romantic the other zeroed in on the case and vice versa. Annoying and funny at same time.

  • mj9000jeanne

    Nobody seems to have noticed that Castle finally got to drive.

  • José

    Olho todos estes comentários e vejo a intensidade que todos colocam naquilo que escrevem e da forma como vivem este TV Show. Não é fácil escrever algo bom numa série como esta porque quer queiram quer não tudo roda à volta de Caskett. Tudo é observado ao pormenor..os olhares deles perante as situações as reacções delas perante as situações, enfim muitos dizem que lhe interessa muito o a investigação que decorre no entanto pelo canto do olho espreitam sempre e sempre a relação que dá o tal sal a esta série televisiva. Tentem compreender os escritores que têm que lidar com isso de forma a que as pessoas se interessem também pela investigação o que não é fácil com certeza. Dar um B- a este episódio discordo perfeitamente no entanto entendo as razões de quem dá a sua razão. Gostos não se discutem e esta season vai ter muitas situações destas e muito curioso estou para ver como eles vão lidar com o episódio seguinte pois Castle ser detido pelos companheiros e nas fotos do episódio seguinte já estar tudo bem dá-me entender que haverá algo que não vou gostar..vamos ver como eles vão lidar com essa falta de confiança no amigo e Beckett em Castle acredito que terá que ser muito bem feito para não ser esse sim um episódio de desilusão.

    Um Abraço para todos

  • t

    I’m with you. Disappointing. Silly murder. Shoe-horned scenes. I don’t think the writers have developed the romance well enough — post-get together — to treat Caskett like an old married couple.

    I dislike certain aspects of the relationship, for instance, the scene where she cooks, appears to do all the work involved including serving, and we get the “little lady” feel. She’s supposed to be a strong woman, not June Cleaver.

    And the sex scenes? I find the non-sex scenes far more romantic. Their sex life feels a little shallow to me, more about cheap sex than love. I can tell men tend to write this show.

    Next week’s show is a cliche and ludicrous that Castle’s partners will be doing the arresting and interrogating. Shouldn’t they be recused from the case? He always is if he shows the least involvement.

    I’m waiting for the sci-fi episode. Please, writers, if you’re reading this, go back to the fun, and go back to the Always, go back to the sentimentality.

    And thank you here, for having a place where a person can actually critique the show. On other boards, even ones that aren’t specifically fan boards, the commenters tend to go ballistic if you don’t treat their show with kidd gloves. It’s amazing.

    • t

      Regarding my “more always” remark….I remember in e.g. the Always opening scene that the mere thought of an evening with Beckett threw Castle for a loop. That kind of sentimentality doesn’t come thru much anymore. Really, he’s not amazed that he’s with her? Hmmmm, maybe he didn’t love her that much after all. Maybe she really is just one of his more challenging conquests and now that he has her, the challenge is gone. Maybe she’s the only one really in love. Really, that’s the subtext that comes thru for me and it really is kind of a turn off to the show….for me, it’s kind of a betrayal of what viewers have waited for.

      • Carrie

        Really? I thought the look on Castle’s face when Kate is climbing into bed, taking on the role of her alter ego, Nikki Heat as she suggests the ending of the book, was that of a man in complete awe. It’s almost like he’s thinking, is this really happening? Is this hot, sexy woman, actually doing this with me? I thought that was very nice to see, given that at the point of this trip to the Hamptons, they have been already involved for some time now.

    • lame

      I take issue with your thought about C/B acting like an old married couple. My question to you is where have you been for the past three years. They have been completing each other’s sentences and thoughts and analysis of crimes, everybody on Beckett’s team has seen it, Lanie has mentioned it numerous times, other characters form different episodes have said time and again they thought they were a couple. To think this a betrayal of character makes me wonder, and I don’t mean this in a derogatory way, but you’ve been looking at this series through a different prism than I.

      • t

        But they’ve never had a physical relationship before and face it, the stop him in his tracks passion just isn’t there this season. And take issue? Wow, that sounds serious! LOL, may I remind you it’s a TV show. As Nathan Fillion recently said on Twitter (and I paraphrase), “Why can’t people just have their own opinion without criticizing mine?”

        • lame

          I agree with you completely, it’s AWM’s story to tell as he sees fit. Why not enjoy the ride. I am more than the previous years.

      • t

        You should watch Stana Katic in For Lovers Only. That, IMHO, depicts what early physical infatuation between people who love each other should be like. The buffoonery on Castle is a wet blanket.

      • t

        And…finally, if the show fails due to the “moonlighting curse” the kinds of things pointed out here by Lucianna will be the reasons, not writers’ strikes, pregnant leading ladies, or leading men on their way to do feature films.

        It’s the character development of the physical/romantic relationship that is the problem. Bottom line, there is very little of it, and it’s what fans want.

        And I hate that. It was my favorite show. If they keep up this buffoonery, I won’t watch anymore.

        • mj9000jeanne

          t, you have a right to your opinion, even if the rest of us don’t think that way.

          Comparing the lovers relationship in FLO really isn’t fair. A movie is over in an hour and a half but a TV show has to last for years This is Marlowe’s dream if you don’t like it, you can walk away anytime.

          The Moonlight curse was due to one, Shepard was pregnant with twins, and two, the writers broke them apart. If you have been watching, Marlowe hasn’t split Castle and Beckett apart.

          I honestly hope you will stay around and give the show sometime to deal with them being together. Let Marlowe show us all what he has planned for their future.

        • lame

          Buffoonery, Yikes, if I may quote you, ” ‘may I remind you this is a tv show’. As Nathan Fillion said on twitter why can’t people have their own opinion without criticizing mine.” I would think you might afford AWM that same courtesy.

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