Castle: 5.13 “Recoil” Review


After a long walk through mostly average episodes in the past couple of months, Castle finally delivered an episode that actually fit in the really good category for me. “Recoil” brought back guest star Jack Coleman, who plays an incredibly important role in the mythology of the show when he brings Senator Bracken to life. The guy is the man behind the curtain, the one who ordered the hit on Johanna Beckett and the one that our favorite Detective has been chasing since season 1.

I admit I wasn’t expecting much of this episode. After four seasons and a half, I think I have finally learned how to keep my expectations to a minimum when it comes to this show. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Castle and when I say this is because I really enjoy the show and want it to be as amazing as I know it has the potential to be. That said, I have to say that I really liked “Recoil”. I wasn’t sure how they were going to play with the fact that Kate would have to protect the very man that she so desperately wants to kill, but I really, really liked how they pulled it off last night.

Major kudos to Stana Katic and Jack Coleman because I just couldn’t get enough of their scenes together. The tension between them was just so palpable and every single scene had me at the edge of my seat. I also thought it was great the way they dealt with Kate’s doubts and anguish over trying to finally bring the man who murdered her mom to justice or doing her job right to bring justice to their current victim. Really, really well played.

1495My only pickle with this episode was the lack of affection, let’s say, between Castle and Beckett. That may not be the right word, but with a case that hits so close to home for everyone involved, I thought it was beyond ridiculous that there wasn’t even a single hug. For all intents and purposes, they’re supposed to be together in this loving relationship, but if a casual viewer decided to tune in last night, I don’t think they would have gotten that impression. And that’s just really sad because TPTB did such a great job in the beggining of the season and now it’s like we are back to season 4. I mean, we know they are together and it’s great to think that at the end of the day they probably go home together, but would it hurt to actually show them acting like a couple? Sure, they showed Castle going over to her place, but that’s it.

Maybe it’s just me and I’m being picky about this, but I’d really love to see more of them outside the precinct acting like a real couple. Because we waited so long to see them like this and now it feels they just decided to give us a taste and then take it back, so to speak. Maybe things will change next week with the Valentine’s Day episode.

Anyway, what did you think?

  • at

    I think the plotline was the usual dumb idea. Why in the world would Bracken let Beckett protect him? It was a little like Probable Cause, in which the 12th arrests and investigates Castle. I can see little details that aren’t real, but entire premise of the show was just beyond belief. When the whole episode checks reality at the door, it’s really cringeworthy in my opinion.

    But the show got another ep, to 24. I guess it’s a sign of just how bad TV really is.

  • Kristina

    I really enjoyed this episode! I think that Castle has only gotten better as time has gone on! I am so in love with this show and I can’t thank Andrew Marlowe enough for giving us this amazing series!! Yes, I’d love for there to be more physical attraction going on between Castle and Beckett but their relationship isn’t the sole focus of the show. This show at its core is a crime show and to have people complaining about the lack of Caskett scenes makes me upset. I love how much progression this show has made over the years and it can only go up from here on out! Keep up the incredible work Marlowe! This is the best show ever!!

  • saveCastle

    When S5 began, I started to think of a new name to use for posting here as saveCastle would no longer be necessary. Look at Castle and Beckett! They are sparkly and electric and, whoa, together! Like Luciana said “I really enjoy the show and want it to be as amazing as I know it has the potential to be”. But the amazing lack of any sort of indication that these two are in fact a couple is…well, weird.

    This was a really good episode & it would have been natural to show a comforting touch especially with the closing scene. But nothing that even indicated even the smallest amount of affection? Imagination is all well and good but TV is a visual medium with vision in the name. Can we please *see* some moments of them as a couple instead of referencing them off-screen?

    Thank you, Luciana, for serving it up straight.

  • lame

    Really good suspenseful episode, and Marlowe has always dealt with Caskett in a subtle, almost microscopic manner. You have to remember continuity isn’t the strong suit of this series, where threads disappear for weeks on end. This is a C/B centric not and ensemble show and it becomes evident when other cast members are worked into the spotlight, why else is Gates [remember her] no more than a token, when she should be the dominant figure in the precinct. That being the case, why aren’t those revealing coversations at the end of each episode around the kitchen table or the living room not now including Kate with the Castle clan.
    At least this was an exciting story, and one of those lost threads was picked up.

    • lame

      Andrew and Terri show so much more affections in their tweets to one another than we get in 42 minuets of Caskett.LOL!!!

    • Viv

      Apparently Penny Johnson Jerald asked for a month off…

  • Viv

    I love your reviews. I agree with everything you said!
    No need for a kiss but at least they could have been watching TV in each others arm in the end…

  • Old

    Here we go with more season 4 writing again. I hope TPTB note castle is getting beat by Hawaii 50. They are missing such great chemistry between Casket, Lannie/Espo or Ryan and wife. It is like they won’t stick with what gets them the big win, the interpersonal relationship chemistry.

  • Richard

    Thank you Luciana for the review. I agree with you on most of it. To go a bit further though, I am soooooooo tired of the who killed Beckett’s mother arc! For the sake of television humanity, let’s move on!! Marlowe. Watch some old Tracy/Hepburn flicks, or the Thin Man. Let Beckett and Castle be the characters we all fell in love with. I have been reading posts all over the web about this episode, and people are tired of this arc, and tired of two people, supposedly in love, who waited years, while working together every day, acting like next door neighbors with each other. Where is the fun? Where is the magic that got the viewers in the first place? And by the way, the show is called Castle! It’s Fillion’s show ultimately, not the supporting actors or characters. Get back to Castle and Beckett and quit trying to make this a serious procedural drama, because that ain’t what got you to the big game guys!

    •!/lucianamangas Luciana Mangas

      I have nothing to add to that. Absolutely agree, Richard.

    • lame

      Glad to have you back Richard and as expected your insights are precise and oh so welcome. Now let’s see when the others chime in.

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