Castle: 5.14 “Reality Star Struck” Review

1603Well, what a surprisingly fun episode last night’s Castle was! It had been a while since they had delivered that classic episode and it was so refreshing. I admit that, from the promo, it looked like it was going to be too silly and it kind of was, but in such a good way.

“Reality Star Struck” brought back that comedic vein the show had been severely lacking these past few episodes and it had such a season 1 and 2 feel to it, when Castle had that perfect mix of drama and comedy. I didn’t really care for the case in itself, but I loved seeing Gina Torres and Nathan Fillion reunited and she was just awesome playing one of the Wives of Wall Street.


The entire premise of drama and backstabbing of the reality show was just the right amount of silly and funny and the fact that Gates, of all people, was a hardcore fan was just hilarious. I still haven’t really warmed up to Gates and still think a doormat is more uselful than she is on the show (Sorry, Gates fans!), but I loved the dynamic between her and Castle, once our favorite writer became a Wives of Wall Street hardcore fan as well.

Of course, the icing on the cake was that TPTB finally seemed to remember that Castle and Beckett are actually together in a loving, stable relationship and decided to give us a little glimpse into their lives as a couple. Absolutely adored the whole Valentine’s Day presents debacle and Castle accidentally putting Kate’s gift in Gates’ blazer pocket was just hilarious. That kind of comedy felt very reminiscent of season 2 episode “Wrapped up in Death”, when Castle thought he was cursed by the mummy.

And that last scene was just to die for. I am willing to bet that Caskett shippers (myself included) just melted into a puddle on the floor when it was revealed that Kate’s gift was actually a drawer. Great development in their relationship; and, really, TPTB, did it hurt to actually show us a little scene with our lovebirds at home being affectionate with each other? I bet it didn’t. So please, keep those scenes coming.

1204Also, great development for those esplanie fans out there as it seems that Lanie and Espo are finally trying to give their relationship another go. I admit I don’t really care either way, but hey, Espo and Lanie deserve a little loving, so I am glad they have each other. Good for them.

My only pickle with this episode was that Gates didn’t find out that Castle and Beckett are together. It would have been a perfect opportunity and they let it go. I don’t know about you guys, but it’s starting to make Gates look bad if she can’t see what’s going on right under her nose. Although, with the intense two-parter coming up next week, maybe that will be when the cat is finally out of the bag.

Anyway, great episode. Two thumbs up, TPTB.

  • saveCastle

    Word. ’nuff said. :)

  • JAA

    I think Gates already knows they’re in a relationship but she’s keeping it quiet unless it starts affecting their jobs.

    • lame

      Gotta agree with JAA, Gates has eyes in the back of her head, she knows and I’ll bet she’s known for quite a while. The plot was lightweight and I think most fans would be happy with the little expression of affection. e.g. Rick opening Kates hand to place the cup of coffee in her grasp, or the hilarious last scene in the elevator in ep 5×1, sprinkle small things in each episode to show how deep their feelings are for one another and most everyone will be happy.
      I for one thought making them a couple would open the door to some real sassy, naughty dialog. The ground work had already been laid in seasons 1 thru 4, so on that point I’m slightly disappointed, but there’s still time.

      • Richard

        great minds think alike lame…I just agreed with you in my post. Oh yeah, she is aware of everything going on in that squad room.

  • Richard

    Great review Luciana, loved seeing Gina Torres and Fillion together for sure.
    As for Gates, let me throw this thought out there…I think she does know about Castle and Beckett, and the conversation with Castle was to let him off the hook. When she discovers the gift in her pocket, she looks out into the squad room. Her reaction to Castle’s gift and card were funny, but let’s remember, she heard Castle tell Beckett in the break room, “Don’t you have the wrong blazer?” I think Gates catches a lot more than we know. And if she admits she knows she will have to act and break up the great team she knows she has with them.
    Now someone tell me why it’s okay for Esposito and Lanie to date, and not Castle and Beckett. I’m missing something I’m sure. Mostly a good episode, but like Luciana, I’m not big on the Espo Lanie thing at all. More tender moments between our dynamic duo for sure.

    • Flick

      It’s cause Lanie works in the morgue and she isn’t a detective, so they technically arent in same departments. But I really loved this episode, so great to see the classic humour and all! Great start for the Feb sweeps! This two-parter, I only hope, that they’ll really show Beckett being there for Castle, and maybe those 3 words might pop out some time soon!

      • lame

        Agree, it should be easy, but I guess not, to have the DD going to or from a broadway show or a movie or an upscale restaurant, anything that for a few moments allows fans to experience C/B as the couple we’ve waited so long to view. The Hampton’s episode gave us an opportunity, but I don’t think anyone is asking for an entire episode, only small pieces of their time off of work to fill out the missing parts of their lives we’ve never been given the chance to experience. Think back to all the bread crumbs we’ve been given e.g Kate’s ineptitude with all small things mechanical,[doesn’t jive with her story of building her bike] Rick’s amazing ability with handguns[that’s one that should be explored, from way back in S1] and a myriad of unanswered threads that have been laid and never picked up.

        • lame

          How funny would it be if they ran into Gates on their time off together. How would they try cover it up or how would the all knowing Gates deal with them. That would be a scenario worth dropping in the middle of a tense episode.

          •!/lucianamangas Luciana Mangas

            I honestly hope she already knows, because it’s getting ridiculous. She already doesn’t do a hell of a lot as a Captain.

          • Richard

            I agree. I have wondered at times what kind of Captain is this? And really? Call her Captain and drop the Ma’am bs. Either make her interesting just keep her out of the way. If she doesn’t at least expect something, then she shouldn’t be running a precinct.

        • a

          I’m starting to realize that when Castle/Beckett get married, the powers that be (TPTB) won’t show it, cuz it won’t be sweeps week, and TPTB will have already blown their cash wad on sweeps week. Sooo, they won’t be able to afford the dress, sooo…LOL. The couple will just appear at the precinct with matching wedding rings.

          And then the hard core “shippers” will say, “what? do you expect to see their honeymoon? They can’t be having s e x all the time, you pervs!!” No. Just want to see the wedding. Want to see consistent evidence that they are a couple.

          It’s amazing what dysfunctionality this show has created with its audience. People had such high expectations at the beginning of the season. But in order to stick around, the expectations had to come WAAAAY down. This show does not do romance anywhere near as well as other shows, and the audience bargains with itself to justify sticking around. I see it everywhere, really, including with Luciana(sp). As Castle said in the first ep, “it could have been great”. Of course, “we have no idea” LOL. And something tells me we won’t have an opportunity to find out.

          And you know, about the drawer. The interesting thing is I think that Penny/Gates was on ER when ER did the better drawer scene with Carol and Doug. Wonder if she suggested it for Castle.

  • lame

    Agree with all, it’s time to make Gates a force to be dealt with instead of the punching bag we see now. She was introduced as a force and has developed into a whimp. It’s time to return to the omnipotent authority with ice flowing through her veins, getting her involved in some sort of brutal shootout that’ll leave all in her precinct in awe and fear. The series needs that dominant authority figure.

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