Castle 5.15 “Target” Preview – Alexis Castle is kidnapped

130915_0215_preOh, man. That was so good. That was so, so good.

Castle fans, prepare your little hearts for Monday night and stock up on Kleenex because, trust me, you are going to need it. “Target” is the first part of the annual two-parter that is so traditional on this show and I can say with absolute certainty that they brought their A game in this episode.

I don’t know about you guys, but it seemed that these special episodes always dealt with major events that just kept getting bigger over the seasons. We started with a Nikki Heat stalker, then a dirty bomb in New York and then, last season, Castle and Beckett stopped a plot that would initiate World War 3. I mean, it doesn’t get any bigger than that, right? That’s what I thought so too.

But then they changed everything and decided to get personal. And it’s really personal this time because it’s Alexis Castle who takes the fall. Castle’s daughter was in the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up being kidnapped too when her friend from college, an influential Egyptian’s daughter, was abducted. I have to tell you, I have never really been an Alexis fan, but she is just awesome in this episode. Major kudos to Molly Quinn and I expect there is a hell of a lot more coming our way because “Target” ended in a heart stopping cliffhanger.

Also, Nathan Fillion. Just… wow. Standing ovation. It was so great to finally see him show his talent. My heart ached for the desperate father I saw on screen and I admit there were a lot of tears involved.

So, to sum up before I answer your questions, this was an outstanding episode. Best of the season so far, depending on how it plays out on the second part.

@Claruchi – How’s Nathan in it? As good as Andrew said?

He is amazing.

@CMcCord25 – Does the cliffhanger ending involve Castle?


@CourtOsen – Is there more pressure on the team knowing that it is Castle’s daughter that is kidnapped?

Oh, absolutely. This is one of their own and they are going to do everything they can to find Alexis. The pressure is even harder on Kate.

@chevron_heart – Is it going to be a long, hard wait between the two episodes?

Yes. Major (and unexpected) cliffhanger ahead, guys.

@Beti_Always – Is Target the best episode from S5? Thanks!

It will all depend on how they handle the second part, really. But as of right now, yes. It was so good. Tense from beginning to end.


  • Teri

    Thanks for the tidbits and I definitely will be counting the minutes until Castle airs on Monday. Can’t wait!

  • a

    People, while you’re reading these preview stories, just remember that these people won’t be given the opportunity to preview again if they say anything but good things.

    • Clarissa

      I’d normally leave Luciana to respond to a comment in one of her articles, but I want to debunk this person’s comment entirely. First of all, previews such as this are not restricted to certain people. ABC allows bloggers with access to their press site to view them. They do not block certain people from screeners based on their opinions – past or present. Secondly, it is completely false to say that anyone who gives a bad preview would somehow be blacklisted from previews or other opportunities surrounding the show. If that were true, so many bloggers would be cut out entirely, both from this site and every other entertainment site around the internet.

      I know that Luciana has been critical of certain story arcs in the past on Castle, as she should be if it’s her opinion that the show isn’t living up to its potential. But if she believes that an episode is good, then it must be good (at least in her opinion – and if you trust her opinion, then you’ll probably like it as well).

      I’m not sure why you would leave this comment, but it’s entirely inaccurate and not based upon any facts whatsoever.

  • lame

    From a’s previous comments, I’d say “a” has had it with this series. That being said, there’s no reason to try and bring everybody down. If it eats at you that much, quit watching and commenting, no one is forcing you to tune Monday nights. But I’ll bet come 2/19 “a” will be ready with an opinion.

  • Luciana Mangas

    I completely agree, lame. I honestly think that if you don’t like it, why waste time watching it and even more time posting bad things about it on the internet to try and get other fans down?

    I think you all know by now that I have some serious criticism about this show and have never refrained from posting my thoughts about it. I would never lie and say it was good when it wasn’t. It just doesn’t make any sense for me as a critic. Then my job would be a little pointless, right?

    • Richard

      I have been reading Luciana’s reviews, previews, sneak peeks and everything else she posts for quite some time. I find that she and I agree on many aspects of Castle, good and bad. But I am a fan, to the end! As is Luciana. I just watched the episode tonight, as I am writing this late Monday night, and agree with her review 1000%. To suggest she would tilt her opinion to please anyone is outrageous and totally without merit. So there. :)

  • lame

    Back to the fun stuff, I’ll bet Gates knows all about Caskett and has for some time. I also think she knows all about Roy Montgomery, Johanna Beckett, Senator Bracken and Esplaine. All of which will make her reveal something to remember, or at least I’m hoping AWM makes it so.

    • lame

      Now if AWM will let Gates get more involved like Montgomery used to, e.g. showing up with gun drawn for the apprehension of high profile criminals or pulling out a fifth for Beckett’s crew to share,after a tough case or incident.
      Catch my drift, get her more engaged, let’s see how she got the title “Iron Gates”. Let’s see her in each episode swing some unexpected muscle.

    • Richard

      I agree with you also 1000% lame. Gates knows more than she’s showing. Can’t wait till she lets the cat, or cats, out of the bag.

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