Castle: Is Alexis Going To Be This Season’s Obstacle?

You know, ever since I talked to Molly Quinn at Comic-Con, I have been thinking about just how much Alexis is going to affect our favorite dynamic duo’s relationship. Molly was very adamant about how hard this is going to hit Alexis and how the teen will not take it well.

I have been meaning to write something about it for the past couple of weeks now, but I could never seem to find time to get to it. That was until Ausiello revealed a very juicy piece of info about the youngest Castle, so there can’t be any more postponing this discussion on my part.

For three seasons now, Alexis Castle has been portrayed as pretty much the perfect daughter. Mature for her age, she is probably the most responsible member of the Castle clan and doesn’t give her dad any trouble. She is not rebellious – as a lot of teens worldwide tend to be – she gets along extremely well with her father and, despite the crazy family she has, she is quite well-adjusted.

In season 3 we got a first glimpse of Alexis finally lashing out at Castle and speaking up her mind. An incredibly tiny glimpse, but at least it was there. Molly Quinn hinted several times that this season we will see a very different side of Alexis, especially because she will not be dealing well with everything that happened. I mean, her father tried to take a bullet for another woman in front of his daughter at Captain Montgomery’s funeral. Really, I can’t blame Alexis for not reacting well to that.

Ausiello has talked to Molly, however, and (SPOILER ALERT!) just confirmed what the young actress had hinted at back in July.

‘There’s definitely going to be some words and heat between Alexis, Castle and Kate Beckett,’says Molly Quinn, adding that Alexis ‘still respects’Beckett, ‘but at the same time [it’s like], ‘This isn’t your life. This isn’t your dad. You don’t understand.”

I honestly think this conversation (or whatever this “heat” turns out to be) is way overdue. Finally, there was something big enough to shake Alexis up and make her confront Beckett about just how far Castle is willing to go for her and that that is not okay with the teen. I don’t blame her. If it was my dad, I would be pissed off too.

So that reveal begs the following question: Would Castle quit shadowing Beckett – or at least back off for a little while – if Alexis asked him to? In fact, if that fight (or argument or whatever you want to call it) indeed happens, is Beckett going to be the one to put some distance between herself and Castle in order to protect him and respect Alexis’ wishes?

And finally, if all of that goes down, does that mean Alexis is going to this season’s roadblock for Castle and Beckett? Because if you think about it, Castle already told her he loves and that revelation will come to play at some point this season, whether Beckett remembers it immediately or not. I sincerely hope that the significant other storyline is over and done with, so what better way to keep our dynamic duo apart than his daughter?

As a father, I am sure Castle will put his child’s wishes above anything, including his very strong feelings for Beckett. In fact (and I am really not thrilled about this tidbit that just came in), Ausiello has also revealed that (SPOILER ALERT!) “Castle’s getting a new lust interest! The show is casting the potentially recurring role of a gorgeous, sexy, sophisticated art insurance investigator who takes an immediate liking to Cas and vice-versa. The twist? Ms. Insurance Lady is hiding a surprising past!”

No, I don’t like that. At all.

So between that depressing bit of news and Alexis almost biting Beckett’s head off about her dad, I’d say the near future does not look good for the detective and her favorite writer.

Here is hoping that what Andrew Marlowe said back in May that the fans would not be satisfied with the storyline until midseason holds. I am holding out hope that the Christmas episode will be turning point of the season and of their relationship and that by then this new “lust interest” and Dr. Motorcycle Boy will both be gone for good.

That would be a great Christmas (and birthday!) present.

  • lame

    I can see Alexis' reaction as honest and credible.The SO angle is kinda tired, but if it makes Kate finally fight for Castles' attention,and makes him aware that she sees him more than just a partner/friend,then I guess we'll have to put up with another garbage soap opera plot AWM can't seem to get away form.

    Up till this point I thought this would be the best season ever, now we can only hope that TPTB don't revert to the inability of the DDs to communicate.

    The relationship grows and matures,so do they finally start to talk to one another, because that is as old and boring as the SO crap.

  • CC

    EXTREMELY disappointed in the "lust interest" spoiler. Are we going to have Season 3 character development mean absolutely nothing? Castle verbally acknowledged that he is in love with Beckett so to have him "lust" after anyone after that revelation is not at all believable and honestly incredibly weak storytelling. NO….Please Andrew Marlow….just NO.

  • Laura

    Wow , what a way to discourage and disappoint the fans that the writers and producers have before the season premiere.I´m not excited anymore after reading the spoilers.I miss season 1 when the show was just pure fun , flirt and banter.Thank god for the dvds.

  • Kath

    I'm hoping that the 'lust interest' is just Ausiello over-reading everything in terms of romance. The last thing this show needs is yet another wrong SO for either Castle or Beckett. And if Castle does start lusting after someone else after having told Beckett he loves her, that confirms that he is the shallow playboy Beckett turned off in the pilot episode.

    As for Alexis, while it makes sense for her to be worried about Castle, she needs to realize first that he is a grown man who makes his own decisions and second that this is a matter between her and her father. She needs to talk to him first, and if he turns her down and tells her he's still going to the station, maybe she does get angry at Beckett. But I don't want that to last more than an episode at most because in the end it's up to Castle himself and not Alexis or Beckett to keep him from being at the station and if he refuses Alexis' request to stay away from the station, Alexis shouldn't be asking Beckett to keep him away.

    I'm afraid they're going to turn Alexis into a brat.

  • José

    Tanto dramatismo ao avaliar o que supostamente vai acontecer em castle…não estou a falar pela Luciana mas por alguns comentários… a Luciana dissertou maravilhosamente sobre o assunto e foi muito racional mas tambem se envolveu muito como mulher…como respeito a tua opinião deixa-me dar-te a opinião de um homem que tambem fala a tua lingua sendo Portugues. Será que as pessoas se esqueceram que beckett está numa relação com Josh e que apesar de tudo ama Castle? Então porque não Castle ter outra mulher? Apenas conta para Beckett? Os "direitos e deveres" o "dar e receber" não são iguais? claro que continua a amar Beckett tal como ela o ama a ele e não é por isso que ela termina a sua relação com Josh.. Acho que devemos ter mais calma na forma de avaliar aquilo que ainda não se passou. Se pensarem bem toda a 3ª temporada foi toda de castle seguindo beckett quase como um pequeno cachorro sem atitude da parte dele sem poder decisão até ao ultimo episódio. Ele esteve com ela sempre nos piores e nos melhores momentos o tal "…be there for you.." e atitude de beckett pouco se alterou, até aqueles momentos de ternura do finalmente "Always" que lhe saiu quase no final da temporada. É evidente que no subtexto está lá tudo a forma como beckett gosta de castle, mas as coisas tem que ser ditas e foram ditas por ele no ultimo episódio e volto a relembrar que a melhor forma de ela ter dito as coisas era terminando a relação com josh e não o fez tornando as coisas mais confusas ainda para castle pois aquela frase no ultimo episódio "…. that's what we are?.." foi descabida por caiu vinda do nada, ela nada tinha dado a entender até lá para poder dizer algo assim, simplesmente nuances e não chega para um homem tomar decisões em que sabe que a mulher que quer e ama está numa relação com outro homem. E foi apenas perante o facto de ele a poder vir a perder que surgiu o "…I love you…" e talvez um dos melhores momentos ela desfalecer e a ter um ligeiro sorriso antes de desmaiar. Acho que devemos acreditar na equipe de castle tem pessoas muito competentes…como é claro não se pode agradar a todos..o que importa é que castle venha depressa porque todos estamos cheios de saudades. Um agradecimento carinhoso a Luciana do um desconhecido pelos excelentes artigos que nos tem dado e que continue sempre. um beijo

    Google translution now it is the only way for me :(((

    So much drama when assessing what will supposedly happen in castle … I am not talking by Luciana but some comments … Luciana spoke beautifully about it and was very rational but also involved a woman … as much as I respect your opinion let me give you the opinion of a man who also speaks your language is Portuguese. Do people have forgotten that Beckett is a relationship with Josh and after all loves Castle? So why not have another woman Castle? Only account for Beckett? The "rights and duties," the "give and take" are not equal? clear that Beckett continues to love as she loves him and that's not why she ends her relationship with Josh .. I think we should be more calm in order to assess what has not happened. If you think about it the whole season 3 was all for following beckett castle almost like a small dog without attitude from him powerless decision until the last episode. He was always with her best and worst moments as the "… be there for you .." beckett and attitude has changed little, until those last moments of tenderness of "Always" which came out near the end of the season. It is clear that the subtext is there all the way beckett like castle, but things have to be said and were told by him in the last episode, and I'll remember that the best way to have said the things she was ending the relationship with josh and did not make things even more confusing for castle because that phrase in the last episode "…. that's what we are? .. " was misplaced by fell out of nowhere, it had nothing given to understand there to be able to say something, just shades and a man is not enough to make decisions knowing that the woman he loves is in a relationship with another man. It was only at the fact that he might lose the power that arose "… I love you …" and perhaps one of her best moments and have a faint little smile before collapsing. I think we should believe in the castle staff have very competent people … and of course you can not please everyone .. what matters is that castle come quickly because we miis it so much. A loving thanks to Luciana's excellent articles by a stranger who has given us and to continue forever. a kiss

    • Kath

      Don't forget that from the end of season 2 through the first half of season 3, Castle was in a relationship with Gina (8 months show time). That is when Beckett started her relationship with Josh.

  • lame

    Don't read to much into Ausiello's comments, after all he's the one who told us C/B were going to finally air out their feelings in ep. 2×24 and we all know how that turned out.

    He also said that R/C and the Doc are going to have a knockdown dragout fight, I'll bet it's more of a shoving match and the so called lust interest is most likely a flirtfest, something that gets KB riled up. Our buddy Ausiello has a habit of trying to get us all to follow him off a cliff.

  • Guest

    does anyone know what episode it is in the photos when Alexis and Kate are talking? or is it not an episode?

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