Castle: 4.14 “The Blue Butterfly” Review

Well, if there was one thing that I have learned from ‘The Blue Butterfly’was that keeping my expectations to a minimum was the absolute best choice I could have made. You all know how I felt about the noir aspect of it and how I was expecting it to be a complete disaster (and I got a lot of backlash for that too), but for what it’s worth, I’ve learned my lesson.

It’s better to be pleasantly surprised than sorely disappointed.

In all honesty, ‘The Blue Butterfly’was not a bad episode. I wasn’t crazy about the noir scenes, even though the costumes and the setting were great. Maybe it’s just that I am not a big fan of the noir style, but the lines, the accents, those just didn’t work for me. That said, I really liked the case and absolutely loved the twist in the end when we found out that Joe and Vera made it out alive and lived happily ever after. I also liked the present day scenes a lot more than the 1947 ones and thought it was a nice build up to solving the case.

But my problem with this episode remains the same. I still stand by my argument that it doesn’t do anything for the overall story. They promoted this episode like crazy, saying that Castle and Beckett would be closer than ever; but if you stop and think about it, what we saw was not Castle and Beckett at all. Sure, they were played by Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion, but they were different characters altogether in a completely different story. So they lived a very nice love story and there was that kiss in the end, but what’s the point of it all if it doesn’t happen with Castle and Beckett, the characters we really care about?

You guys know I love the show and I am usually all for being patient and trust that TPTB know what they’re doing, but it feels like the overall story has come to a stop and all we get are those stolen glances and subtext and every episode feels like we’re watching the same thing over and over again, only with a different case. ‘The Blue Butterfly’was a good standalone episode, but that was it. It was just okay and we have had a good share of ‘just okay’episodes this season. Maybe I am in the minority here (in fact, I am pretty sure I am), but the only really, really good episodes so far this season were ‘Rise’, ‘Cops & Robbers’and ‘Kill Shot’. That’s three episodes out of fourteen. Those were the episodes that really felt like we were finally going somewhere, but after that nothing happened and that has always been my biggest problem with this show.

Some of you said that I was a disappointment because I said I wasn’t looking forward to ‘The Blue Butterfly’. But here is the thing, guys: To love something or someone doesn’t mean you have to be completely blind about it and ignore its flaws. Nothing is ever perfect and Castle is most certainly not the exception to this rule. I love the show because of the characters not because of the procedural aspect and I never made a secret out of this. Lately, it has been more and more like a procedural with zero movement in the character arc front. And that’s what bothers me the most. Because what’s the point of having a super production of an episode if it doesn’t do anything for the story in the long run? Was it well produced? Yes, it was and I am sure the cast had a blast filming it. But it was the kind of episode that stands completely on its own and if you skip it, you won’t miss much. If a casual viewer tuned in for ‘An Embarrassment’and then only came back for ‘Pandora’, they would be able to follow the storyline just fine because, as much as ‘The Blue Butterfly’was nice, it didn’t add anything to the show.

It has come to a point for me that something needs to happen in order to keep things interesting. Whether it will be movement forward or not, it doesn’t really matter, as long as something happens to shake things up. Because if a hardcore fan like me is starting to lose interest, then what is it doing to the casual viewer, you know?

It’s something to think about.

  • saveCastle

    Some random musings:
    – Going into this episode semi-spree (no sneaks) definitely helped with the enjoyment factor.
    – Recent ratings & message board comments point to a general lack of enthusiasm by casual viewers *and* frustration of diehards.
    – "It has come to a point for me that something needs to happen in order to keep things interesting". This. This. This. This!
    – Legit question: At this point in the series, what would you say to non-viewers to get them to watch?
    For me, Cops & Robbers was the last ep that I could see bringing people in. Everything that made/makes the show great is there. What's supposed to be said to non-viewers to get them to watch — go watch S1 & 2 then buy a ticket for the painfully slow train towards Frustrationville — free molasses with purchase?

  • LosingInterest

    I agree with everything you said, Luciana. I, too, am a "hardcore fan" who is losing interest. I hate to admit it, but I actually recorded Smash last night on my DVR. :(

  • Steven

    I'm a hardcore fan as well, and I hate to admit it but you're right: something's gotta give. Whether it does or doesn't won't make me stop watching of course, because the worst episode of "Castle" is still better than 95% of the shows out there, but they are rapidly reaching the "B" word with me.


    At some point people will stop caring if the two main characters get together or not, and with so few episodes left this season fans are rapidly losing hope that anything will happen to progress their relationship…which is the glue that holds this series together. That being said, I actually have higher hopes for the next couple of weeks as the two-part episodes are always intense. But honesty compels me to admit while I *hope* something will happen, it probably won't. And that would be a shame.

  • ACF

    …and here I am a hard core fan getting absolutely everything I wanted /needed/ thought should be there. Maybe I'm more old fashioned, but I don't see anything at a standstill in this relationship. I see two people building something real, not jump in the sack, slobbery face just because they are physically attracted. I don't see it getting old and I saw plenty in this episode that told me that they are closer than ever. Gone is the snappy Beckett because the new Kate is not afraid of enjoying being around Castle, Gone is the playboy because, even though his alter ego said it, he's a better man now. I'm not sure what else people need unless it's the sex. But there are so many other shows where you can get that (and not get bogged down by pesky substance if you can't handle that). Why not just enjoy this show for the simple fact that it *is* different! It's not a matter of closing your eyes to the faults, it's a matter of opening your eyes to what is really there. This is not Sex and the City, it's not 2.5 Men. Theses characters have more depth, more substance. There is more about these characters to learn, to understand and to care about frankly. That's what is there. I saw it. Did you miss it?

    • Luciana Mangas

      But it's not about them jumping each other or not, ACF. Not at all. When I say something needs to happen, it's not necessarily about them getting together immediately. Yes, they are amazing characters, with depth and substance, but there's only so much they can do without moving forward or backwards to keep the viewer's attention. Whether they get together, then break up or the secrets come out and they have a big fight and we have setback (and that would actually be a believable setback), something's gotta give. If not, we're just watching the same episode over and over again and in all honesty (and I never thought I'd say this about Castle) it will start to get boring.

      So no, this is not about sex. Castle is not the kind of show that has its characters doing that kind of dance with each other and I think we all know that. In fact, when they do get together, I doubt we will actually see anything like that. My frustration is that nothing is happening and the show has become a procedural now more than ever. And as a fan of that characters, that's a huge turn off.

      • Steven

        Nailed it in one.

      • saveCastle

        Exactly. At the moment, the show is either trying to be something it's not or not trying to be something it is. Either way, it's reached a point where it needs something akin to an adrenaline shot.

    • Amelia

      Getting together or moving things forward doesn't mean jumping into bed … why does everyone's mind immediately go to sex? That's not what I define as getting together, not for Castle/Beckett, not right now bc their not ready.

    • Aaron

      I'm glad someone else feels that way; I feel like we're in the minority of hardcore fans. The relationship between Castle & Beckett, yes, is important, while they haven't explicitly gone like "WAO U R SEXY" in every episode, the little glances and looks and innuendos are cute and good lord is it SUBTLE. So many TV Shows are so bad at subtlety these days (main offenders: Glee, Modern Family, The Middle, any ABC Comedy I've ever bothered watching) it's nice to see a show that doesn't throw it in your face. That having been said, I'll be upset if Castle and Beckett don't make out or wake up in bed together by the end of the season, or at the very least share "I love you"s.

      And as for this episode not pushing the Castle/Beckett storyline, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I disagree with OP. I have an appreciation for noir, so I dug the 1947 clips (it was something NEW) but there was a reason to making Nathan Joe and Stana Vera. Castle is envisioning this story as he reads it since this is what most people, and especially writers, do. Joe and Vera's relationship, to me, is a metaphor for Castle and Beckett. There's a nice cinematic technique at the end when IRL Joe and Vera finish their story and it dissolves back to present day. The dissolve goes from '47 Nathan and Stana to present-day Nathan and Stana. If the cinematic story was only about Joe and Vera, it would have dissolved to those actors, not Nathan and Stana. They've very slowly been falling more and more for each other, and I think if it weren't for Gates they might have already considered it.

      All that having been said, the show isn't perfect and is very formulaic in terms of a procedural, but the actors and most of the dialogue has been spot-on this season (there is the occasional bad one-liner, but that happens). This episode in terms of the arc of the season, yes, didn't make any huge, gawdy strides forward, but come ON, you KNOW Castle was envisioning that movie kiss in his head with Beckett, not envisioning Joe and Vera. The episode, I thought, was really tight and a good one. Not the best (that would go to any more dramatic episode…because they nail those (season 3 finale is still my favorite)).

      • neo

        So is it a new relevation from this episode that Castle has imaginary stories in his head about himself and Kate, or more precisely in those stories he and Kate are impersonating the characters? May I remind you that there are three Nikki Heat books, built on this habit? It's one of the core premise of the show that he expresses his feelings in and through his books – so now I should be surprised or cheered that when he lived himself into the story of Joe and Vera those were like them?

    • saveCastle

      Of course it's different. That's what had us tuning in from the beginning and what made/makes it different is a big part of the appeal. It's substantive & not full of drivel. It doesn't pander to base needs. It's the quintessential quality vs. quantity thing. If people were tuning in for a meaningless quickie they surely stopped watching after the 2nd ep of the series. And because of all of that (and more) there's a high standard that was set. Here are 2 intelligent, witty, fun to watch people with obvious chemistry for 4 seasons now. An accidental hand rub just doesn't cut it anymore. It's time to sink or swim.

    • lame

      Nobody's asking for the DD to jump in the sack. What they are asking is to see the growth that was promised. The fact that the smart, cleaver and fearless Beckett is still questioning Castles' commitment to her after he stayed by her side instead of leaving for the Hamptons in "Countdown", seems a little silly. How many times must he prove himself to her. And now in Pandora she's going to question him once again; it is wearing thin. I think fans are only asking for the DD to acknowledge their feelings and go on from there, no more no less.

    • ipj

      Their relationship isn't secure enough to ask the other out for a hamburger. How the heck is it going to survive any real challenge if it can't even withstand a hamburger?

    • Sticking it Out

      Honestly, what I 'need' is to see Castle show some joy in life — and some balls. Every time Beckett blinks he backs off, he is so well trained to avoid her boundaries. The relationship could stay in a holding pattern, I just want to see both characters hold on to some of their differences – their ying/yang dynamic. Right now Beckett is retconned as a 'wild child' so Castle didn't really change her at all? Current Castle is worn and serious and doesn't seem to have a thought or action that doesn't revolve around Beckett.

  • Amelia

    ICAM w your assessment abt this season as a whole. Your not in the minority bc I too feel like the 3 best eppys have been Rise, Cops & Robbers, and Kill Shot. I feel like there hasnt been a arc to this season. Thus far, feels like I can miss a few eppys and not miss anything. Its as if the writers have stopped telling a story & have been writing stand alone eppys … mainly for syndication. As a whole Ive been disappointment by this season.

  • Danny

    I haven’t watched this episode, and honestly don’t think I’m going to bother with it. I feel, quite strongly, that the time for pussyfooting around with inconsequential filler is long past. Yet, unfortunately I would characterize most of season 4 to date as just that, inconsequential.

    The procedural aspects aren’t very good, the cases predictable and trite, so if the Castle/Beckett aspects are lifeless or absent, then Castle really isn’t a show that offers a whole lot. I’d guess that this is why the ratings are dropping. Not pleasing die hard fans, and not encouraging new viewers to stick around. Not exactly the best recipe for continuing success.

  • Vince

    You never disappoint me,never!
    (maybe few times,but this is normal,we are not the same person afterall) :-)))

  • Gianna

    Saw this as part of another review for this episode "Caskett shippers got to experience Beckett and Castle as a couple through the flashbacks".

    This is what Marlowe was banking on and fans fell for it. This was not Beckett and Castle as a couple in flashbacks. This was Nathan and Stana playing 2 different characters, who got to be in love, and kiss. Sorry but I dont want to see 2 actors playing different characters and have a love story – I want to see the 2 characters Ive come to know and care about have that story.
    It was a cheap ploy and obviously Im in the minority bc i didn't like it.

    • Luciana Mangas

      That's exactly my point. Who cares if it was Castle imagining it? It was still different characters with a very different story. It was just something to appease the shippers and the majority fell for it, but in the long run it doesn't mean anything and that's what's so frustrating.

      • Hylean

        I felt cheated by the kiss at the end. The only thing that really made it okay was the fact that he had called Vera "Kate" when reading it out to her, but even then, it's not really fair to tease the fans like that. Hell, that would've been a brilliant time for something, but they preferred to let Kate get a bit annoyed-but-secretly-pleased over it, like she's done for 3 seasons.

        I want something to happen and I'm enjoying the show, but we see so little development in their feelings. Yes, they're now out there, but we see little of Beckett's shrink and Castle no longer complains to his family about things. We were told Josh was unfinished, so where the hell is he?

        I enjoyed the show, but you're right, it's a stand alone, and whilst great fun, I would've preferred one reacting to the plotlines more. That said, it was still a solid episode.

        Looking forward to the next one.

  • Steven

    I'm with Amelia on this one. Sex is fine and all, but what the show is lacking is honesty, intimacy, and above all, heat between Castle and Beckett. Right now, Castle is firmly in the "Friend Zone" and it looks like he's going to stay there for the foreseeable future. The relationship hasn't even been on "simmer" for a while now. It's on the back burner waiting for the writers to turn the heat on. Brief glances and touches that linger a second too long are well and good, but that's been going on for four seasons now. Perhaps its time to try something different? Like having an actual conversation not about a case? They've only done it once, and it was one of the most powerful scenes in the entire series. Give us more of that!

    • Amelia

      Totally agreed Steven, particularly abt the honesty, intimacy, and heat. Nathan and Stana have some of the best chemistry of any actors Ive ever seen (be it TV or the big screen) and TPTB have smothered it.
      Castle and Beckett are failing to act because the writers put the commercial timeline (drag out the WT,WT) ahead of the natural progression of behavior.

      • centava99

        I agree that going to sex would be going too fast–but how about a damned kiss, a REAL one, or even just a discussion about not a case? Stephen, I agree 100% with you.

  • @Casketteer

    Hmm it's like you read my mind! I'm spoilerfree and even with that i heard/read stuff and i was expecting a lot more of the 1947 scenes. I liked the episode don't get me wrong but i have to agree that Season 4 is kinda dissapointing character developement wise… Its like everything is stalling… nothing about Beckett'S mom or the shooting expect kill Shot… its like nothing happened!

    There are a few signs that Kate gives Rick but nothing more. Plus, that 'kiss' in The Blue Butterfly come on… it wasn't a kiss it was a peck! anyways… I love this show but its like you said, its not leading to anything… Nothing is happening and I'm a "hardcore fan" and I am losing a bit of interest.

    I like the ep but after every ep im like ok so nothing in the 'Caskett' departement happened, AGAIN!! its like ok is anything going to happen..ever!!

    The subtext and looks are nice to see but we need more!! espcially now that we know that Beckett wants things to move on.. anyways I agree with you and I hope things will start moving…

  • Lauren

    I´m a romantic but this episode was so cheesy , so corny. Sorry but for me it was terrible. Where are the amazing writers from the first two seasons ? I miss them.Thank god for the dvds because this season has been disappointing .

  • Gianna

    Here lies the problem ….. there is far too much subtext, not enough actual dialogue, and the continuity is terrible. How can we have progression w/o continuity? Subtext is fine but it shouldn't hinder the audience from knowing what the Hell is going on. I see so much fanwanking on Twitter these days its a shame. Why is that though? Bc there's not enough concrete evidence either way so fans have to make up or interpenetrate it their way.

    Watching season 1 and 2 DVDs yesterday and boy what a contrast it is to s3 and this year. Watched 3 eppys of s1 on the treadmill and didnt stop bc I was enjoying it so much.
    I dont know whats happened but as a former hardcore fan, Im very disappointed in Marlowe & Co.

    • saveCastle

      Ding! Meaningful dialogue + less subtext + more continuity = more substance. While there's a futility in comparison, Downton Abbey seems to have this down to a science – even with abbreviated seasons.

    • Lauren

      Exactly the first two seasons were so good , so much fun to watch , even the cases were great .I don´t know how many times i ´ve watched every single episode of the first season ,but I barely touched the s3 dvds and I won´t buy the s4 dvds. S3 and s4 feel like i´m watching a different show and I´ve been watching hoping for Marlowe & Co to bring back the magic but the show only gets worse with each week

    • Casologist

      Don't get me wrong, I like subtext, But, put it this way, there is too much subtext and not enough "text." By Season 4 you would expect our DD to be more open despite "the walls." They still don't share any of their past, feelings, or anything personal. The thing I like about BONES is that B&B have short and amusing conversations and we see them talking face to face enjoying each others company. Who says that Hart doesn't have heart?

  • Boby

    Completely agreed, but I don't think the procedural part is to blame, because I am noticing a lack of surprise even in it. I mean the cases are a little easier to solve or seem to be something already seen on the show. Anyway, character continuity and development are missing. Stand alone episodes in procedural show don't exclude the possibility to delve into a character. Lie to Me is the first example that came to my mind, probably 'cause of the two-parter, but it proves characters could be the priority. In Castle, characters aren't moving anywhere and sometimes they do something different from the usual that I don't quiet understand.
    I would like to read opinions regarding Beckett decision not to arrest Vera and Joe. Ok I would have done probably the same thing, that was self defense and they are pretty old right now, but is not Beckett the cop who puts her duties in front of what she thinks is right? During the first season (1.05 "A Chill Goes Through Her Veins"), she wasn't so compassionate of that old man who killed the husband and murderer of his daughter.

  • Marge

    Just saw this posted in re: to this article (Not mine but I agree wholeheartedly)…..

    "I think all the comments about how this show has devolved into just another procedural are spot on. I almost didn't bother watching the episode last night because I knew that it wouldn't matter in the long run. I would not miss anything in Castle and Beckett's story.

    In a sad way, TPTB were hoisted by their own petard; they created a show which revolved around this great, interesting duo but in a procedural setting. Now, for whatever reason, they've decided to back-burner the great, interesting duo and have made the procedural front and centre. That, IMO, has been a huge mistake. I feel like I've been baited and switched; They lured me in with one type of show and are now giving me another of a type that I can't stand.

    I do not give a ***** about procedurals. I don't watch ANY of them. If there's no narrative carried over week to week (give or take the odd stand alone) involving fun and engaging characters, then, quite frankly, what's the ******* point?

    I don't find it a coincidence that since the procedural element has been enforced/emphasized, I've fallen quite a bit out of love with the show.

    You can't just drop a major character/couple milestone (the ILY in the S3 finale) and then do pretty much *** IT with the next 14 episodes. Much more of this and Castle will fall to MY back-burner and then off the damned stove altogether. "

  • elsol69

    I think you're disappointed isn't with the episode — it's with the progress of the relationship. The episode was great! But yeah, it's getting old for Castle to say something that SOUNDS like it's meaningful so Beckett reacts to it and…*drumroll* nothing. They need to go back to the season 1 flirting. It's like Castle and Beckett are afraid to flirt with each other because they might cross into a 'danger' zone. One of them (I'm looking at Beckett) needs to say 'Hell with it' and let the flirts fly even if they go into the danger zone. I was one of the people that really wanted the noir episode and other than the fact it wasn't in black and white, I thought it was better than I expected. They REALLY mixed in the past and present well.

    • Leanne

      This is my thinking too. You have to seperate the episode as a 'spectacle' from the episode as part of the 'relatinship arc'.

      People are getting frustrated with the lack of movement on the Castle and Beckett from (me too, if I'm being honest) and its showing in reviews such as this.

      As a sweeps event episode I loved it. As part of the arc to move Castle and Beckett then no it didn't cut it.

      I'm hoping the two-parter is where we see this movement now. If not, then yes, I do worry that the frustration of fans will be a huge problem for the show.

  • mike

    It´s sad . this show has an amazing cast and had the potential to become an amazing show back in season 1 but now to see what it has become is sad. Mr marlowe really blew it. I hope he ´ll give us at least a decent series finale next season.

  • ACF

    Maybe it's because I love classic films and film noir. That might be the reason I see movement and substance and all the things that others think are missing. We were promised a classic epic love story by Andrew Marlowe and I think he's delivering that exactly. But if that's not your cup of tea, then you will miss what the rest of us love about this writing. And you will miss all the continuity that I see. As for subtext? These characters talk in subtext. They don't talk up front, face-to-face. It's not who they are. Now, the writers could change who they are, but then it wouldn't be Castle and Beckett it would be just another couple in a hundred couples on TV. They *are* different, they have this weird way of communicating that sometimes goes awry., just like up front talking can go awry. It makes those rare conversations like the one in Rise have that much more of an impact, because that is not how these guys usually roll. If they are going to have a conversation like that, it is going to be Life-altering so they don't do it until they are ready.
    So the questions remain, is this epic love story your thing and can you leave the characters to be who they are? Or are you more a fan of the all the stuff that's already out there and you want the characters to change to fit the preconception of what you want? Me, I want the romance and the love story and I want Castle and Beckett to be who they are and who they have always been at their core. I'm in for the ride and I'm mighty glad that Marlowe and Company have the guts and the talent to stay on that course and give it to me because the rest of the stuff on TV is weak tea as far as I'm concerned.

    • saveCastle

      Your interest may have been heightened for 4×14, but a single standalone film noir ep out of 70 something isn't what keeps you tuning in though, right? As for continuity, there was a reason the lack of S3 continuity had to be addressed in a one-shot scene in 3×24. And it's not just relationship-wise. Ryan gets married and there's no mention of anything. Beckett cringes while feeling a pull from her wound…but she has no problem hoisting herself up in Demons or Cuffed? Lanie/Esposito break up, pseudo makeup and then nothing else? It goes on and on.

    • neo

      Dismissing for a second the question that why do you put yourself on a pedestal from where you look down other peoples opinion, lets turn the table. Would you stop watching Castle if the story moves on in a faster pace? Because if you wouldn't then when you blame other people for their different opinions and defend the writers idea as it was the Holy Grail – you wouldn't do any good to the show. It's clearly seen in this season that Castle could not attract new viewers. It has a solid core audience – those people, who comment here after several years of watching are among them, and these are the people who the show is losing right now. Criticism is the best help in a creative work, you won't learn anything from the permanent applause.

    • lame

      There is so much more than can happen outside the precinct. That's what fans are asking for. Lunch together, with all four members of Beckett's crew where they talk about their relationships, or C/B at the lunch wagon,in the middle of a case would help the fans invest more in the characters instead of drifting away.

  • neo

    Thank you Luciana, perfectly summarized.
    I must admit that I miss any other kind of conflicts from their life as well. The only exception in this season was Beckett's PTSD, all the other episode revolved around the WTWT topic. (Dial M for Mayor was a complete reuse of Final Nail and even that was pointed to how much closer they are.) Dial M was a good example of the narrowed vison of storytelling. Instead of playing a slightly modified version of a previous episode, it should have focused on Castle and Gates. A former IA officer who wants to keep a high profile case low profile and someone who could both help in it and be a leak to the suspect – that would have been something new. Castle must have proven his loyality not to Beckett, we are over it, but to Gates, that would have been a significant development of the season.

    If the writers have no ideas how to move them ahead or want to prolong this state for another 1-2-3-4 seasons at least give something instead. Professional jealousy at the precinct from a new detective, a plagium sue to Castle, anything what makes it worth what happens with these two people. Conflicts in their work and life in which they can help each other.

  • Richard

    The 2 words that jumped out at me in Luciana's review: "losing interest"
    For whatever reason, after 4 seasons I am losing interest. The spark that captivated me about this show is gone.
    If I'm losing interest, a die hard fan for 4 seasons, then this spells trouble for the series, because I know I am not alone. The continuity problem is huge. I'm an NCIS fan, and really enjoy how they always keep the regular or new viewers informed about past episodes. I hope the writers turn things around. It seems they are using some formulas from past episodes, or maybe they have also lost the spark. Let's hope Castle returns to the dynamics that brought us all aboard the ship in the first place, before the ship sinks.

  • Leanne

    I was one of those asking you to wait for the episode to make a judgement and I did adore the episode. However there is an important distinction for me with tonight's episode.

    As a 'spectacle' it was brilliant. Styled and produced and acted wonderfully and I very much loved every moment.

    As part of a series based around a 'ship' is where the furstrations are coming to a boil I believe. ITA with one of the comments on here saying that the show is built around and centred upon the relationship between Castle and Beckett and I think that bar Cops and Robbers and Kill Shot that relationship is beginning to stagnate. Now either this is the writers realizing that they moved too far too soon or that the network have had cold feet and as them to pull back the movement on the relationship. Either way, this is what is killing the show for a lot of fans. A certain expectation was given with these two and for suddenty now to have Castle – a playboy – to back off each and everytime and for Beckett to be sending out signals she isn't ready to act on is beginning to grate even on me.

    So in conclusion ITA with you about the stagnation of Castle and Beckett being a huge mistake by either the writers and/or the network but if you take Blue Butterfly as a 'spectacle' episode, it was absolutely fantastic.

    • Marie

      I agree with this to a point.

      There is a definite distinction between 'spectacle' and 'series'. But the point is, there shouldn't be. Not now. There should've been something much more in that episode last night.

      A series of this nature should NOT be pulling back on the driving force of the show so blatantly now. I agree though that either the writers have thought 'uhoh' or the network has and is interferring. Either way its bad for the show. The levels of frustration evident show you that.

    • Barely Holding On

      The most frustrating aspect is that they don't have to actually move forward in great leaps to improve the dynamic — just get them back to the flirting, snappy banter and mind meld kind of moments where they just grin at each other in delight. Castle acts like he is scared to show real interest in case she freaks out, and Kate knows he loves her, so just basks in that while doing nothing to give him hope. Its making me not like Beckett very much these days, and Castle just seems like an afterthought in the Great Saga of Beckett.

  • Casologist

    Kudos to you for speaking your mind and not being intimidated by those who only want to hear praise. I agree with you totally! But, I am not as trusting of TPTB as you. I think this season they are using these razzle dazzle episodes to distract the viewers from the main attraction: CASKETT. Sure, there was creativity in these episodes but very little of what attracts fans and shippers to the series. I think the TPTB are buying time. They are shooting for the 100 episode mark which will make them set for life. Can't blame them, but, I think they can do better. I thought Kate's Shrink would give us a peak into her mind and we have barely seen him. When you boil it down, this episode was all subtext because as usual nothing REAL happened between our DD. I love the show but, like you, it is wearing very thin!

  • JLR

    Another perspective:

    I started watching Castle this year because it had attracted so many Remington Steele fans with the long arc romance storyline. I looked forward to this episode, as I did to "Eye of the Beholder", because the premise seemed to give the Castle writers opportunities to play with the similarities between the series. "Blue Butterfly" left me frustrated though — it made references to plot lines from key Steele episodes — "Love among the Steele" most prominently, "Diced Steele" glancingly — as pastiche, rather than adding new layers of meaning to the episode or the ongoing storyline.

    Here's one example of what I mean. In "Love Among the Steele" (which you can watch on Hulu) when the intertwining plot of the present day mystery and past mystery lead to the discovery of the missing necklace and old couple with secrets, the arc of the old couples' relationship adds complexity to the very relationship issues that Laura and Steele are grappling with in the episode. In "Blue Butterfly" the same twist holds out hope of some future happy ending for Castle and Beckett (nice), but says nothing new about how they might overcome their obstacles to reach that conclusion.

    My problem with Castle is not too much subtext, but too little meaningful subtext.

    Steele had dozens of things to say about love, romance, intimacy and difficulty of maintaining them all. Critic Jaime Weinman says here ( that ""Remington Steele" is a great hybrid of detective story and romance because it treats romance as similar to detective work".

    This is not a "Steele was better" post. I want Castle to be better. I want Castle to do more, delve deeper, explore the reasons why love often doesn't work out while it holds out hope that Castle and Beckett can someday make things work. I want it to take more real chances, not just surface ones.

  • Jules

    You summarized what I've been feeling all season (and I'm a die-hard fan). I'm losing interest too – nothing is happening and it's getting predictable. Also, I like the supporting cast, but they are just that – the supporting cast. Putting them front and center more and more is taking away from why people watch the show – the chemistry between Fillion and Katic.

    • Ron

      Thank you! I honestly don't care about Espo and lanie relationship, i like them but they seems very present this season. We even got a double date with esposito/Ryan and their girls, yet we're not allowed to see Castle&B at Remy's?

      • saveCastle

        Why would we be privy to an afterwork conversation when they can't even have a real one when we do see them together?

  • Marie

    Reading your review and the comments. I think the one thing coming through loud and clear is FRUSTRATION of the fans. This isn't the good type of frustration either, which this show has done so well for three seasons. This is the type of frustration that turns fans off, not on. This is a worrying trend.

    I like procedurals, but what drew me to Castle was the relationship the drives (drove?) the show. Right now its a case of 'what relationship'? They are splitting the two up far too much, they are ignoring golden moments which are actually becoming jarringly out of character. Bones lost me in their season 5 when the writers decided that they werent ready for Brennan and Booth. So they made them brother and sister. The signs are ominous right now that this is what is happening on Castle. Katic and Fillion have more genuine chemistry that any other lead couple on TV but they are being actively discouraged from using it and have been for far too long.

    This level of this type of frustration worries me greatly. When long term viewers start to feel this sense of 'enough already' the show needs to put up or shut up in terms of Castle.

    • Laurijean

      Oh my gosh… I can't agree more. The apparent chemistry between Fillion and Katic is being suppressed to the point of changing the dynamic between their characters, and that is to the detriment of the show. I tuned in to see the snappy dialogue and flirty banter – that has been absent much of this season. I want to witness the chemistry and please, let's allow Katic and Fillion to act the hell out of themselves. We deserve it, and they deserve it.

  • tinlizzie

    Personally, while I didn't love the episode, I did find it rather amusing and I have the sneaking suspicion that it was not only not intended as anything all that serious, but might have even been a bit of an in joke. After all, scattered amongst the Raymond Chandler plot references and the rather tacky and unbelievable *noir* filmography were a bunch of Roger Rabbit references. Yup … Roger Rabbit … so I just have to wonder exactly what Marlowe and the writers were really thinking.

  • @mcnevs

    Agree with this 100% and I am as HARDCORE as they come. I'm even dissapointed in Stana Katic for all the comments about this being the best version of Caskett. No way, the best version of Caskett is Caskett!!! UGH!!! If what Andrew Marlowe says about Castle being a sweeping love story is accurate, then he better get to sweeping before all his viewers get put out with the rubbish.

  • saveCastle

    The good news is that apparently people still care enough to comment about the show. It hasn't reached that stage of critical mass just yet.

  • Marge

    Just took a look at that ratings …. it seems like I'm not alone in loosing interest. Castle hasn't had these numbers since season 1.
    Castle, IMO, isn't a show that can survive on the procedural alone bc, sadly, that too isn't as good as seasons 1 & 2.

  • Alisha

    Frustrated seems to be the word that keeps coming up. Marlowe said that fans like to be frustrated … I don't he meant frustrated to the point of tuning out!
    Hardcore fans will the premiere of Smash … the truth is Castle's ratings this season haven't been great and this is way before Smashed premiere. People are tuning out. Numbers don't lie and that's what they are telling loud & clear.

  • Sophia

    I agree, I am an hardcore fan of the show too, but, this season has really not been up to the mark. It's become repetitive and so predictable. The banter is almost non existent and there is absolutely no forward movement between the two characters. I am sorely disappointed in this season.

  • Lola

    I do not agree with this review.
    For one I love the noir period. I love Bogart and whose movies so I had a blast with this episode. They nailed it.
    I do agree that the kiss and I love you were for two differents caracthers. But the fact that Castle doesn't hesitate to see Him and Kate, that Kate isn't that indignant about that. Or some tender smiles she throw his way and how she admit that, like him she loves the story tells that she's more and more open and Free. A season ago, she wouldn't admit that she seeks the story instead of justice. She wouldn't let Castle imagine this this way without turning is ear off.
    Plus she's goiing softer. In season one, she arrest the grandfather who killed his son is law. And yet she sympathize with the Grandfather. After all the S.O.B killed his daughter. Now she let it slide. That show the influence Castle has on her. How she star to see things is way sometimes. It's the same for Castle. He's not longer satisfied with any story he can spin about the case. He wants the real story and go throw evidence and real police work to get that.
    As other episode…Dial M shows that they can disagree now without tearing each other apart. Cuffed is all about how they understand each other and work together pretty well. And they're more subtle moment throw all the season than Cops an Robber to show their improvement.
    The show is also more that just Caskett. I love that Ryan and Esposito has now a friendship with Castle and Beckett. Untill this season, with weren't sure that they really consider Castle more thant the shadow of their Boss and Beckett just their boss.
    Plus Some of you mistake Castle for a the show it isn't. Castle is about the characters and I agree with that. But, like so many others it's also a show that one of the strengh is that you can miss an episode and still follow the overall story. It isn't Lost or 24 or Fringe or other show that if you missed an episode (or even 10 minutes) you wouldn't understand anything in it.
    And I, for myself, thing it's more real this way. Well as far as people who liked each other can still be just friend after even a year. But That is television world so with have to work with that. But That I am saying is it's more real that you don't have big moment every week but little things. I think everybody here is still a the same place in his life than a week ago…or a month ago. Even maybe for some it's been like this for a year. But we asked that characters change something or improve in big way from week to week ? I don't think it could be real.
    I may be wrong I don't know, but it's the way I see Castle.

    (Sorry for my horrible English. It isn't my first langage…)

  • lame

    The will they won't they story line is wearing thin. Fans have been waiting for the progression that just isn't happening. You might say I'm full of it, but consider the recent fan-site polls, Tv guide. spoilertv, tvline or wetpaint; the once incredibly dominant Caskett has dropped to second, third and fourth place in those polls. AWM has said that the progression will pick up beginning with Pandora, I hope so, because it's starting to look like he's waited too long. The tension between the DD went up in smoke with that '48 DeSoto in Blue Butterfly. You can only toy with your fan base so long before it gets old and in my opinion, Kill Shot was the demarcation line. It was such a beautifully written and performed episode; it should have been followed by the next step in the relationship, instead
    we got a good lighthearted episode with no real movement and we've been stuck there ever since.

  • Alice

    It's getting stale. Too many filler episodes this year – the story is stalled – no banter, no flirting, no nothing. They're splitting the leads up too much and highlighting the supporting cast too much. Nathan is way under-utilized this year. He's the main attraction – showcase him. You'd need a Ph.D. in psychiatry to understand Beckett these days. Castle went from a fun-loving happy guy to a sad shell of himself. Concentrate on the relationships instead of the police procedural aspect, get back to the Season 1 characters and chemistry and make the show fun to watch again instead of the hour of misery some episodes have become. Sorry for the rant – good review and insights. It had to be said – the fandom is clearly not happy this year and its being reflected in the ratings..

    • LouliRT

      I totally agree! you took the words right out of my mouth. The reason most of the fans are frustrated is not just because the couple are not together yet. It’s because the characters we’re seeing in seasons 3 and 4 are different that the ones we loved and watched in seasons 1 and 2. Castle, the title character of the show, is taking a back seat and becoming a doormat to Beckett who’s blaming every single thing on him. All he does is apologize to her all the time even when it’s not his fault, but when she left him 3 months waiting for her to call (in Rise) she never even said “sorry”! Where’s the confident and witty writer from the first 2 seasons? I’m not saying i want the immature playboy back, i’m saying maturity doesn’t mean a weak personality. I hope the writers realize what they’ve done, and bring us the old characters and story lines back before it’s too late.
      Great review from Luciana. However i disagree with one thing: you’re NOT in the minority, and the ratings prove it. I just hope AM and TPTB are reading those comments somehow..

  • Ron

    I liked this episode, unfortunately can't make up for the lackluster of this season, and judging by the promo for next episode, things aren't going to change, how many times do castle and beckett have to face death? bombs? exploding apartment and now world threat,seriously ? But we'll see how Mr Marlowe wants to finish this season.
    While i may agree certain points with you, Miss Luciana Mangas, your job is not to convince a portion of the fandom and ask them to complain to the cast& crew on twitter, judging by the storm you created , you manage to gain popularity for this website well done. too bad you lost your credibility as a reviewer. tvline, or tv guide you're not!

    • saveCastle

      GMAB! Someone asked her via twitter if there was a way to make sure AWM sees the comments and b/c she said "I think you guys can do that" that somehow translates to inciteful? Doesn't make sense.

    • neo

      Luciana is one of the most correct reviewer I read. She never hid that she is a fan of Castle, she is insightful but has her own POV and stick to it. If she doesn't like something she tells it but had never been picky or malicious to the show.

  • Maxtwo

    you think everyone has to agree with what he offers us Luckily she is there to talk about people who are not happy with the progress of the season

  • @liveagoodstory

    I really, really loved the noir episode – but for the simple fact that I LOVE the old film noir classics. The speech, the lighting, the story lines, the costumes, the music – all of it. So I went into this episode knowing that I would come out the other side with it as one of my favorites just because it mashed two of my favorite things together. And while it certainly doesn't beat out Knockdown, Knockout, or even Rise, Cops & Robbers and Kill Shot (one of my favorite episodes of television of all time thanks to the incredible acting of Stana Katic), it certainly goes up on the top of my list of the "fun" episodes.

    I so much more appreciate the movement with the real characters in the dramatic episodes we've had through the seasons. Because, as you rightly pointed out, that's development for the actual characters of Beckett and Castle. And to me, that's most important.

    But for what this episode was, a fun aside and an opportunity to take a specific classic crime genre and apply it to a modern day crime show was really fun. And ultimately, really well done for a procedural like Castle. The way the show is written and the characters are written and the fact that Castle himself is a writer really lent itself to this storyline. Most shows these days could not pull this off with the style and bravado that Castle did. So kudos to them for pulling it off well. Because they did just that.

    Now, moving on to your frustration with the relationship – I wholeheartedly concur. I wasn't expecting any movement in this episode, because like I said before, it was just supposed to be a fun aside to the show. However, I do feel they've reached a point in the show where something needs to happen. They're so reserved in tipping their hand with the relationship that in the process of holding it back, they've lost ground and interest. Which leads me to my next point…

    I really do think something is going to happen in the two-parter. I mean, for heavens sake, the episode is called Pandora. I'm willing to bet that Beckett's secret comes out next episode thus changing the dynamic of the "relationship" they've had in Season 4 drastically. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that they hit us with a one-two punch for the cliffhanger, in which we're dealt an emotional blow with the secret being revealed and then a physical blow when it looks like the car they're in gets pushed into a large body of water. I would not be surprised.

    And if something doesn't happen in the two-parter, I'll be so pissed. Because how many times do they have to escape death to decide that they should just be together? As an audience member, that starts to become insulting in a way.

    So come on guys! Just get together already! :)

  • Alisha

    The issue, for me, isn't something happening in the 2 parter its whether on not it will stick after. Or will it be like the 2 parter last year, wherein things happened and there was no follow through except the quick mention in the finale (that has never been mentioned again).

    My guess is 2 parter – Castle/Beckett are in danger, almost die, they have a moment, don't die, and said moment is mentioned in the next episode (which will be funny, fluff, filler). Am I sounding negative? Maybe, maybe not, but it's the pattern of this show.
    Oh and Sophia (Jennifer Beals) will by 2 parter end will, be yet another person, tell either Castle/Beckett that their good together, have something, etc. Again pattern.
    You want me to stop being cynical than stop being so easy to predict Marlowe & Co.

  • finovotny

    I think my growing frustration is not just down to no movement, it's the opportunities being passed over to keep the story static. A big ILY moment…gets buried and disappears. Another jealousy ep, nothing learned. Another threat to life (his this time) and no one wises up that time is too short to waste. A wedding where no one gets to dance. A touch neither is allowed to enjoy. A doppleganger ep in which even the dopplegangers don't get to be wildly passionate about each other. And now we're going to blow sh*t up again, and Beckett is going to be jealous again, and they're going to almost die (again) and I frankly don't believe it will make a damned bit of difference. 'The season will pick up after the two-parter'…um…that's SIXTEEN FREAKING EPISODES IN. Way too freaking late.

    Where this show used to sparkle, it's just become tepid. Dogs and tigers and noir oh my won't save that. It used to progess slowly but organically. Now any progression is microscopic, and immediately forgotten. Someone asked above what would we say to new viewers to get them to watch this season, and honestly, I can't. All I could say is that the first two years are great and after that, I make no promises. And all because someone, somewhere has decided that the story Marlowe said he was going to tell can't be told without killing the show. Well, the artificial roadblocks making sure they're NOT telling that story is killing the show for sure, so how about we take a chance on going back to organic? I'm not happy with the show atm, but that doesn't mean I want to see it tank and get cancelled. I just want to see breathe again.

  • Stanatic78

    I've decided I will no longer subscribe to the Luciana Mangas Pity Party Grip and Moan sessions. I have enjoyed utilizing TVOvermind as my source for spoiler and sneak peeks but honestly, I can no longer tolerate her "rallying the impatient, we want instant gratification troops" to try to sway the writers to do as she wishes instead of what is the entended course of the show. I'm disappointed that TVOvermind has allowed this blogger to turn this site into anything other than an opinion column instead of a neutral, reliable soure of spoilers and sneak peeks.

    • Alisha

      Funny but I bet when her reviews were aligned w your thinking you were happy & loved them.
      The immaturity of die hard fans all but demanding that everyone agree w them and if they don't their not true fans is saddening.

      There are still sneak peeks and spoilers. Luciana has always done reviews wherein she gives her opinion – again when she agreed w you her opinions were welcomed. <Shake My Head>

      Sorry to say but Luciana isn't the only one disappointed – judging from the comments here, the ABC board, TVWOP, and the ratings. Everyone isn't complaining and posting for no reason.

      • Stanatic78

        Actually, your assumptions would be incorrect. I've had more than one issue with her this season, as my friends over at Castletv will confirm and this was simply just the last straw for me. I prefer just the facts, without her "what they are doing wrong" all over the place.

        The rift within this fanbase falls between those that want AWM's version of the slow burn romance and those that are so impatient that they can't help but cry about it 'not enough movement' week after week. We were told at the beginning of the season by AWM himself that (for those of you who are impatient) you'd be frustrated. Hello!! That means it isn't gonna happen your way, right away. This isn't BurgerKing! You could have lowered your expectations then and there and enjoyed the show much more than setting you expectations based upon how YOU would do it.

      • Stanatic78

        I don't think I would be stretching to guess that those who have an issue with the "movement" in the relationship are under the age of 40. Because those in the 20-30's are from the generations that are more concerned with me and what I get out of a relationship, rather than the 'us" and what's best for "us" in a relationship. (Which would explain why the divorce rate for said age-groups is so high.) The EP is a man who understands that in order for relationships to work, they have to be built on more than just attraction, more than just sex, more than just "what I get from this relationship".

      • Stanatic78

        It's about caring for the other and becoming more TOGETHER, and sometimes that means waiting for the other. I know I am speaking greek for most of you, but the older generation, and some of us younger ones understand what AWM is trying to do here and we have no problem with it. We are enjoying the journey.. not trying to skip ahead to the end of the book to get to the 'good part". In order for there to be a story to tell after they do get together, there has to be something more and that is what AWM is working to create.
        Another side item, WE as a fanbase have NO idea what goes on between the EP and network talks. We have no idea of AWM has been allowed to tell his story with no interference from the network or if they've put the breaks on the relationships progress for the time being. But the tone of what I am seeing here is directed towards AWM and THAT I do take issue with.

        • lame

          Right now I would be happy with a slow burn, I think all fans would; it's the no burn that's troubling. And why is it that all those that defend the status quo always think we are expecting some sort of sexual encounter?We die hard fans want the flow of the relationship to continue, not be ignored or avoided altogether.
          NCIS has flourished because it is a procedural with the relationships that developed along the ten year run.
          Castle on the other hand was sold as a grand love story, with the procedural as incidental. That's where the rub is, we are looking for the grand love story and this season with exception of four episodes we are still waiting.

        • xyz

          Please. They've been waiting long enough. No one goes through a million near death experiences with the person they love and then just pushes the reset button on their 'relationship'. The natural progression of C & B has already been built up. Now they're just stalling. And frustration can be awesome if it's the right kind. This is not.

          • LosingIntetest

            Well said, xyz!

    • saveCastle

      Luciana making these observations in this manner – without prejudice or biting/snarky commentary – is meaningful. There are some people who can find warmth under the tell-me-only-sweet-things blanket. And there are other people who can handle the cold honest truth.

    • Clarissa

      To be quite honest, I haven’t watch Castle since the first season, but I don’t think that four seasons of keeping the leads apart (however the writers choose to do it), means that anyone is asking for “instant gratification”. Keeping leads apart for too long is something that ANY show suffers from. Fans complained on both sides about this very issue for shows like The X-Files and Bones. The truth is, there will always be decisive issues in any fandom and the writers will find it impossible to please everyone.

      Secondly, I’m not concerned with Luciana turning this site into an opinion column. Every site out there has some degree of opinion to it, from Entertainment Weekly to TV Guide. If all TV news sites did was post photos and spoilers, that information can be cranked out by an intelligent machine and people would be completely unnecessary. There is nothing wrong with providing your own opinion. Every single person in these comments seems to have done it and you have as well. And I can assure you that she has no agenda to “sway the writers” as most writers tend to stay away from public opinion. Even those who read it aren’t going to magically course-correct their visions for a season based on one writer. Not even the most popular of writers out there have that kind of power.

    • mcnevs

      I think the term blogger, not reporter, should have been a clue that Luciana Mangas is here to give her opinion. That being said, I am a hardcore shipper, I love Beckett a million times more than Castle, and I think he's pretty much perfect, and I do want it to happen organically. That's the problem, nature is constantly changing, growing, morphing. Since Kill Shot, nothing has changed or grown. For three seasons Castle has grown, changed, shown us every aspect of his character. He's professed his love and devotion both through actions and words. Beckett has witnessed these changes, has heard his profession of love. She has even admitted that she wants a relationship with him; asked him to wait for her, wants to be more. AND THEN WHAT? Beckett suffers from PTSD, hits the cement in fear and Castle just stands there – is that really what Castle would do? Serena Kaye shows interest and Beckett tells him to go out with her if he wants to- if he wants to? Are you kidding me? What kind of mixed signal is that? He's waiting, hurting, wanting and she's flippant, almost cruel? That's not the Kate Beckett of Season 1 & 2, the Beckett that feels empathy for others, that misses her mother, that is afraid to hurt the man she loves. No, these are the actions of Characters I almost don't recognize any more. I don't care if it's AWM or ABC, I just want it fixed. Get these characters back on track, back to what they have been for 3 seasons.

  • smileynuggets

    I am a HARDCORE this show but i have to agree and I kept my expectations low too. If there's not going to happen something explosive, something interesting between them, castle and beckett, their relationship is going to become boring and this fantastic tv show is going to lose audience, I mean people will lose interest…
    I don't want that!!! THIS IS THE BEST TV SHOW EVER!!! I have to admit that I want to see their relationship moving foward, for better or worse.

  • LouliRT

    It’s obvious from the comments that the frustration is getting to a lot of Castle hardcore fans. I hope they keep their expectation low for the upcoming 2-parter. It seems a repeat of last year’s 2-parter (Nation threatening case, Castle and Beckett almost die but don’t…). But what really really bothered me in the promo, is Beckett’s reaction to the CIA agent. Yes we love jealous beckett, but does she really have to question’s Castle intentions with his muses? SERIOUSLY? the guy has been putting up with her “issues” for almost 2 years now, kept coming back when she kicked him out and blamed him for EVERYTHING wrong happening with her, almost took a bullet for her, waited for her for 3 months to call and didn’t even ask for her apology… What more can the guy do? And she STILL questions his intentions and loyalty!!! I know i didn’t watch the episode yet but i’m only commenting on what i saw in the promo… PLEASE ANDREW MARLOWE bring back the confident witty smart Richard Castle back! Bring the character interactions back! Make them talk about something other than the case (not just Castle and Beckett, everyone). We love this show we don’t want to see it fade. If the show sinked, it will be because of the bad writing not because of the competition on other networks (which will probably be the reason to blame)

    • finovotny

      Actually, "we" don't all love jealous Beckett. I definitely think that card's been played far too often, in too many different ways, and we've already had it once this season. It actually makes me not want to bother with the two-parter till it's over and I can see from the reactions whether anything that happens will matter, or if it's just going to be more splody and near-death nothing. At this rate, if there is another season they're going to have to blow up the planet.

    • Barely Hanging On

      Amen LouliRT – because he was attracted to someone he put in a book? It isn't as though he followed her around 4 years and based a whole series and movie on her! I would love to see Castle put on his big boy pants and tell her off for acting like he can't be trusted after everything. Honestly, if she doubts him at this point, he should give up, because he will forever be proving himself to her.

  • C.C.

    Luciana, you have written most of my thoughts in this article. I consider myself a "hardcore fan" of the show and will continue supporting it, no matter what; however, sometimes the promotional material, sneaks peeks, teases us as if a huge turn is coming, and when we finally get to watch the "so waited episode", it is not half of what we were expecting. An example would the Ryan and Jenny's wedding. Less than three minutes at the end of the episode. Please!

    We definitely need something more interesting, we expect much more. The writters of the show are great writters, and the show has three amazing previous seasons to prove it. We don't want or need another B&B story. Even more, the cast also needs some challenges in the story, something to prove they can handle other situations. Otherwise, i feel we will start loosing them one by one and that would be a sad turn, being that the whole cast has such a great chemistry.

  • Nancy Clark

    I would love it if they would spice up Castle’s & Beckett’s relationship. I loved Cops & Robbers. It is my favorate episode this season but I also loved Kick the Ballistics, Kill Shot, Til Death Do Us Part, Cuffs, Demons, and the first half of Rise. I have really enjoyed Ryan & Esposito this season. Their characters have grown incredibly this season.

    I wish the writers would give Beckett and Castle more to do this season. If they are not going to get together with eachother have them make horrible mistakes with others. Have them fight. They almost have them share custody of a dog which would have provided lots of oppertunities for confrontations or romance but then they gave the dog away. They could have them fight hard about the mayor and why its not okay to protect his reputation but it is okay to protect Montgomery’s reputation. Beckett is a hypocrit and no one calls her out in that episode. Boring. The wedding episode was very funny but nothing happens between Beckett and Castle. She could have been telling anyone, “who knows Castle, maybe the third time is a charm.” She just throws out the line w/o a stare or twinke in her eye. In Cops & Robbers they dont hug…really? Even in the latest you don’t get the feeling that these characters are in love until Chad Everett and Ellen Geer are introduced. No longing…The Vera character was good but the PI was played too cool and didn’t give the feeling of romance. The contact looked forced as did the kiss.

    I cannot believe that a man like Castle would stand ideally by for an entire year without seducing Beckett or finding another release. We all know that in real life men are not very good about waiting. And Beckett is far too comfortable alone. Most women I know want to be with someone. Not realistic. I don’t know about anybody else but I don’t even see the chemistry between Beckett and Castle any more. It’s like they are just waiting to say their lines. At the end of Cuffs, you cannot even tell if Beckett makes eye contact with Castle. She turns to look after they talk about next time but she doesn’t pause to make the point.

    And I know people are going to hate me for saying this, but the physical attractiveness of the characters is missing. It’s not like this show exists in a vacuum. It is up against some fairly attractive competition.

    This may be a procedural but it is not Law & Order or CSI. A huge component of this show is the romance. I am afraid that this show is going to end not because the couple gets together. It is going to end because they didn’t get together. The relationship between Castle & Beckett has to progress if the show is going to succeed. And I really want it to succeed!!!!

    • josé

      well said it Nancy i agree with you a lot…but i think are forgetting something..what will be your relationship with someone yu love if…beckett and castle have they powerful secrets to live with them?…i want to believe that the flirting is lost because of this…who always take the first step in the other season? Castle of course..and that it was good for beckett because she answer of that flirting time to time..but now Castle was disapointed with beckett about she told him that she won't remember..and he have the secret for the investigation of her mother too..the flirting is waiting for 5ª season after a last episode of 4ª season put them apart again for sure…

      p.s. sorry my english i hope you understand what i mean

  • Rob

    I actually liked this episode overall, it was nice to see Castle excited about a story again, all giddy and quippy. Some recent casual viewers might not have noticed, but he's actually a writer, you know, and a bestselling one, a millionaire.
    I get your critic points, Luciana, though I'm actually the other way around – I didn't like Rise, I didn't like Killshot, I didn't like the last season's finale or two-parter and I think this conspiracy thing is stupid in general. I'm also not really a shipper, though I believe that this stalling in the romance department hurts characters and is, again, stupid. What I care about is characters and they really took a blow this couple of seasons.
    Castle from a witty, smart, "geek and proud of it" charming guy, full of joie de vivre, turned into this timid, boring, grey person who's afraid to make a wrong move and needs a life coach. Beckett — this lady needs a shrink badly, and supposedly has one, who is unfortunately a no show in this sector of our galaxy. Her suddenly found inhuman coolness and retconned superhero qualities along with a runway model look make me wanna puke and change the channel. Oh, you thought she would become my role model and my wet dream? Sorry, I don't find robotic abstractions hot. When she was a shy nerdy cop she was way sexier.
    And I have to agree with somebody who pointed out Nathan Fillion being underutilized these last seasons. Of course he wasn't stretching himself in Castle from the beginning, the rumor has it he was mostly playing himself, but now Castle is almost a secondary character, and not very interesting one. Several of my friends stopped watching last season coz their main reason was Fillion and he pretty much took a back seat after the first seasons (they were fans from the beginning and made me watch).
    C'mon writers, he's not half bad at acting, he's the best you have actually! You're not going to give him Othellos or Hamlets, that's OK, give him at least something to do besides making coffee and looking glum. I heard he's great at being witty and charismatic, try this at least.

  • Dejuan

    Too bad commercial target who works in Television is 18-49.
    Young targets can make an huge difference between fail and success.
    If i'm a writer I'd tend to please young people more than oldest people.It's television law.

  • Castle Fan

    i am a hard core castle fan! nothing is going to make me want to stop watching it! the show is not boring me in the least. there really isn't a bad episode of castle at all. there are great episodes and even better ones. i'm fine with pacing of the show; i enjoyed every little victory for castle and beckett even if you guys didn't see them as victories like i did. i'm not being impatient about them getting together, and i'm still a huge shipper for them. i'm along for the ride, and i'll enjoy whatever Andrew Marlowe and the rest of the castle crew are bringing out next. i know that castle and beckett are going together only when it is absolutely perfect for them to get together. i'm enjoying each episode as it comes, and i'm not putting a timeline to when something has to happen between them. they will happen in due time.
    also, if you just use your imagination and view the last episode as castle was viewing it (because the noir bits were from castle's point of view, it was about him and beckett. he even slipped up and called "vera" kate. it's pretty obvious how castle was reading the 1940's diary.

    • lame

      I'm glad you're enjoying the ride. I used to until it came to a complete stop. I love the show, but look around, the indicators are there. All the online fan sites where Caskett ruled with impunity, now show them in second, third and fourth place. If you can't see beyond the arguments then look at the numbers, they don't lie. I want the show to continue, I want the show to succeed as before, I want to see the progression that we used to see between the DD. I don't think I'm asking for too much, if I am, oh well!

  • CynthiaCV

    I agree with your post regarding the Castle/Beckett pairing. I think if they hadn't spent the summer teasing fans about a mature relationship progression this season, I wouldn't be as disappointed. With the season more than half way over – they still, "Never talk about it," as so poignantly noted in 3.24. Something still feels amiss for me. However, I really did enjoy the elements of story with Blue Butterfly. And please, let's all refrain from attacking people when they have an opinion if it stated with some reasonable bearing. Be thankful we can share our voices, not punished for doing so.

  • Thomas

    I loved the nod to Clive Cussler, who was the actual author of the dirk Pitt novels who found the Huntley, a sunken Confederate Submarine over a decade ago. It was just put on display in a museum.

  • @southrnbygrace

    I completely agree with your review. For the first time since this show began I CHOSE to watch something else and record Castle. I'll never totally tune out because I adore Nathan and love to watch him work. (I started watching because of Nathan and he remains my SOLE REASON for continuing to tune in.)

    TPTB have done exactly what Hart Hanson and his cronies did on Bones….they've waited too long to put the primary couple together and now most fans just don't give a rat's behind anymore. There was a time we counted down the days for a new episode. But nearly every friend I have that has watched in the past, no longer tunes in. I hate to tell AM but in reality, fans DON'T like to be frustrated forever.

    Kudos on the wonderful review! Thank you for your honest review and not another pandering to the most obvious fanbase.

    (And my favorite episode this season was Kick the Ballistics. An episode where neither Castle nor Beckett were featured prominently.)

    • Barely Holding On

      I started watching for Nathan but feel like Castle is no longer even the main character of the show. Maybe Beckett's sidekick?

  • Liz

    I don't think I can get angry at this episode. I love this show. But I'm a different TV viewer than I was years ago. My expectations for TV have changed. I used to wrap myself up in a TV show like a comfort blanket and wear it all week. With Castle, I do anticipate each episode and look forward to them, but I snuggle with that blanket on Monday nights. The next day, the blanket is tucked close by but I'm not wearing it. (Sorry for the cheesy analogy. It's morning. lol) I want an enjoyable experience when I watch these shows. While I reserve a time to watch the show, afterwards I go on with my life. But I do want it to stick with me and resonate with me, though. That has not changed.

    Castle has a lasting quality that somehow transcends the procedural aspect. I think we all know it comes from the characters–most specifically, Castle & Beckett. It's hard to think of one without the other. They're fantastic together and our breath has been bated for quite some time now. However, we've been left with memories of excellent episodes when we really felt ground being broken for these two. Those memories and the production quality keep us coming back–or at least that's the case for me. Fact is, the best episodes of some shows can't top even the average Castle episode. And we know that in the end, Andrew Marlowe is committed to excellent storytelling and a character arc that stays true to Castle & Beckett.

    As others have said, that storytelling has been rather absent this season. The season started off strong with Beckett's recovery and the wrench that threw in Castle's confession. However, yes, we haven't seen much connection to that. We did get to see some great Johanna Beckett movement. But that also hasn't been pushed. While I miss all this and I love this pair together, I also know that this season was meant to be different. In interviews, Marlowe said that they weren't going to throw obstacles in front of Beckett and Castle. They would be their own obstacles. They've done this, and I like the changes I've seen. The Gina and Josh plotlines were incredibly annoying but they served their purpose. I like that they're gone and we've seen Beckett and Castle standing in their own way.

    They could be doing so much more with this, though. They've done a better job of opening Beckett up so we can see some of what's inside. But we need more. A check-in with the psychiatrist, an evening at home, whatever. I agree with the suggestion of having them talk about more than work. Let's see them out of the precinct and the field. Something as simple as Castle wanting to try out a recipe for Alexis…make Kate his taste tester. We want more colors and it's the little things that could do it. I love subtlety and this show is a master of it. I’m not anxious to see them hit the sack. Fact is, I’m “old fashioned”. I believe in marriage first. However, I have no illusions with this show. I doubt they’ll stick to that lifestyle when that plot development comes. I love Castle enough to go with it. Their chemistry is too good. All that being said, they can stay subtle and still ramp up the tension and the evidence of personal struggles for them both. Right now the stakes don’t feel high. Although, I suspect this two-parter might help the show along. At least I hope that’s the case.

    Castle has a pattern of going halfway when it comes to these moments. Sometimes, it’s brilliant. Sometimes, something is clearly missing. Example: I think it was the LA episode. Whenever they were on the plane and Castle was already asleep. She’d just read the letter with love advice. All I wanted was for her to snuggle down and lightly rest her head on his shoulder as she fell asleep. The letter was all about taking risks. Castle was asleep-presumably. He wouldn’t have known. She could have easily made an excuse later. It would have been her own private risk. Instead, fade out.

    I think what's really missing from this show is evidence that Castle & Beckett are growing closer on a level that isn't bound to their work. We see cases and near-death experiences draw them closer. But what is it on a personal, internal, intimate level that makes them compatible? I want to see THAT. THAT is what lasts. Have Beckett come over for dinner with the family and let us see the interaction! I've wanted that since Season 1. The cases can wait.

  • Liz

    Back to this episode, again, I can't hate it. I hate that Joe & Betsy's kiss was hotter than Joe & Vera's, despite flames raging in the background. THAT was disappointing. Forget 40’s drama, go at it! That being said, I honestly couldn't expect an episode with a split focus to give us what we all want from Castle & Beckett. This was a "let's play!" episode. Half of the episode was dedicated to an alternate reality in which all the characters we love don't exist. If they'd put a Castle/Beckett kiss in, or any significant development, it would have felt ill-fitting. The writers are amazing. Maybe they could have made it work. But if there's going to be real development with these two, I don't want it thrown in because it'd be nice parallelism. I want it to be real. I didn't expect C/B development out of this episode, so I was fine with it. But my gosh, they could have knocked that Joe/Vera kiss out of the park! If that had been hot, would we really have cared so much about the C/B elements missing?

    Anywhoo, I rambled…that’s way too normal for me. If you made it through all this, kudos to you! To sum up, I love the show, I’ll keep watching. I have no major complaints, although this couple is way too good for the little bit they’ve been given to play with. Even if it’s all individual, we need to see things get personal! I want to know that they miss what they have yet to experience with each other. And missing that fire has to drive them crazy! Something has to happen to push them forward. There has to be a breaking point. Complacency has set in and we don’t see them yearning for each other. They’re too comfortable. I want to see a marked change in how they interact. Ramp up the subtext and the romantic tension! I’m hoping Jennifer Beales’ character will help with that. But, I know better than to depend on any one episode or plot device to carry the C/B development. Lower expectations can make all the difference.

    This show walks the lines between crime drama and crime comedy. They do both very well. But some episodes are meant for play, and this was one of them. I’m fine with play—I like play (I LOVED Cuffed!). But let’s balance it with more meat on the dramatic end too. Just about EVERYONE is clearly ready for it.

  • Grey

    Luciana and many of you sharing her views have made some excellent points about where this show and its two main characters are at right now and how it’s not the best of places, not the worse (I still don’t think we’re in “Bones” territory … yet), but certainly not the best. I agree with much, if not all, of what you’ve said and the fans who frequent this site aren’t the only ones complaining. I just hope Marlowe, the writers and the cast are paying attention (please let them be paying attention). The season three finale was a game changer and as a result Castle and Beckett need to take a major and significant step forward right now, today, and no, I don’t mean having sex necessarily. There are many different ways to significantly move things forward that doesn’t involve “doing the deed” per say. I don’t care how much Nathan Fillion believes in the supposed “Moonlighting” curse (which is ridiculous because it was the drama with the two leads behind the camera that ruined that show not the drama in front of it. So unless there’s some bad blood between him and Stana that we all aren’t privy to he really needs to drop it). I don’t believe in the curse and I also think it’s an insult to the ability and imagination of the writers. Stalling and frustrating your audience is what ruins a show and turns viewers away. How sad a commentary is it that I get more enjoyment out of the relationship between Jameson Rook and Nikki Heat than I do the one between Castle and Beckett? Somehow those two are managing to make significant strides forward in their relationship and, btw, are having fantastic sex. So there you go. Now, having said that I also think there’s another significant issue involving the lack of enjoyment of this show and it’s a hard pill to swallow in this digital age – the bombardment of too much information.

    I realized midway through season three (with “Knockdown” actually) that all the previews and promos and sneak peeks and tweets from the cast and Facebook posting and even with this site (sorry Luciana) were seriously ruining my enjoyment of the show. Cast members and producers were telling us about things that would either never materialize (for whatever reasons) or not play out as advertised. Scenes meant to be a surprise, a twist or just sweet little moment were being ruined because we were being exposed to them outside the context of the story/episode. I would often find myself thinking, “Man, I wish I hadn’t seen that [scene] beforehand.” It made me realized how much more enjoyable this show was/is when we don’t know what’s coming! At the beginning of this season I started avoiding spoilers like they were a combination of both the swine flu and Ebola and you know what? My enjoyment level went back up. I very much think that at least part of the disappointment of this season is because we’re not just letting it happen (ironically sort of like Rick and Kate). We are allowing ourselves to be bombarded with so much opinion and information about an episode, often long before it even airs, that once we do see it its anticlimactic! I don’t want to harm the popularity of this site or of Luciana’s posts but I think many of us would rediscover some of our passion for this show if we just took a step back and let the episodes sort of wash over us. Just my observation.

    On a side note and I really hate myself for doing this because I’ve had/have this same struggle but I have to say something; I absolutely adore Nathan Fillion, I really, really do. The man appears to be an absolute sweetheart but he needs to get a handle on his weight. It is becoming distracting. The dark lighting and large overcoats and scarves they’re using to try to hide it aren’t working (if they ever did). Part of the magic of this show is that along with the great acting chemistry between him and Stana is that they also physically looked good together (how often do we get both a tall leading man and woman in the same show?) — and they still do but … I fear that if something isn’t done soon the name of the show will change from “Castle” to “Kate and the Fat Man.” Sorry I hate myself for saying it but I don’t think I’m the only one that’s noticed or been thinking about it.

    Anyway my entry is so far down on this page that many probably won’t even read it but U had to get that off my chest.

  • Flick

    Firstly, I have NEVER seen soooo many comments under a review! So this episode sure did ruffle some feathers! So i'll keep my thoughts sharp and sweet:

    1. It was a good episode, solid, and what you'd expect, nothing too disappointing etc…
    2. As a hardcore (and i mean hardcore) fan of this series, I still keep hope that Marlowe will listen to the fans and get the series back to its' best real soon.
    3. It's been a while since I've been excited for an episode but the 2-parters are always insanely amazing so I CAN"T WAIT!!!
    4. I remember reading somewhere where Marlowe mentioned that both Castle and Beckett's secrets will be revealed to the other character before the end of the season. I'd like to think that this is the turning point???

    Anyway, point is, I'm not going to stop watching this series because of its' flaws, because although we feel like the storyline is coming to a halt, I have a feeling it's gonna pick up, and it's gonna be good. And I cannot wait!

  • The Nanny

    I enjoyed the episode but agree, the character development and overall story has pretty much stalled. The cases have become very predictable, and the only truly memorable episode this season for me was "Cops and Robbers". The lack of news with regards to renewal are making me very nervous. What will ABC take into consideration? If it's just ratings, I see trouble. If they take into account the PCAs, social media involvement of fans (not that a network gives any of those too much weight), they might have a chance. But if the writers and producers don't wake up soon, it might be too late and they might be forced to pick up the pace in a way that will no doubt hurt the story, leaving us fans heartbroken. Remember what ABC did to "Ugly Betty"? Forced to try to tie the loose ends in only two episodes. I look forward to the two-parter but if it is just an imitation of "Tick, tick, tick" and "Boom", with a dash of jealous Beckett and no forward motion on the relationship front, well then, a few of us will be very, very disappointed.

  • komal

    Damn lady you are absolutely right !! i have been a ardent admirer of the show since season 1. Never in my life i have been so eager about anything than the start of season 4. And sorry to say the show has lost interest, not just mine but of the friends who got hooked to the show , thanks to me !!! We all have the same problem – where is the storyline heading ?????

    Boring cases which don't even bring out best of the characters, and i dont even wanna start on beckett and castle relationship. The moonlighting crap which the writers and actors are so afraid of that it might kill the interest of the audience…….they should stop worrying about that cause their "waiting" game plan is doing the same – Killing the Mojo of the show. So forget about the moonlight curse, your show is taking the downhill anyways !!! Not to forget the chemistry between Castle n Beckett is turning super Boring !!!!!!!!

  • Shan

    Your statements may be 70% true… but I personally think Castle and Beckett are where they are based on all the history that's at stake. They're both scared… and Kate has more of a reason to be, as we'll see next week when we find out Castle had an authoritative female muse in the past as inspiration for his books.

    I'm a loyalist, hehe. And for the record, you could definitely include 'Dial M for Mayor' as one of the season's great episode!

    • lame

      As I stated up thread, how many times must Castle prove himself. He's placed himself in danger by going to that card game in China town, he stayed by her side in Countdown, Never left when she was stringing him along with the doctor, and now she's going to question his intentions in Pandora. I love the Beckett character but she is turning into a real pill. Is that what AWM is aiming for. Where has the grand love story arch gone; where ever it went it took trust, loyalty and character development with it.

  • elle

    all comments are not for this episode, i think most people liked it, fluffy episode way better handled than the elvis episode.
    but you are right won't male me stop watching either.

  • Alisha

    Looking at the comment number alone says a lot, looking at the comments themselves says even more!
    98% agree with the reviewer and all have said their fans of the show. Hope someone takes notice.

  • Elle

    You know it's hard for a show to stay Top quality all seasons, it's impossible. Every show go through a slump periode
    take"Lost" for example s2 was a disaster. Smallville had it's up and down, 24 in s4 etc… i'm sure Marlowe and Co will learn in s5. A change in the writing staff, can do wonder…
    they are very dedicated team, hard working peeps. Don't lose faith guys.

  • moz

    Has anything be said about a Castle Season 5 yet? When do they usually make the call?

    • Elle

      usually much sooner, say January if i remember well. Abc already announced lots of new shows for next year.
      My guess, they are waiting for the renewal because they want to move from the Monday timeslot.
      I don't think we can talk about cancellation, with the TnT deal.

      • saveCastle

        the TnT thing is a pretty big deal right? I dont know much about syndication but does it at least mean we get more eps beyond the 23 for season 4?

        • Elle

          No it's 23 episodes, i heard it was what the producers wanted because last year it was too much hard work.

          • saveCastle

            oh sorry. I was unclear. I meant beyond Season 4. Syndication means there will be at least part of a season 5?

          • lame

            Marlowe is working on the next Nikki Heat; he does that as a lead into the next season. That would mean he's been cleared for season five.

          • elle

            Syndication means another channel buys the rights to air castle episodes in this case, tnt. more eye balls for the show which can't be a bad thing. It doesn't mean season 5 will get 23 episodes, abc can order 13 episodes, then add more if ratings get better it's one option of many.
            But like Lame said there's a fourth book and castle generally is well received in other countries so no worries.

      • neo

        You are wrong, most shows get the "Go" for their next season during or after the spring sweeps in late April – May. Last year January renewal was an exception. Only new shows which are clearly winners or clear-cut successes are ordered before April.

        The announced new shows are only scripts from which they ordered to make a pilot – the final decision about them will also be made in May. Yet, even after seeing the numbers of Smash I think S5 is 99,9% sure.

  • lame

    Hey Luc you're being labeled a hate monger by those fuddy duddies at Castletv is really funny. Over there they only allow one point of view, so your open forum must be quite a shock to their senses. Personally I love how everybody here isn't afraid to state their views without Big Sister censoring their posts. Keep it girl, free expression is how we all communicate.

  • Anna

    And someone said that "the blue butterfly" was the best version of C/B relationship…….GOOD LORD…. SERIOUSLY?? SERIOUSLY??? Sorry , maybe I am dumb, but Joe/Vera relationship had nothing in common with Rick and Kate. Reagarding the next episodes, I guess Kate will be jaleous (again), they will have a serious conversation (again) which will be forgotten at the end of the episode (again), they will almost die (again) and who knows, maybe Josh is there in an ambulance to save their lifes……. As you can see, I don't have faith/interest in the next episodes.

    • LouliRT

      Totally agree for the first part. AM made a huge hype about “the blue butterfly” that made fans raise their expectations and think that some progress will happen between Castle and Beckett, only to be left disappointed. It would’ve helped if AM promoted the episode as it really is, a fun entertaining episode, without talking about the mirroring thing which is totally non-existent. As for the 2-parter, i stated my opinion about above so yes i think it will be a repeat of the previous 2-parter, with Beckett STILL questioning Castle’s intentions and loyalty after ALL what he’s done for her during the last 4 years.

  • Miira

    I stay away from any interview about the episodes after that fiasco with the "wedding" episode. I'm tired of Marlowe and Stana saying that this and that will happen in the episode and it'll bring them closer or whatever because it's not true. "The best version of Castle and Beckett". My ass.

    I was also not too enthusiastic about the noir parts, I wish they'd explored the story of Vera and Joe a bit further. I didn't even really like their characters: she wants the blue butterfly so she prostitutes herself by getting together with the gangster – causing another woman to commit suicide. They accidentally shoot two people and burn them. And what bothered me most: Beckett never pursued that crime. Where is Lily Rush when we need her? To tell the victim's families that their beloved didn't just vanish or run away on their honeymoon but that they were killed. Give them some closure. Kate and Castle aren't anything like Joe and Vera. Still – I found this episode really funny and I loved to see everyone playing another character, it was entertaining and I was really enjoying myself. It was awesome to see the "old" Castle back who just spins his theories and enjoys himself.

    I don't care about their relationship anymore, though. That makes me sad, when I started watching I was sure that this would be a couple that I'd love forever. I still love the characters but Kate making lovey-dovey eyes with Castle isn't the Kate I liked in the former 3 seasons. Yes, they've made progress this season, she clearly shows that she loves him, it's obvious to everyone since "Cops and Robbers". So why don't we see her doing anything about it? Why doesn't she work up the nerve to tell him she heard him? Yes, we know that she sees her shrink and we had the amazing Kill Shot episode where she says she wants to be more than she is. But all they seem to do is wait. For what? Fate? To get almost killed again and again and again? For yet another person coming up to them and tell them not to wait too long, that they belong to each other, bla bla. What about Castle? Yes, he waits for her, I get that. Care to make it a bit more fun in the meantime? See each other outside the precinct more often? Flirt? And I don't mean a handrub, yes, that was sweet, but after three years I really don't freak because of a handrub that scares Castle so much that he flees out of her apartment. So, I'm looking forward to the two-parter, a lot, love them, but am I excited that something will happen with Castle and Beckett? No. Because I don't care and because it won't happen. They will almost die again and look each other for a few seconds and that's it. Beckett will show some jealousy and Sophia will say some shipper-words to Castle in the end and that's it.

    When this season started I liked that they were so close and so comfortable with each other. I didn't excpect them to stay this way for the next 14 episodes! 14!!! After he told her he loves her! It's those stinking secrets that keep them apart. And that's what annoys me because I don't see the point. Is he going to keep the whole Mr. Smith thing from her forever?? What does it say about their relationship that he doesn't trust her enough not to share this with her?

    Anyway – the good thing is that I still think that Castle is one of the best shows ever and I enjoy everything about it. Season 4 had great episodes (I hated "Rise" BTW): Eye of the beholder, Cops&Robbers, Kill Shot, Cuffed, M for Mayor. There are many storylines they can explore in the future so I'll stick with that show till the end. And I like the cases, the suspects, the writing, the fun, the whole cast, the sets, the music… that's more than enough to keep me interested in the show. I just had to accept the fact that the relationship has lost its spark. I was always afraid those two would get boring once they are together. Well, turns out I didn't even have to wait for this to happen.

  • kris

    Agree with everything you say! Don't know why some people are attacking you for this though. Not everyone has the same opinion. But I hope you won't stop writing your reviews because of this. I also watch the show mainly because of C&B and not the procedural aspect of the show. Were the cases in prior seasons super predictable? I don't really remember. But this season's cases have gotten so predictable that even that can't save the lack of shipper moments between C&B.

    PS: I REALLY REALLY want to see some REAL development between C&B soon! But I don't want to get my hopes up and have them crushed again. I'm tired of over-analyzing every episode just to see some development between them to satisfy my shipper heart.

    PPS: I miss the light-heartedness of the show. And I feel that the reason why we aren't getting any scenes between Beckett&Lanie as friends is because Lanie will, for sure, ask Beckett why she's still not going out with Castle. I'm sure that conversation is something that TPTB is dreading. Haha

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