Castle Clips 5.03 “Secret’s Safe with Me”


Don’t worry Castle fans, Luci is just fine but nowhere near a computer at the moment so the duty of sharing these terrific new Castle clips from next week’s “Secret’s Safe with Me”  is all mine.  Sounds like it will be another great Castle mystery from the description below, but you’ll find out in the clips that there is some progression on the romance aspect as well as Castle prepares to go slightly more public with their relationship.  Who thinks it won’t be long before this relationship is completely out of the bag and causing major problems for everyone on the show?  See my hand up over here?  In the meantime, we can enjoy the innocence (?) of blossoming love, and hope for the best.  Oh yeah, and really gruesome murders too!





“Secret’s Safe with Me” – When a young woman is mysteriously murdered, Beckett and Castle discover her death may be linked to a repossessed storage unit up for auction. Was the unit connected to her death? Was something inside it worth killing for? The investigation leads Castle and Beckett to colorful “Storage Wars”-like treasure seekers and Manhattan socialites as they uncover the shocking truth, on “Castle,” MONDAY, OCTOBER 8 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET/PT) on ABC.
“Castle” stars Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle, Stana Katic as NYPD Detective Kate Beckett, Susan Sullivan as Martha Rodgers, Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle, Penny Johnson Jerald as NYPD Captain Victoria Gates, Tamala Jones as Medical Examiner Lanie Parish, Jon Huertas as NYPD Detective Javier Esposito, and Seamus Dever as NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan.

  • mj9000jeanne

    Always knew it would be Martha who would figure out that Castle and Beckett were finally doing the horizontal.
    To Marlowe and staff – Great writing guys.

  • Kaity Dant

    I have loved Castle since the beginning, and these new episodes where Castle and Beckett are trying to figure out their new relationship are priceless. They’ve certainly given my DISH coworkers and I plenty to talk about. I’m planning to record the entire season on my Hopper, which has tons of storage space, and re-watch it later. If season five is as good at it seems, I’ll probably buy the DVDs later, but it’s nice that I can save the whole season first, and decide if I want to buy it later. I’ll definitely have to get a copy if Martha is the one to find out about Castle and Beckett, though. I always thought it would be Laney.

  • lame

    The best scene, and I hope it doesn’t appear in a sneak peek, will be Castle telling Beckett that Martha knows and saw her. And enough with the commercials for Dish TV, why don’t you just buy add time on TVOM.

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