Castle Photos: 4.14 “The Blue Butterfly”

Luciana Mangas January 23, 2012 5

Oh, Castle fans, I can feel your excitement right now. Although I have my concerns about this noir episode, I have to admit that I am starting to get a little bit excited about it. Why, you ask? The promotional photos look phenomenal. You guys are all aware about how unsure I am about “The Blue Butterfly” – and even though it looks awesome from the pictures, I am still not one hundred percent sold on the idea – but I am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and hope for the best. I have to say the clothes look spectacular. Have you seen that fur number Stana Katic is rocking? It’s gorgeous!

In case you’re curious about what this highly anticipated (and by that, I mean fans counting the seconds to February 6) noir episode is all about, here’s what we have for you: When Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a treasure hunter, they find out the case is linked to a mysterious homicide from 1947 involving a hard-boiled private detective. Castle realizes the only way to solve the present-day murder is to solve the murder from the past. The 1947 case comes to life through stylized flashbacks, featuring Castle as the private eye and Beckett as a femme fatale. Mark Pellegrino guest stars as the bad guy and I have to say – as a hardcore LOST fan – I am super excited to see him on Castle.

Now go ahead and check all these amazing photos. I know you’re dying to do it.

“The Blue Butterfly” is scheduled to air on February 6 at 10pm on ABC.

  • lame

    You know me Luc, I've thrown in the towel on judging the stories, I'm rolling with the punches. But damn they do look good don't they. From someone who lives in the area where they do their location shoots, television doesn't do SK justice, not even close. But the real eye opener is T.Jones, that dress she wore for that double date; she was drop dead gorgeous, I mean breath taking; sorry it wasn't shown in the ep.
    A kiss within a story imagined by RC, lets roll with it and don't ruin it for yourself it could work, I guess.

    • lame

      Is it just me or has Molly Quinn grown up before our eyes. Not meaning to sound like lecher, but wow, Molly.

      • elsol69

        Yes — especially when I go back to the pilot where she's REALLY a little girl. If this is what it is like to watch your daughter grow up — I'm in for some serious shellshock when I have a daughter. She still looks young but she is starting to look ready for some college age roles.

  • lori

    Judging from the photos, I think this episode is gonna be a hoot! Really looking forward to it!

  • Richard

    I don't look forward to this episode at all.