Castle Photos: 4.15 “Pandora”

Well, that was unexpected. New promotional photos for two episodes, two days in a row? Wow, you go, ABC publicity department. The photos for “Pandora”, which will be the first part of the traditional Castle two-parter have just been released and things are looking pretty intense and mysterious, guys. The February 13 episode will have Castle and Beckett pursue a ruthless killer who is part of a sinister, international conspiracy. Castle and Beckett are joined on the case by Sophia Conrad (guest star Jennifer Beals, “The Chicago Code,” “Flashdance”), a smart, sexy CIA operative who has a complicated past with Castle.

The title seems pretty ominous and I can only imagine it somehow refers to the infamous legend of Pandora’s box. In case you haven’t heard of it, it comes from Greek mythology and is supposed to be a box which contained all the evil in the world. If someone was to open it, it would unleash all kinds of evil that could not be undone. When you think about it, given all the secrets that both Castle and Beckett are keeping from each other plus an international conspiracy, the title seems very fitting.

So what do you think is going to happen? Sound off in the comments below.

  • lame

    ABC is jumping all over the map with this, are they anticipating the coming conflict with Smash, I wonder. But first the recap of 4.13. I thought AWM & CO missed a golden opportunity. When RC was showing KB how he massages the dog using her hand; when he realized what he was doing and then had he kissed on the cheek before leaving, the complaints from shippers would have ended for this season. Oh well, back to the old grind.

  • @NatrinaLawson

    The hand gesture was priceless because of KB's reaction, any little thing can set her off. That look was just as intense as when they kissed last year, but the shoes on the other foot it's KB who has to shake it off. KB is on an edge being all covered up (clothing wise) I'm so tried of flowy tops, turtle necks and dark muted colors on KB. Remember when KB's hair was free and straight like a pantene commercial, when the cut had grown out (season 2/3?)
    Anyway, I think AWM was trying for subtext here (well put Alexis) and that the Good doctor (Dr. Worf) suggested KB get a pet to practice opening up. Maybe RC is holding back which is hard for him since he is super impulsive, i think he is kind of scared of being alone ( Alexis going to college, Martha meeting another man) Who will be there for him? KB! If she doesn't get herself killed first.
    Was it just the shipper in me or were there undertones of KB and RC living together?

    anyway this "Pandora" 2 parter is just what I've been waiting for ( I'm almost to bingo on Castle government agent Bingo, whoa CIA!) It would be great if they continue to follow tradition of two-parters and mix in some RC/KB action like in "setup/countdown". I'm Excited!

  • FL_Fran

    Photos are interesting. Looks like at times they both have their hands tied in the back, and maybe it is my imagination but in that last pic, looks like a bit of jealous Beckett is showing. Don't know what to make of these disorganized promotional efforts from ABC. Notice the promo for "The Blue Butterfly" shown last night, there was no mention that the episode airs on February 6th, so some might mistakenly expect it to air next week. Oh, and would it kill the network to repeat the acknowledgment of the PCAs in the promo again.

  • Schmiedelehrling

    I really think, that Pandora stands for the revealing of Becketts secret. As a kind of metaphor.

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