Castle Preview And Sneak Peeks: Somebody Killed Santa!

Luciana Mangas November 30, 2012 6

It took five seasons, but ABC’s hit drama Castle finally got its own special Christmas episode. Scheduled to air this next Monday (Dec 3), “Secret Santa” will have our dynamic crime-fighting duo investigating – wait for it – Santa Claus’ murder. No, I am not even joking.

I already had a chance to watch the episode beforehand and I can tell you this much, our favorite kickass detective is feeling the pressure of spending Christmas with Castle for the first time as the holidays mean different things to each of them. I really enjoyed this episode, although it didn’t really address some of the issues that I thought would emerge in these circumstances. Nevertheless, it was a really fun episode with a really touching ending.

Now, some of you Castle fans sent in your questions about the episode and I have selected a few to answer here.

Is Jenny seen onscreen, or does Ryan just talk about her? – @chevron_heart

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see Jenny, but guess what! Ryan makes an awesome decision about their relationship.

Will there (finally) be a scene with Beckett and Alexis in this episode? – @Lauren_227

Not onscreen, no. I know, I was frustrated about this too.

Favorite line from the episode? – @liveagoodstory

“… and now Santa is dead?! When will it end?!” – Richard Castle

Anything you can tell us about Esplanie in the Castle Xmas episode?Will the Esplanie shippers love it? We miss them SO much.. – @Esplanie_Org

There is a very interesting moment between them in this episode, I can tell you that much.

Will we be able to see a kiss between C & B? Just that! – @LovingCastle

Well, it is Christmas, you know…

I also bring presents to you guys in the form of sneak peeks, which you can check out and satisfy your curiosity below:




  • JAA

    Those sneak peeks are rather uninteresting and yet I think this is going to be a good episode

    • JAA

      I think they’re uninteresting because I want to see more about the murder case and less about relationships, be it Castle at home or Esplanie

  • t

    I hope it will be a good episode. The show has gotten increasingly brain candyish this season. I suspect the end of year cliffhanger will be that Gates catches them kissing under the mistletoe.

  • Roxy

    Thank you! good answers as always…

    “… and now Santa is dead?! When will it end?!” lol Poor Castle!

  • Kimi

    I most look forward to the relationship stuff so it’s nice that there is always something for everyone!! I’m guessing that Gates already knows about Caskett and hopefully tells them to just keep it on the down low like they have been and all will be fine.

  • Flick

    The ending (including Castle’s loft) was perfect – really got me into the Christmas spirit! Loved it!