Castle Season 4 Spoiler: Christmas Episode May Reveal An Important Character

It looks like the major holidays will be heavily featured in the upcoming fourth season of ABC’s Castle. We already know that there will be a Halloween episode – as executive producer Laurie Zaks revealed at Comic-Con – and there have been rumors floating around for the past week that there may be a Christmas episode as well.

When asked last week whether or not this bit of information was true, Castle scribe Terri Edda Miller said that it was not confirmed yet – since the network still had to give them the green light on that particular storyline – but it was definitely something they were planning to do.

Well, it seems that ABC gave the go ahead for the Christmas episode, as TV Guide reports that not only there will be a Christmas-themed ep, but that that episode might deal with Castle’s unknown father’s identity. “I’m hearing that, too,” says lead Nathan Fillion. Martha can claim all she wants that she doesn’t know who Castle’s father is, but Nathan believes “she knows who the dad is.”

If that aspect of Castle’s background indeed is further explored this season, it will be a way to get inside the character’s mind and find out how he feels about growing up without a father figure in his life. It will be great to delve deeper into his pre-fame life, as we got a glimpse of in season 3’s “The Final Nail”.

A lot of fans say that we spend way too much time in Castle’s loft and that we should be seeing more of Beckett’s life this season, but that’s only partially true. We know a lot about his everyday life with his mother and daughter, but what about his past? What about the real Richard Castle hiding behind that playboy persona? We have only seen tiny glimpses of him over the course of three seasons and maybe now is the time to explore his psyche a little further, given everything that has happened and how emotionally vulnerable both he and Beckett will most likely be.

So what do you think, Castle fans? Is this way overdue or should they steer clear from that part of Castle’s life?

  • Emmanuelle Works

    That's wonderful, hopefully news instead of rumors. And I completely agree with you about the fact that we don't know the "real" Richard Castle. I think we hear more about his thoughts when he chats with his mom, daughter, even the boys and his poker buddies. But his fears, his real vulnerability, who he was before, why he became who he became. We know even less than about Beckett's former life! We need to. Beckett needs to. :) And yes, I want to hear Beckett NOW as well, in conversations with a therapist and a best friend. That's what we've been missing on her side.

  • lame

    We have three seasons of not knowing what KB does out side the precinct. Only disjointed bits and pieces. Lanie helping her pick a dress is season one, Castle staying over in season two[tick,tick,tick]and a couple of scenes of her flat in season three, her friend Maddie,learning she reads classic comic books and likes scifi movies and that's about it. Castle can wait while AWM & CO fill out her character.

    • lame

      As some one once said we are more familiar with Ashley's pet rat than we are of Kate, and that is a crime!

  • Linda

    It's a shame they feel they need to jump around to Castle's character while they leave Kate's hanging. SHe sure gets the short shrift. She has no friends outside of the office and her father shows up twice for non sense both times. We need Kate to be dealt with more before we start a new mystery about Castle's parentage. Geeze……

  • KT

    I can't wait for this episode already! :D Of course Martha has to know who Rick's father is!

    I think we need to look into Ryan, Esposito, and Lanie's background more then anyone. I would love to know more about them! Not that I'm saying a little more from Kate or Rick, but we know about them I want to know more about the other three including Captain Gates. :D

  • SCLady

    I am interested in knowing more about both Castle and Beckett, especially Beckett. It is a shame we do not know more about her life outside of e precinct. ABC needs to give Castle a couple of 2 hour time slots in order to have time for a good murder investigation and to delve deeper into the lives of the characters.

  • NCastle

    I'm more interested in seeing KBeckett outside the precinct, to tell you the truth. S3 teased us of her 'extra curricular activities' but never showed us any. I'd like to know her outside the precinct, her friends, how her mind works and such. I get all that from Castle's side but not much on Beckett.

  • MixbAby

    I can't wait to see Castle's dad and who they put to play him. I love that we're going into Castle's past and I think this is going to be great to go into because in the episode about the baseball player, we saw at the beginning of the episode Castle is actually a little touchy about the subject and I love opening old wounds!! hehehe… and as far as the "not seeing enough of Kates life" Dude you shoot a scene where Castle actually sees her on her motorcycle and I'll be happy for an intire season!!

  • srieley

    I think we need alot more kate which we may get via the appointed therapist we have heard rumors about. But a little insight into why castle was divorced 2 times would be intresting since i think this fact is part of why Kate keeps him at arms lenght. She can not trust him fully because she may think he see women like play things something to have fun with for a while but than gets bored with and tosses aside. (I do not think this is the case) but it would appear that way to Kate especially since the first wife is his botty call and he got back together and than broke up with the second one again.

  • furby

    I like the idea of learning more about Castle's past, but as for his father I hate the idea that will come and go in one ep. A missing parent is a huge thing that shouldn't be resolved in 40 minutes, and to be honest, I really loved that it was something Castle had made peace with and apart from stunt casting can't see the purpose of recanting on that. Combine it with Christmas and I just see a lot of slushy nonsense. I'd way rather know about his marriages and divorces, or why he writes about death.

    I'm also with everyone who says we have still not seen Beckett outside work, and that's becoming a serious imbalance, particularly as Josh was supposed to help develop that and completely didn't. Total waste of Victor Webster. Much like we haven't seen Beckett and Lanie interact in any way that proves they're actually friends since they almost went out dancing in S1 — and then went to work instead. Honestly, it would be great to have Beckett open up to someone, but why wouldn't it be Lanie instead of bringing someone new into the mix? Use what you have better.

  • Dani

    We should see more of Castle's past, because we all know his playboy persona is not who he really is. We've seen bits and snippets of him through the three seasons, a thrown glass, beating the crap out of Max Martini. He seems to have a more mean side, where he's not so squeamish or afraid of things. I really really want to see more of that, more of his past.

  • Sally

    Personally I cannot wait for this episode! I agree we've not seen the "real" Richard Castle, only in snippets, and I would love to see why he is such a "playboy" and such and if it has to do with him not having a father figure. No-one ever realy taught him how to behave and grow up properly and I'd love to see that. I agree with the commenter above me also in that seeing a darker side to Castle has been interesting, I hope this ep may reveal why he's so interested in murder/why he writes about death. I would simply die if his father actually turned up, I think Rick's expression would become my favourite in Castle yet, it gives a great chance to show off his acting talent and I think it's going to be a really good episode! (Plus, it's a Christmas episode, kind of cute)

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