Castle Season 4 Spoilers

How are you guys holding up, Castle fans?

That was one incredible season finale (check out a review of the finale here)and my heart is still in pieces over what went down last night. I am also still utterly shocked at that cliffhanger, particularly about the last thing Castle said to Kate. I really was not expecting those words out of his mouth any time soon, but what do you know. It’s out there now and it will sure be interesting to see how they are going to deal with that and the repercussions of the cliffhanger next season.

Speaking of season 4, Ausiello has just revealed an interesting bit of information regarding the cliffhanger. One, Beckett was really shot. As in for real, she’s got a bullet in her. So all of you who have been theorizing that she was going to fake her death or that it was all staged, sorry to disappoint. Two, she was hit near her heart. Three, guess who just happens to be a cardiac surgeon?

Now this is really interesting because in a recent interview Castle’s creator, Andrew Marlowe said that the significant other storyline had been played out. So what does that mean, Castle fans? Is this the sayonara to Josh we have all been waiting for or is he here to stay? After all, it is pretty convenient that Beckett’s boyfriend is a cardiac surgeon and she just happened to be shot in that immediate area. It can’t be a coincidence, so I am pretty sure we are going to see Victor Webster in some capacity again early next season.

Marlowe teased earlier today in an interview with TV Guide that ‘He’s still out there, and he’s somebody we’re going to have to deal with. He’s an element moving forward and it’ll be interesting to see how that functions.’

I can’t wait to see how this is going to play out because our favorite duo has finally reached the same page. Castle even told her he loved her. That has got to shake things up for Beckett.

So what do you think of this new piece of information?




  • Bonju Patten

    Shocking, to say the least. I guess Ruben had that old itch to return to Broadway; he's such a great all around actor. I'll miss him as Capt. Montgomery and he didn't die a heel, he died fighting but he didn't reveal the 3rd cop's name. Something tells me that the 3rd cop is going to come back as the department's newest captain. Wouldn't that be interesting?

    • Steven

      Actually, Montgomery WAS the third cop.  What he revealed in the hanger (what he claimed was his greatest sin) was that someone found out about what they did and blackmailed the three for all of the ransom money they'd collected, and then used that money to turn himself into the monster everyone fears.  And apparently this guy is so bad even Montgomery believed Beckett would lose against him.  ("I know you Kate.  If I tell you his name you'll go straight at him and he'll bury you.")

      The three cops are accounted for.  Now we're looking for the Dragon.

      • Vera

        Im just interested to know the documents Capt. Montgomery packaged and stamped! What was inside?? and Who was it going to??…

        my guess it is to Beckett and it will have detail of who the "Dragon" guy is. but now she has been shot it might just sit in an in-try somewhere until it is found at a later date.

        • Gloria

          I think the package is going to Castle, because Montgomery knew the only person that could possibly keep Beckett from going ballistic is Castle.  And the captain knew he could trust Castle to do the right thing.

          • Europa

            I’ve re-watched the episode a couple of times now and I paused the video on them.  They are police evidence folders, specifically saying on the front “Information in thIS record is confidential.  1. Do not remove from police record department unless properly signed out.  2. This record or any part of it may not be removed from police department premises except under subpoena or court order.”  So just the fact that Montgomery had them at home in his wall safe speaks volumes.  I’ll also bet that the missing court file Beckett’s mom requested is in with these files – or a copy of it (“The Dragon” probably has the original).  There were at least three very thick files Montgomery stuffed into that envelope along with a handwritten note.  (I remember thinking those “Forever stamps” aren’t going to cover that much postage!  LOL.) 

            Also after re-watching the episode I’m beginning to think “The Dragon” is the police commissioner.  Montgomery said, “He could have turned us in but instead he just demanded the ransom money ….”  Twenty years ago the commissioner was probably just at the rank of sergeant or captain and thus in the right position to get away with doing something like that.  Not too high up in the ranks but just high enough.  Boy!  I love a good conspiracy.  LOL.

  • Bonju Patten

    About your last ? – Beckett knows he loves her and that she loves him. How is it going to play out? Dunno but it will sure be interesting to watch; and to think I hated this show when my wife first forced me to watch it. Love the show now – the characters are great – love their interaction.

    • Fubert Bar

      Because of the trauma, Beckett will not remember her last moments of consciousness – and Castle's declaration will become moot.

  • Stacy

    He mailed the records to someone…Castle?  He told the bad guy that he took care of it (when he mailed the records to someone)–I'm assuming the records say who the head boss was!  Can't wait for next season!

  • Heather

    Bonjou, Montgomery WAS the 3rd cop…what he didn't say is who the Boss was :)

  • Richard

    I think what may happen regarding our most unfavorite doctor, is that he will save Kate, but will also see something different in Castle who will never leave her side, or perhaps she will unconsciously say Castle's name or even more. I am not too worried about Josh, because I think Marlowe knows (he and everyone on Castle planet) how extremely distasteful this character is for fans.

  • Sue

    I'm guessing Beckett will survive and will forget that Castle said he loves her.  That way they can dance around that issue for another season.  Josh is just an extra; I'm not worried about him.

    • Edward

      I think this really fits the puzzle for season 4. 2 thumbs way up!

      • Europa

        You know, everybody saying they’re not worried about Joss may just make Marlowe and company keep Joss around!  I first thought about him being the doctor on duty when she arrives at the hospital the day after the episode aired.  I literally said out loud, “Oh sh_t!  Well, dah.”  LOL.

  • Josh

    I really ticks me off that the most disliked character and CERTAINLY the character I HATE most has my name. Everyone in the world of Castle, or Proper tv land as I like to call it, knows that Josh's role on the show is running on fumes and the producers cant really drag it along as the storyline just goes nowhere and it's getting extremely annoying for EVERYONE and thats coming from me, another Josh! It adds complexity, yes, but it loses viewers! Get rid of motorcycle boy, NOW!

  • chandrayee

    i agree with you josh. they should get rid of DOCTOR MOTORCYCLE BOY

  • Mima

    I think the captain told castle the name of the guy who Lockwood was working for. Marlowe said in am interview that castle knows something Beckett doesn't about her mothers case. I also think Beckett won't originally remember what castle said but she will at some poiint next season. Is it September yet? :)

  • ghostgirl79

    She'll forget that she heard it.  She was already out of it when he said it.  He will prance around her like he has for forever while she'll do the same. 

    What SHOULD have happened?  Castle should have taken the bullet.  She would have had to admit her feelings for her, but then HE wouldn't remember it, so he'd still be pining for her.  That would given them something to work with in the next year.  She could be an even bigger tease.  :)

    • Zahra

      Oh yes, that is what should have happened. Castle with the bullet in his back (because he pushes kate away) and so cycle boy saves him but before castle collapses completely in kate arms he should have uttered the words along the lines with save me…i dont want to die… i love u…kate….always have…..always willl…. always…. and then yes his memory should be fuzzy when he re-awakens in season 4.

  • SB

    I am inconsolable. The entire episode was awesome but also emotionally gut wrenching. All of the actors really brought their A game. I was especially impressed with Stana, Nathan, & Ruben in the episode. I am going to miss the Captain!

    I'm looking forward to next season. I think the Captain sent Castle the name of the Dragon because he knows Castle will do whatever it takes to keep Beckett safe. I can see he desire to keep her safe and her desire to capture the Dragon leading to a very interesting, dynamic element in their relationship.

    Also, Josh will have to disappear pretty quick. To continue to have him around only damages my favorite character, Kate. She is a flawed character but she tries to do what is right and keeping Josh dangling on the side is not right. Especially since the audience has been shown that she cares deeply for Castle and we know Castle loves her.

    I love this show. I only watch this one show on TV and it leaves me thoroughly entertained!

  • AJ

    What if the documents that the captain sent out were headed to the Boss, ensuring him that there is no evidence anymore? That way season 4 could begin on relatively a clean slate – I don't think that they would pick up right where they left off from season 3.

  • Inidsndin

    <a href="” target=”_blank”>


    This episode shows that the Castle actors and writers can do solid drama, not just dramedy/comedy. It was soooo gut wrenching at the end. I hate to see Montgomery go, but he went out fighting. I think Castle and Beckett will both remember how they feel when she recovers. I just hope this does not turn into Bones where all the fans hated the love triangle and so much time and episodes were wasted on it.

  • Leslie

    I have to admit, this episode made me really sad to the point I wanted to cry because I didn't want the captain to be the 3rd man and I KNEW before they revealed it that he was by the looks on his face when Ryan and Espisito were talking in the precinct. I also agree that the captain sent that envelope to Castle and Castle will know the person that is The Dragon! We all know it's someone with power, but not just financial power. He has to have the kind of power that can just make stuff go away. I'm thinking it's either the Police Commissioner, The DA, or I was thinking maybe it could be the mayor, but I'm going to go ahead and cross out that 3rd one. The DA really has me thinking though…he knows all the high profile cases, he was probably a judge at some point? He has to be older, the DA of New York City isn't going to be young, he's put away dirty people, dirty enough that he knows exactly the kind of people to deal with such as Lockwood. We all have to admit, he was good, but in the end was stupid. DA would make sense! He would be able to bury Beckett in a heartbeat, plus he could have known Beckett's mother as well and she was about to blow something wide open that would make the city of New York look bad and possibly affect his career?

  • http://TVOvermind Gary Janareli

    It would be absolutely ridiculous to have Josh show up after not seeing him for quite a while, unless he performs the surgery needed, realizes that Castle and Beckett do love each other and he then just walks away.  I could handle that scenario.  Anything else and I might walk away from the show.  Josh does not belong anymore.

  • Meredith

    The only thing I'm hoping and praying for is that the show doesn't get canceled on us. That would bite the big one. That seems to happen to a lot of shows I really like.

  • Nikki Heat

    My predictions for next season are that Kate  will remember what Castle said but Josh will be her doctor. She will want to be with Castle but can't! she will break up with josh and have "little castle babies." the files will be the missing court files that kate talked about in knockdown. i hope that they dont skip ahead, but start with kate on a stretcher coming into the hospital. i <3 castle! theseason premiere is on September 20,2011

  • Iceposito

    I hope that Marlowe & Co do not do the time jump on Kate's recovery.  The Season 4 premiere should start with the aftermath of the shooting and Kate on a stretcher coming into the hospital with Castle tagging along.  I hope that they get rid of the Doctor Motorcycle Boy ASAP and explore the Caskett relationship further now that Castle has expressed his feelings towards Beckett.  I hope that they (both Castle and Beckett) should sit down and talk about their feelings towards each other and way forward instead of fighting about it.  They are adults afterall.  I'm old-fashioned, so I hope that their relationship should not mean that they have to sleep together.  It should be caring, loving, comforting and protecting each other kind of relationship.  I would like to see more interaction between Castle and Kate's father and also interaction between Beckett and Martha and Alexis.  At some point next season, I hope that Marlowe & Co would consider to include the song "You're the Inspiration" by Chicago into one of the episodes.  It's an old song (80's) but personally, I believe that song quite accurately describes Caskett relationship.

  • me

    I don't see why everybody hates Josh. Is it because he's an excuse to keep Castle and Beckett apart?  If that's all it is, I love him, because the show doesn't have much to go on if it loses the chase between Castle and Beckett.  I don't see how they could go more than a half season with those two as a couple.

    • Nafano

      Well said me. If Castle and Beckett got together the show wouldn't last long indeed. It is the unspoken special bond that the both of them have that makes their relationship work so well.

      It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Did Montgomery send the files to Castle? Either way will Beckett find out? If she doesn't, or if things with the Dragon do get wrapped up, then she can feel free to stop being "afraid" and learn to explore her emotions the way she needs to

  • how's that

    "he" is beckett's father. its gotta be!!!

  • melody3173

    Josh is soooooo gone for good. eien ni. Marlowe had said that DMB will not be an obstacle in Caskett relationship. It will be sth else. here i hope that whatever it is, no more SO. better be coming from the character themselves, you know, continue showing their true characteristics and changing. there always are interesting prob. to explore from this aspect. just like the Xfiles. need no SO kind of thing. just the characters: their true identity, their stories, their conflicts, etc.

    anyway, can't wait for season 4. I know that AM will be able to pull sth really good out of his magical hat LOL

  • lame

    Marlowe's got a problem. Heretofore whenever Beckett wears a v-neck shirt or sweater there'll have to be a visible scare. 

    I'm in favor a a female captain. A no nonsense lady who makes Beckett toe the line,and moves in the same social circles as Castle. Someone who can makes things uncomfortable in and out of the precinct, for Beckett. Someone who seems to have way to many things in common with Castle.

    It would be fun if in the first episode of season four, Martha Rodgers and Jim Beckett started a dialog in the hospital that archs though the entire season. We would learn what Beckett has told her dad about Castle and how she feels about him. Besides, Susan Sullivan is wonderful and deserves more air time.

    • Luciana Mangas

      I completely agree and I hope your scenario is how season 4 plays out. I really want Beckett to be the one doing the chasing now and a female Captain would be a great way for that to happen. Not that I want Castle to have yet another SO, but I really think the new Captain can shake things up at the precinct.

  • Melissa

    Wow this episode was just fantastic! I agree that Kate won't remember because of the trauma, that would just be too convenient. I remember reading somewhere (if I remember I'll post) the writer saying that they had no intentions of bringing Kate and Castle together any time soon, and frankly, I don't want it to be like The Office, where once the love interest gets together, everything goes down hill. 

    My only other thing is that I think that the package has to be to Castle, since:

    1) Roy obviously told Castle his plan if he was there to take Kate away and

    2) He doesn't want anyone to know his past because he doesn't want his family to know. That means, he couldn't have sent the package to the commissioner or his higher ups because they would be obligated to let people know the truth.

    I can't wait to see the results come the season premier… I hate this time between seasons!

  • Nate

    IT'S BECKETT'S FATHER !!!!!!!!!!!! Got to be. It just didn't feel right when he went to Castle's house to plead with him to convince Kate not to pursue this.

    But you want to know the real reason why it's the father? : Answer this question – why is Kate a protected species? She is the one person that could work this all out and find the "Dragon"guy – but despite numerous opportunites (such as the courthouse shooting) she was not touched. And remember what the asssasin told the Captain when he went to his house to tell him to lure Kate to the hangar? He said the deal was that the Captain keep Kate away from the case and she'd be spared. Why? Who on earth would want so much for Kate to be protected that he'd put one of his own dirtied cops to mind her and keep her away….even though Kate is the one person that could blow this all wide open? It's because Kate is his daughter. Kate's mom was probably wiped out cos she got too close to what her husband was up to. He probably tried his best to keep her at bay as well but in the end she was to persistent and resilient (familiar characteristics?)…..the father, knowing only too well that dogged persistence, went to Castle to personally plead for him to do something, otherwise the father would need to make the same decision he made years back.

  • Nate

    So in terms of drama:

    1) Josh operating on Kate is very likely. Castle will then have to hold his feelings and take a back stage as Josh has just saved kate. I'm guessing the memory of what Castle said will eventually come back to Beckett via some sort of flashback….and it will linger in the air whilst they pursue cases. Meanwhile Castle is oblivious that Kate has remembered that he spilled his feelings.

    2) I think the general conspiracy plot will overtly lead to a Mayor or Police Commissioner type. All the signals will point to someone with that kind of power. I have a feeling the 3 dirty cops think that this guy is pulling the strings…..they don't know the real Dragon. So you can imagine that all the evidence gathered throughout the next season's episodes will all lead to this central powerful figure that everyone is scarred to take down. Beckett will follow the evidence to this person and she will eventually take him down, thinking he's the Dragon………..but then the twist of the SEASON comes along…..this guy was actually either being blackmailed or in partnership with Kate's DAD. And then the season finale end with Kate having to take down her own father!!!



  • alditut

    Im a huge fans of CASTLEEE!!!!!!! THERE IS SEASON 4??? :'((((((((((((

  • Alison

    Producers are casting Female Captain.


  • Laurel

    I don't think Josh will en up doing any surgery on Kate. Hospitals won't let family operate on each other and a couple Is pretty close to that. U am hoping Kate was wearing a Kevlar vest or something and just fell down from the shock, even thought the doubt of that becomes greater with season 4 drawing closer. I don't want Late to die, but I also don't want her and Castle to be a couple quite yet. That would take away so much with what could be worked with. Eventually, I want them together, but what would happen once they were?? The tension would be gone. I can't wait for the

    Next season and can I just say Nathan Fillion is an awesome actor!!!

  • somil

    dey showed her dying so i think she may have a twin who dies

  • Raj

    F curz, . . The captain sent the file to higher officials or may be to a govt org that is hidden from public but has been on the boss' trail 4 a long time. . The file has details about the dragon's activities and assets. The org must have struck deal with roy to leave out roy's part and kate's life in exchange for the dragon's whereabouts. Her dad must be an informant of the org and that must be why he approached castle to restrain kate. But that's a long shot. .

  • Shen

    @Raj, dat made sense & twist de kinda of which v all've seen throughout the 3 seasons. Good going. .

  • Arys

    Hi everybody!! First, I want to apologize because of my english. I hope you’ll understand me. I don’t know who is the bad guy; some of you think he could be the Mayor, well, maybe he is, or her father…I don´t know but really I don´t care about it (not if I compare that problem with Kate`s death). I think that Kate is death, but not really death, I mean… Montgomery sent some letters or something to someone. I think he was protecting Beckett’s life. The best way to do it is “killing her”. The murder is not real. She pretended her own death helped by Montgomery. The shot was false, the blood, ambulance, the funeral….nobody knows she`s alive, not even Castle. In this way she can investigate by her own and been save, in secret. Castle is so so sad and go on investigating. He will change become darker, a hard man. She will investigate too by her own, undercover, and will observe him from the distance knowing that he´s in love with her and watching him suffer but can´t tell him that she’s alive and love him too. Well, this is my idea. What do you think? Kate really can not to be dead. No no no no.

  • Emily

    Ok i am a huge fan and this is what i think is going to happen in season 4

    1) The files captain sent, i think were sent to Castle as he trust castle that he will try to protect beckett and that he knows castle knows people and can find out the real dragon

    2) Yes i do think Josh will operate on kate because their is a reason to why he is a cardiac surgon ,as much as we fans know he should hurry up and leave so castle and beckett get together

    3) COncerning the 'i love you' by castle we know that his feelings have finally surfaced and that beckett is pleased as she smiles just before passing out, also i believe that she will remember but wont really know what to do as Josh is always around and she can't talk to castle with him in the way

    4)Yes the 3 words will be postponed but they will be mentioned just not the way us fans want it to

    5) Beckett dad being the 'dragon' no offence but it seems ridiculous as its obvious that her father loved her mother, but i could be wrong but it most likely that it will be someone she admires

    6) about Ryan and Jenny i hope that they get married this season and that Castle is one of the grooms also i hope something happens during the wedding with castle and beckett

    7)The new captain i know will not be a fan of caskett and their rogue work so that might be a problem also i think beckett and the new girl captain are going to clash alot it might make things quite interesting

    8)Andrew probably wont go straight to the hospital and make fans wait even more, though the premiere is so f****ing far away

    Ok so i know its a long read but i'm a huge fans and have watched the episodes repeatedly and hope that my opinion is helpful <3 From CASTLE biggest fan

  • Cecile

    I surmised that Beckett was wearing a bullet-proof vest and was hit so hard that when she woke-up she

    didn't remember Castle having said he loved her.  I thought maybe the opening scene would be about the

    shooter and was it nameless that shot her or someone working for them and were they caught or did they get away. "Knockout" was phenomenal.

  • Cecile

    In a fleeting moment I wondered if Kate’s Father was involved with the crimes, but then why would her Father ask Castle, “How dangerous is the man that Kate is looking for”  when Esposito and his, about to be drowned partner was captured in “Knockdown” Mr. Trained-Killer him-self said he wanted to know everything that the police knew about him and his employer. Well, the mystery continues and I’m looking forward to September 19th which is on a Monday this year.

  • Mary


  • Nouf

    Ugh, they're probably going to make her not remember the fact he said he loved her. They're probably going to make her live, then continue cases as if nothing happened. Just like what happened with the kiss, the freezing to death in each other's arms, and her almost saying 'i love you'. Just like Castle said. IT GETS ME SO ANNOYED. i want them to just molest each other already, (lol, not literally.)

  • HZW

    I think there is another member in the Beckett family, brother, twin sister, or what ever.

    I also think the files are send to Castle or Beckett's Dad.

    And maybe Beckett's Dad take out the Dragon after reading the files.

    A female Captain is the way to go i think, 3 seasons there was a man in the way for castle to get close with Beckett, the female captain could be in the way for Beckett now she knows Castle loves her. 

    In that case you can get end season 2 moments with Beckett not able to tell her feelings to castle.  

    • HZW

      BTW, dead people don't close there eyes.

      Beckett closed her eyes that means unconscious not dead 

  • HZW


    Rumour has it that the new captain will be played by Penny Johnson Jerald, best known for her role as President Palmer’s diabolical wife on 24. She’ll play Captain Victoria Gates.


  • Vladimir

    Having read all of the comments so far, I'll do my best to sum it all up,and express my feelings.

    1) Okay, so "the Dragon"…A few facts we know:

    He used to be connected to "the three cops" in some way, and got on to them, and finally blackmailed them. My guess, someone who is now very powerful in NY, such as the Commissioner, The Mayor, The DA, etc. A fine twist would be if they were also involved with some of the episodes before the season 3 finale (Hence my personal hopes of "the dragon"=the DA, since we already know that he is dirty). I wouldn't like to see him exposed right away, but delaying it or putting 7 episodes in between the ones that are about Beckett's mother and "the dragon" would be quite annoying…so maybe a three episode marathon about it would be awesome. The way I'd do it is make the first 2 episodes standard (the first one about the finale of s3), the second one about some weird murder, as usual, and then finally Castle gives Beckett the documents I hope Roy mailed him..But that's just me..

    2) The new captain:

    Well, the idea of a woman replacing Roy as Captain of the 12th precinct was surprising ti say the least, but then it hit me- It's bloody Brilliant! It'd be amazing to see her trying do rip apart Castle and Beckett at first, and the later on realizing that they do their best together, and gives them a speech on how "They should keep each other close, cause not many have what they do, even if they don't know it yet",after which they can kiss and again walk away awkwardly..(Also a good thing for them do debate about later on in the season!). Also, her trying to get involved with Castle, and then seeing Beckett jealous,and telling Castle how she feels, so he turns the Capt. down..I'd Love it!

    Finally the big question: Castle and Beckett!

    I won't waste many words on this, but if I watch a whole season of Castle again, and they don't AT THE VERY LEAST try it out..I will honestly be devastated. Perhaps a short fling during Kevin and Jenny's wedding, that turns into something that lasts for a while? Then maybe a fight, with Castle then saying he's sorry, and them making up? The writers have to face it, the views will triple if they get together in s4..season 5 would be just too damn late..

    Oh, and SEPTEMBER?! Are you kidding me? :D WE WANT CASTLE,AND NOW! :)

  • xo

    Im thinking the captain sent the info to castle so that will be the info advantage the show runner spoke about.

  • Dickr

    My question is simply WHY HAVEN'T THERE BEEN RERUNS????????????

  • logic

    I liked the idea of the dragon being the DA but in episode 19 of this past season they already took him down… remember. So the dragon has to be someone else in a position of power, maybe Castle's friend the Mayor?

  • Jennie

    Actually, in a recent interview, Marlowe told us that Kate DID hear Castle!! "Rise" is going to be SOOOO awesome!!

    And the packet did go to Rick. And the new captain looks like a real "w"itch. ahhh but I can't hate this show, no matter what.

  • ronski

    My guess is that the Dragon is Kate Beckett's father. Go figure.

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