Castle Sneak Peeks: 5.16 “Hunt”


Well, ABC has just released the sneak peeks for the conclusion of the traditional two-parter on Castle and I have to say that it confirms the theories that have been floating around the internet this past week.

In the powerful conclusion of a two-episode story arc, when the FBI fails to get his daughter back, Castle takes matters into his own hands, reaching out to a shadowy fixer to help him recover Alexis. But guess what? It looks like she was the target all along and her friend Sara was the one who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. In this episode we are going to meet Castle’s long lost father and I am willing to bet that he is deeply involved in this. I am on board with the theory that there are powerful people after him and kidnapping Alexis was a way to flush him out from wherever he was.

Anyway, check the clips for yourself and come up with your own theories. Don’t forget to tell me all about them in the comments below.


  • Caroline

    Maybe they took her to get to her grandfather? Cause if they wanted Castle why not just go for him directly.

  • Aude

    I have a feeling that Beckett will get some authorization to fly to Paris to help him get his daughter back. Or maybe there is the link with the two-parter from last season. Some angry people might be behind the kidnapping and he really wants to work with his son, building a relationship . Maybe martha tried to contact him too . ( all theories coming out of my head lol)

  • Teri

    After Beckett hearing that shot and losing contact with Castle, I cannot imagine her not picking up and heading to France. She will be beside herself with worry.

  • Angela

    I already love Castle’s dad. Hurry up Monday!

  • Lois

    What I think since before the episode get aired was that Alexis is the Target in fact and is something to get Castle’s father attention for he show up.

  • Ann

    3XK anybody??

  • lame

    Now hours away, what if Rick Castle is the only one who meets his dad. What if he helps rescue Alexis and makes his exit after some short of understanding with his son. It would be up to Rick to explain what happened.

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