Castle Sneak Peeks: 5.04 ‘Murder, He Wrote’

Luciana Mangas October 12, 2012 5


First and foremost, I wanted to apologize for the lack of review for this past week’s episode. It has been a very busy week and I couldn’t get to it. I have to say, though, that it was a surprisingly sweet episode. I hadn’t been expecting it to be great, but I found myself incredibly moved by the storyline and the symbolism throughout “Secret’s Safe with Me”. I also admit that a few tears might have escaped during the dorm room scene in the end, especially when Castle checked to see if there were any monsters under Alexis’ bed.

But anyway, let’s move on to the task at hand. ABC has finally released the sneak peeks for next Monday’s highly anticipated Hamptons episode, titled “Murder, He Wrote”. Castle and Beckett will finally make it to his beach house in the Hamptons for a romantic weekend, but their fun will be interrupted when a dying man stumbles into the backyard and into the pool, sucking our dynamic duo back to the crime investigation world.

Back in Manhattan, Ryan and Esposito are determined to find out who Beckett’s new and mysterious boyfriend really is. I wonder if they will start to suspect it’s Castle or if the secret will even come out in this episode. So what do you think? Post your thoughts in the comments below, after you watch the sneak peeks, of course.



  • JAA

    Aside from the fact it looks like another fun episode this week and as much as I’m loving this new season, I can’t help but think it’s absurd that Esposito and Ryan don’t think it’s incompletely uncharacteristic of Castle being so complacent about Beckett having a new boyfriend when it’s been established that Castle shadowing Beckett isn’t about the books anymore. A simple conversation between the boys and Castle discussing how he feels about Beckett dating someone would have been enough.

    • JAA

      Also it would have been nice if Lanie had asked Beckett if she doesn’t feel anything about Castle anymore

    •!/lucianamangas Luciana Mangas

      I completely agree, JAA.

  • Pitypang

    It’s season 5 episode 4 in the title not 4.04, Please fix it!

  • Maria

    This is going to be an amazing ep. It going to be hilarious! All of the sneak peeks are so funny that I can’t decide on a favorite one. This season has exceeded all of my expectations. I’m more in love with Castle then I was before (if that is at all possible). And I have to admit that Nathan looks great! He looks handome in these scenes, and more youthful and energetic. He was so funny when he was teasing Beckett about having a boyfriend… I couldn’t stop laughing when he asked her if her boyfriend was handsome (the look Beckett gave him was so adorable), and then when he followed and asked if he was a “bad boy” or a “desperado”!!! I cannot wait for this episode.