Castle Sneak Peeks: 4.14 “The Blue Butterfly”

The episode you have all been waiting for is right around the corner, Castle fans. After a two-week hiatus, Castle returns next Monday, February 6, with the highly anticipated noir episode, titled “The Blue Butterfly”. This time, our favorite crime solving dynamic duo will investigate the killing of a treasure hunter that lead to the discovery that the case is linked to a mysterious homicide from 1947 involving a hard-boiled private detective. Castle realizes the only way to solve the present-day murder is to solve the murder from the past. The 1947 case comes to life through stylized flashbacks, featuring Castle as the private eye and Beckett as a femme fatale.

I admit that after watching the sneak peeks and checking out the promotional photos that were released last week, I am finally starting to warm up to the whole noir episode concept. I am still not completely sold on it, but the clothes are fantastic and the whole setting just looks really, really cool. That said, I am still keeping my excitement to a minimum. I’d rather be pleasantly surprised than sorely disappointed, you know?

So what do you guys think? Are you excited about “The Blue Butterfly”? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

  • JAG

    No need to make an attempt to suck up/say something positive every time. If I had a terrible idea, I'd at least hope for honest feedback. The 40s scenes were cringe worthy.

  • lame

    This has been a season of exceptional episodes. But wow, these sneak peeks are about as dry as can be. The final product has got to better than this. AWM & CO write great stuff, so let's see.

    • saveCastle

      Exceptional? have to disagree here. Both Rise & Cops/Robbers are the standouts. There were some great moments in other eps but exceptional as a whole? no way. Least of all Heartbreak Hotel.

  • Gianna

    I have absolutely no expectations for this episode (or any other anymore ). The dialogue is that of 40s noir films, true but my problem is they didn't use those kinds of phrases all the time. For the most part, the dialogue was the same as today, just sometimes they had a few different words or phrases. So the dialogue, to me, is corny because it's using too much 40s speak.

    Shallow note . . . . . Nathan looks great in that brown leather jacket. Finally Luke R. gets it right where Nathan's wardrobe is concerned. Stana is stunning! Hair, make-up, just gorgeous.

  • Sam

    People. Keep in mind, this isn’t supposed to be an accurate representation of the 40s. Or noir. This is a look inside Rick Castle’s imagination. If you wanna complain because you don’t like AU episodes or something like that, then okay that’s fair enough. But to complain that it’s not realistic is to miss the point of this entirely.

    I think the first two sneak peeks were chosen mainly to give context to the second two. Which, I found highly entertaining. Everyone looks great! Ryan & Esposito made me laugh, as usual. Castle is wearing exactly what he would imagine himself wearing in that era. And of course since Castle is in love with Beckett, he would imagine her looking completely stunning (and completely in love with him) which she does.

    Everyone keeps talking about their expectations… I’m not expecting this episode to cure cancer or make me rich. I’m just expecting it to be a lot of fun, and it looks like it will be!

    • Gianna

      True this is not supposed to be an accurate representations but it *is* supposed to be noir – as Marlowe & Co. have said it is the film noir episode.

      Also as stated in my original post – I have no expectations.

    • Flick

      Totally agree with you Sam! This is Castle's imagination, but I'm only expecting some fun from this! Can't wait!

      • lame

        The studio released two more sneaks 6 &7. It's looking like other than the car exploding, all the interesting things will happen in the present. My question is why are we being flooded with peaks, is it because of the premier episode of Smash during the same time slot? ABC might not have this worry if they"d quit interrupting the schedule.

  • Luciana Mangas

    In all honesty, I could do without this episode. Even though I think they look great in those 40s outfits, I am just not a fan of AU episodes and if we could just skip to the two-parter, I'd be a happy fangirl. That said, I'm trying to give it the benefit of the doubt.

    And JAG, in case you haven't been following my posts about this episode, I haven't been a fan of the noir idea since day one and even posted an article about how much I didn't like it. But I am biased because I just plain don't like the noir style all that much. Doesn't mean others won't, you know?

  • Brenda

    I think I´ll skip this episode . It looks even worse than I thought.

  • stanatic78

    Congratulations Luciana, you successfully convinced a fan to NOT watch an episode. Who's side are you on? CBS or NBC? Because you darn sure aren't helping Castle's ratings at this rate!

    • saveCastle

      None of this is about sides. If someone or something you loved was heading off a cliff, would you let them drive off the cliff? or would you grab them by the collar and help them out?

      • stanatic78

        It's about pre-judging and that pre-judging affecting viwership based on an opinion that could turn out to have NO substance behind it.
        "I don't like this, it's not what I want, so I'm gonna complain about it. Regardless of how excited the Cast and Crew are about it. Regardless of how hard they've worked on it, I'm gonna be against it." And convincing others to avoid it based on your perception, yeah I got a problem with that.

        And if you truly love someone or something, you don't cut their wings and prevent them from trying new things just because it doesn't suit yourself. That's selfish, not love.

        • saveCastle

          Let's separate fact from fiction.
          Fact: Noir ep hasn't aired yet. 8 sneaks + 1st 10 mins were released.
          Fiction: Opinions about this ep being great or terrible.

          Fact: Author of this column says she isn't a fan of AU.
          FIction: This statement convinces others not to watch.

          Fact: Castle fans enjoy the show.
          Fiction: Castle fans enjoy the show for the same reasons.

  • saveCastle

    Excited? yes. Realistically hopeful? That too. Expecting much from this ep? Not really.

    My interest has waned since Cops & Robbers. That episode had everything that makes this show great and the follow up eps have been disappointing. I'm still watching but not with the same enthusiasm.

    Then ABC has that panel survey last week. Why is 'if they don't become romantically involved' even a question at this point? And does the fact that they asked this question just last week mean that all eps they've already filmed have little to no movement? Say it ain't so.

    I could barely control myself waiting for Rise. I was ridiculously excited after Cops & Robbers. I want that feeling back.

  • lame

    Look, those that believed Marlowe when he said this was a love story, an arch that would flow from season to season, are losing interest because there is no flow, it has become stagnant. What we seem to be getting is a reason, any reason to keep the DD apart. Right now Castle is king of that time slot on Mondays. If fans feel they'er being jerked around, the numbers will show it soon enough, especially with Smash coming up against Castle on Feb. 6. We'll learn real quick if fans are satisfied or not , it won't take long. Problem is if the ratings fall will AWM & Co be able to bring those fans back or will they be lost forever. It is a gamble, that Marlowe seems willing to take. My question is why even take the chance, you've got a loyal fan base, why screw it up.

  • Kay

    I partially agree with 'lame' about the episodes and my interest in them. I watch this with my Dad, and we missed the tension between Castle and Beckett in the first few episodes (after Rise of course) and Cops and Robbers turned our opinion around.

    I do like that Castle is still a crime show but it really isn't about the cases any more. It's about the characters and I really miss seeing them outside of the case and these imaginations of Castle, although a cool idea, just seem to be a bit drabbly and seem to get in the way a bit.

    I am looking forward to the two-parter episode. But I would like to see some more episodes like 3XK that aren't necessarily about Beckett's mother's murder but are great to watch non-the-less.

    I just hope that they can pull out of this, I do love this show. :-)

  • saveCastle

    ^^ Captures my thoughts almost exactly. He gave us the beginnings of a great story in the first season and we're still here midway through the 4th one. Great analogy with 3 card monty. No more shell games, please. Stick to the real deal.

  • Stanatic78

    Hmm, just saw a tweet that said you screened the episode and actually liked it. ;)

  • José

    My god people it is just another episode of the tv show we like… such a dram uffff…very easy…LIKE IT…NOT SO MUCH..or DON'T LIKE IT LOL ;) no stress people just enjoy it ;)

    P.S. By the way read the comments of SAM well said it SAM ;)

  • neo

    I don't expect anything from this episode on the Castle-Beckett front (I haven't seen any of the sneaks), but if they move them into an AU I expect from the writers to create a really good story around it. If that will be a good hommage or a good parody of the film-noir style, I can forgive them that wasted another episode for nothing and take this as a special show with Nathan and Stana (NOT with Castle and Beckett). If the AU will be just an excuse to let the fans drool and faint about how cuuuuuute they are together, then … meh.

  • Castle4ever

    All reviews from those who have already previewed the episode have been POSTIVE. Even those who were (cough) against the idea completely.

  • Katelyn

    When I heard about this episode, I was actually excited for it. When people started saying how much they were dreading it, I started to worry. But there was no need for that. This episode… Wow. A twist at every turn. It’s actually one of my favorites! It was very sweet and now I’m even more eager than ever for Castle and Beckett to get together! Overall, this episode was great. It did not disappoint.

  • Flick

    Ok, ok, let's just say I went in with no expectations and I came out with happy about the story and how the episode went! The cast looked stunning in their 40's outfit, and I LOVED THE TWIST AT THE END! Kudos the AWM & Co, great work with storyline, excellent actually! It was one of the cases that weren't predictable and it gave me surprises. I have to say though, if there was anything slightly negative to say, I felt the kiss was over-promoted (if you know what I mean). To me, season 3's kiss just seemed, better I guess! But in no way am I saying that I didn't like the episode, (because it was actually a great episode) or the kiss! I mean, who complains when Stana and Nathan lock lips! Now. What I'm excited for (which I haven't felt since Cops and Robbers), is the two parter. Far out am I excited. The worst part is, the thought of having to wait a week in-between for the second part of the episode…

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