Castle Sneak Peeks: 4.16 “Linchpin”

The conclusion to this season’s two-part event on Castle will air next Monday and ABC has just released four clips of the next episode. We all know Castle and Beckett will obviously be just fine after that cliffhanger and that they will most likely save the day as they do in these two-parters.

While I am not all that interested in the case this time – it just seems too convoluted and it didn’t make a whole lot of sense -, I’m really looking forward to see the backstory behind the relationship Castle once had with Sophia. According to the sneak peeks below, Sophia will be quite angry with how our dynamic duo proceeded with the now deceased mathematician and how they nearly gotten themselves killed in the process as well.

I am intrigued by this turn of events and glad that it seems we are finally going to learn something about Castle’s past. I really enjoyed the first part, “Pandora”, and I really hope that “Linchpin” pays off and that it doesn’t turn into the disaster that last season’s “Countdown” was. Now, I just have to comment that they manage to get themselves in worse and worse situations every year. If this supposed event may cause World War III, what’s next season’s two-parter going to be about? An intergalactic war?

Anyway, I am looking forward to the conclusion of this two-part event, especially in light of recent spoilers about Castle’s past.

Now go on, take a look at the clips below.

  • lame

    Pandora was directed by Barry Spicer same guy who directed Cops and Robbers. So that explains the edgey fast paced flow of the episode, yet he always throws in those intimate little things. Remember how Castle complained in Cuffed how Beckett always entered the room first, did anyone notice that in Pandora she always followed Castle,except for the time that home with the dead woman.

  • Maxtwo

    Sophia is the worst guest star on two-parter, it hurts to Caskett
    I hope I am wrong but it could be worse than the fiasco "Josh" last year.

    But I must say the sneak peek 2 is just amazing, I love the reactions of all the world especially Alexis

  • Gianna

    I couldn’t love Sophia Turner more in that 1st SP if I tried. She rightfully chewed them out.

    Beckett continuing to call Sophia Castle’s girlfriend is so annoyingly catty and immature. Grow the Hell up. I’m over jealous Beckett. Every woman that looks at Castle w any hint of desire and/or attraction she turns into a catty teenage girl.

    Love Sophia in the 3rd clip. A woman who’s comfortable in her own skin, self assured, and owns her sexuality. Top it off she does it effortlessly and not purposely. Breath of fresh air from emotional cripple, sarcastic, immature Beckett.

    PS: No one can destroy Caskett bc Caskett aren’t a couple! Despite fantic shippers delusions.

    • Karen

      Why the hell do you watch castle exactly ? Because even the writers have admitted its not so much a crime show as it is about the 2 leads and what ever you want to call what they have between them.

  • Maggie

    I love Beckett's face in the second clip when Alexis overhears them arguing. What does her guilty look tell us?

  • lame

    AWM & CO and ABC can't be very happy with the Feb sweeps. Blue Butterfly came in second and Pandora came in third. This after having been first thru the Fall. I hope Marlowe is hearing the fan base and how interest seems to be waning. The base is getting bored with the strained separation scenario, and complete lack of movement between the DD. They are indeed fortunate season five has been given the go ahead.

    • lame

      A real eye opener is that poll on Wet Paint on fans willing to continue with this series if C/B don't get together.
      Not what I expected.

      • neo

        You mean the almost 40% Yes is too high? Think from the other side: what will happen if Castle loses that 43% who voted with No? That would mean an extremely short S5. I hope it won't happen this way.

        • lame

          The size of the NO vote surprised me.

      • Maxtwo

        I find this poll worrisome. it's the fans who go on these sites and almost 50% are ready to leave the show, its proves that the frustration created by Marlowe is now bad for the series and so was mismanaging.

    • lame

      TVGuide is asking the same question, enough is enough with the separation scenarios.

  • neo

    Great SPs (the first three, the case is meh, I agree with Lucy, it's a waste of airing time). Jennifer Beals is great. I just hope they will go further than the "jealous present lover and pissy former one" cliché, the setup provides much better conflict options.

    If Beckett have to face that interpreting the orders freely could lead to the death of people (and if we get a clear glimpse that she catches the problem, I'm fed up with subtexts) I will forgive she released of the old couple in the name of love. That is a character conflict, not the secrets or the jealousy.

  • lame

    Congrats on being the first with these S/P's. Other sites are just now [4/20] showing them. Good going Luc, to you and your guys.

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