Castle Sneak Peeks: 4.07 “Cops & Robbers”

Luciana Mangas October 27, 2011 6

Castle fans, the sneak peeks you have all been waiting have finally been released. I think we are all extremely excited for next Monday’s episode “Cops & Robbers”, which will have Castle and his mother held hostages during a bank heist. Beckett will be pretty much powerless to help, even though the sneak peeks point to the fact that she will be involved with the negotiation to free the hostages.

This episode marks the beggining of the November Sweeps and, as most of you know, that is when the must-see episodes air. In “Cops & Robbers” we will have a never seen before situation, as Castle and Beckett will be separated for probably most of the episode in life threatening circumstances. Hopefully, that will encourage some significant movement forward in the Castle/Beckett front. Let’s not forget that we will finally get a Beckett/Alexis scene that I know most fans – me included – have been waiting for longest time. And if that sneak peek below is any indication, it looks like Alexis won’t be so trusting and friendly where Beckett is concerned.

All in all, it looks like we are in for a really intense episode, guys. Let’s just hope it’ll be as awesome as it looks.

“Cops & Robbers” is scheduled to air next Monday, October 31st, at 10/9C on ABC.

  • lame

    I guess we can kiss Ashley good-bye as well as that warm sisterly talk between Alexis and Beckett, everyones' been clamoring for.
    Other than that, this episode looks intense. I like how the guys dropped everything once they learned one of their own [Castle] was in the bank. Also, how Becketts' heart skipped a beat when Castle tells her he needs her. Now about those pictures of B/C sharing wine in his loft……………….

    • lame

      Come on, you guys know that KB is gonna tell Castle she remembers everything midway through the season.
      The ball will be in his court and in true Castle fashion he'll blow it some where down the line, when she learns he spoke to Mr. Smith.

      • Hylean

        I'm pretty sure you're right, though I don't think he'll ultimately blow it. That would piss off the shippers too much and even Stana is a shipper, like.

  • Margaret

    "Don't worry mother, I saw this work on Die Hard."

    hahahahahahaha, can't wait!

  • Marie

    Wow what a responsibility for Beckett – having to talk to the robbers with no training or experience. Also it will be so hard for her because she is highly emotionally involved – with Castle, Martha AND Alexis to think about. She's sure to be an emotional wreck – but in true Beckett style she will cope with all thrown at her! It will not be easy with Castle and his hairbrained ideas likely to cause more harm than good if he gets it wrong. Rick your not Bruce Willis – stay away from Die hard stuff LOL.

  • lame

    Read the interview with Susan Sullivan [tvline]. Seems like she's a little insecure since the death of Roy Montgomery. I hope they keep her around, even though she is grossly underused.
    I also hope they keep the psychiatrist [Dr Worf] around and use him more often than they have. He is after all
    our only connection to Becketts inner soul. We get a weekly dose of Castles thoughts with his interaction with his family, let's have the counter balance every two weeks with Beckett and the Doc.