Castle Sneak Peeks: Episode 4.19 “47 Seconds”

I don’t know about you guys, but for the first time in months I am insanely excited for a Castle episode. Honestly, I don’t think I can tone down my expectations no matter how hard I try. Do you know why? Because something is finally going to happen to move the main storyline along and I couldn’t happier about it. It doesn’t even matter to me what the fall out is going to be; what I really care about is that one of the secrets is finally coming out and I absolutely can’t wait to see what happens next.

In next Monday’s Castle, titled “47 seconds”, a bomb explodes at a protest rally killing five people. Castle and Beckett realize the key to solving the case is to reconstruct the 47 seconds prior to the explosion. Using video and witness accounts, they uncover the shocking truth about who planted the bomb. It all seems very exciting and like it’s going to be an action-packed episode, but we can’t forget that the bomb probably serves as a huge metaphor about the bombshell Beckett is dropping on Castle unknowingly, like you can see in this clip, courtesy of TV Guide.

Personally, I doubt the fallout of this revelation will happen in this episode. But in a way, I kind of want them to solve everything during “47 seconds”, so we don’t run the risk of letting it fall to the backburner, like so many twists have suffered with this fate over the course of these four seasons.

I am excited for whatever is going to happen, though. How about you? Weigh in on the possible consequences in the comments below.

Castle is scheduled to air on March 26 at 10pm on ABC.

  • susan

    the promo led us to believe castle said "you remembered all this time" to beckett, but the clips shows he actually said it to himself (hate that editing trick) – so it makes me believe he will not confront her about it in this episode…which really bums me out – i already feel cheated…

    • JohnR

      you haven't seen the episode yet, the promos and the sneak peeks are usually misleading, there's no way to know what Castle will do until we watch the entire episode so cheer up and don't be so negative

    • saveCastle

      Clever, clever writers – there's 47 seconds from the moment Kate is shot til the end of Season 3. This theory was posted somewhere on the interwebs about 10 days ago. Kudos to whoever pointed that out.

      • lame

        I'll bet we're being shown the first five to eight minuets of the episode. So much more is still to be seen.

  • lame

    Luc, tell Jon and the others, you all do a great jog getting the sneak peeks out expedientially. You are the best.

    • Luciana Mangas

      Thanks! :)

  • @mj9000jeanne

    The promo is a great teaser. I think that once Castle hears Kate's secret he will storm out of the precinct (from the original promo) and Kate will see him leave. Esposito will clue her in and she will go after Castle. Martha will have a small part in all of this. We know from interviews that for Castle it will stink a bit but it will get better. It has too. Why? Because in the next episode the two of them are together questioning the guy with the towel.

  • lame

    Oye,oye, some resolution will be reached. Something I gleaned from the interviews after Paley Fest, leads me to believe it won't be what we expect, at least not yet.

  • Sarah

    The interuption bit has gotten quite all ….. that's all.

    • lame

      I hear you, but something will be done. They're no longer getting the bump from DWTS that they used to. It'll be only on AWM & CO shoulders to carry them through season five and beyond. No more f 'n around, only their A game will do.

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