Castle Spoiler: Stana Katic Talks About The Noir Episode

Ever since the scoop about Castle doing a noir episode was released, I have been on the fence about it. It wasn’t exactly a surprise if you think that the promotional cast photo for this season was noir themed, but I was still holding out hope they wouldn’t go down that path. And it was all for nothing because just a couple of months later the information that a noir episode was in the works came out and crushed my last hope. I may be in the minority here, but I really don’t like when my shows change that much. My other noir experience with a show I love was ‘Brown Betty’on Fringe and that episode was a total disaster for me.

That said, I was still on the ‘let’s wait and see’team about the upcoming Castle episode ‘The Blue Butterfly’until more and more information started leaking. The latest piece of info was released last night by TV Guide and I have to be honest here, guys. I don’t like it. At all. They talked to Stana Katic and here is what the actress had to say about the episode:

“What fans will see is probably the fulfillment of what most any fan would like to see happen with the Castle and Beckett relationship. Fans will be seeing the ultimate expression of love for those two characters.”

I hope this is just TPTB trying to get the fans talking, but if we are to interpret what Katic said literally, I can only come up with one conclusion and it is something I really, really didn’t want to see on the show. If they are going to kiss, jump each other, have sex, whatever, I’d rather it be for real and not in a dream sequence or a fantasy. Because, if so, then they are just yanking our chain, aren’t they? Remember ‘Countdown’last season and how everyone felt cheated when Beckett got back together with Josh after everything that had happened? Unless there is some significant movement forward after that fantasy, it will all be kind of pointless and I feel that if they pull a stunt like that, the fans will feel cheated just like last season.

You all know I am all for being patient and trust the producers, but I think it’s getting to a point that they need to do something in order to keep the viewers’attention. Like I mentioned in my review for this week’s episode, it’s great that they have these cute moments and we all know they love each other hell, they know they love each other but unless they do something to shake things up, those moments will get old pretty fast. But then again, if by shaking things up means that they’ll get them together in a story happening in Castle’s mind, then I don’t know what’s better (or worse).

Anyway, just my two cents. I really hope I’m wrong and that it turns out to be a fantastic episode, but until then, I am not exactly looking forward to it.

Am I the only one dreading this episode? Sound off in the comments below.

  • Gianna

    Luciana, we are in complete agreement. If all this takes place in the fantasy than how does that move the ship forward? Answer: it doesn't, it means absolutely nothing though for Castle/Beckett. It's just a bone to appease the shippers while they continue to stall on actually getting them to a place of togetherness.

  • elsol69

    I wanted a Castle noir episode from day one, especially after they did a good steampunk episode. Quite honestly, the characters and actors lend themselves to a noir episode. Castle is a writer… he's already done the 'live vicariously' through his writing by getting Rook and Heat together in the books. It REALLY works for the show to have Castle dream up a noir scene. Yes — the producers and writers are playing games with the fans, BUT they're doing it within the context of Castle's character. He's always told stories to the other characters, so this feels natural more than an obstacle or a delaying tactic. That's why I don't mind it… it's something Castle would do anyway.

    • DDC

      This is what I think as well. You are spot on with your comparison to the Heat novels. I'm sure the cast, crew & writers had a lot of fun with this episode. I plan to enjoy their effort to entertain me.

    • sedona98

      This! I was just going to post about the comparison to Castle's novels, but you beat me to it. We've heard Castle's wild theories and stories for almost four entire seasons. Fans can read about them in his novels. Honestly, being able to SEE his story come to life is the next logical step in my mind. Even the Caskett shipper in my plans to sit back, relax and enjoy the episode for what it is.

  • Vivianne

    If they do pull this stunt, then I would say it’s absolutely so they can show a relationship without having to really have one, and then buy themselves more time before they actually have to do something about it. Another dozen episodes to tide them over, before they reveal the secrets in the finale, separate the two characters again, and start over in season 5.

  • docvap

    I'm actually really looking forward to this episode. It gives us a chance to see the world thru "Castle colored" glasses and that could be a lot of fun! Why all the gloom and doom? Andrew Marlowe has told an amazing story up to this point, every episode is another chapter serving it's purpose to further the progression of the relationship and this story. Have a little faith!!

    • Carol

      Just my opinion but Marlowe isn't doing anything that every other showrunner/EP playing the will they/won't they game hasn't done.

      Also I'm tired of the same line(s) out of the showrunners handbook being fed when fans become frustrated … "Be patient", "Have faith", yada yada. Same line, different showrunner.

      • Luciana Mangas

        That's exactly my point. I love the show and I doubt I'll stop watching anytime soon, but I can't be patient forever, you know? It's not just about appeasing the shippers, it's about moving the storyline forward. Right now it feels like we're just watching the same thing over and over again.

        • docvap

          Well I guess some of us just have more patience than others.

          And Carol, Marlowe may not being doing anything that others haven't already done before but the way he has done it, is enjoyable for some of us even when it frustrates us.

  • Maxine

    It may be the same actors, with the same chemistry, but if they’re playing two different, fantasy characters, then what the hell do I care if they are romantic, kiss, have sex, or what have you?

    It’s completely irrelevant to the story of Castle and Beckett, as far as I can tell. Even if it’s Castle’s fantasy. What, like he’s not fantasized about doing any number of things with Beckett, countless times? What’s new about this, other than it being slapped across the screen to give ‘shippers a bit of a thrill, and settle them down so Marlowe can get on with every tried and repetitive will they or won't they handbook. *SIGH*

  • Carol

    I guess there is a plus in this Noir episode … we will finally see that Nathan and Stana still have that amazing chemistry. Season 3 just killed the sexual tension for these two characters and season 4 hasn't found it yet and we're 12 episodes in. Being in love doesn't mean you loose the passion … at this rate I'd rather have seasons 1 and 2 flirty and fun Castle/Beckett back because at least than we saw the blazing hot chemistry that Nathan and Stana ooze as C/B.

  • Laura

    I agree with you Luciana . I will watch the episode but I usually hate when shows do "special episodes" and this looks like a pretty bad one. I think that they´re running out of ideas. I don´t want a fake kiss ,after 4 years we deserved a real one.People are starting to get bored and angry with all that cute , undercover or fake moments.

  • KalliopePL

    Was "Brown Betty" an episode when they were singing, btw? Agree, it was a complete disaster and the worst Fringe episode for me.

  • Margaret

    After the lack of much of anything to move the relationship forward lately, I am, as predicted, getting frustrated. I understand that she has demons and the fact that she's trying to work through her problems, but come on…if you love someone like the writers want us to think they do, then how would they not be expressing it, more than in just being more comfortable with each other? Why wouldn't they unconsciously touch more, like at the end of Cops and Robbers? I loved C&R, and right now, that was the anomaly this season. That was the episode where we saw Beckett's feelings, and that she simply couldn't hide them anymore, but then there was nothing after that. Even their banter was more friendly than that of potential SOs. So with the Noir episode, I think I'll like it, but yes, it will probably leave me annoyed because it won't be real, and once again, they'll gloss over it and we'll be left scrambling to rewatch and analyze and look for any little flick of the eyes that just might mean something. The only way they could salvage it is if they somehow admitted the daydreams afterwards, or fantasy somehow spilled over into reality and they shared a quick kiss or something before they realized what they were doing. They don't have to get them together, but heck, I did stuff with my husband for several weeks before we were 'officially' dating. There's no reason they couldn't do some moments like that.

    • Flick

      “fantasy spilled over into reality” – I really like that!

  • Leanne

    I have to say I totally disagree with you.

    The salient point of this episode is that its current time reality, just using Castle's imagination to show his feelings. Someone posted on twitter yesteday that it is the dictionary definition of a look into his mind and what Castle wants for him and Beckett and what he sees when he thinks about her.

    Regradless of where his imagination places them in time, we are seeing what Castle wants in a very clear and specific way. This season has been all about showing us Beckett's mindframe, now we're getting another look into Castles to show us he's in it as deep as he ever was.

    That can only be a good thing!

    and I have to admit, I'm a little peeved at you judging both the episode and the writers before you've even seen it. You should know better. If you watch it and hate it, fair play, but give it and then a chance before you use a very public place to denounce the ep.

    • docvap

      I second this 100%!! Especially the prejudging, thanks Leanne!

    • Luciana Mangas

      I am not judging, Leanne. I am speculating and asking for your opinion, that's all. All I did there was point to a possible scenario and possible consequences. This is supposed to be a debate and, as you can see, the expectation about this episode is pretty well divided.

      • Leanne

        Ok, I take your point, and I apologise for seeing bombastic, but how about showing a positive scenario and consequences as well, at least until we've seen the episode? I mean the angle about this being what Castle is thinking and wanting in current, real time – regardless of how his imagination posits it – is pretty positive I think.

        Given the previous experience with these writers and this cast, I think we should definitely expect something more than you are worried about. at the very least you should give them the benfit of the doubt. At the LEAST.

    • Carol

      I'm not judging, I'm simply speculating like so many do with this show and every other show when a press release is issued or TPTB/actors talk about it. Different POV/opinions and that's okay.

    • Cristina

      … and I ask what is the point of seeing how Castle imagines Beckett? We didn't already know that he's in deep? We don't already know that he thinks about her? Unless she's privy to these thoughts than what does it do for the ship? How does it move the ship along? How does it bring us any closer to Castle/Beckett beginning a real relationship? IMHO, it doesn't. It's just a way of giving the shippers what they want … another kiss with no real consequences to Castle/Beckett.
      This is just my speculation, I do hope I'm wrong but fear that I'm not.

      • centava99

        I agree 100% with you and Luciana. It's a valueless gift to shippers to keep them at bay, but in reality, it's shortsighted, because it just serves to frustrate us all more when it does nothing to move the real-time C&B relationship forward. This whole season has been a disappointment for me, and the wedding ep just worsened it, when TPTB couldn't even have C&B go as each other's date from the get-go, rather than Beckett having a 'oh, let's just be each other's plus-one' inspiration at the last second…*eyes roll*

    • neo

      Really, what feelings of him should we learn? That he loves her? I'm not senile, remember the ILY. That he wants her? If I remember correctly there were a few hint here and there about it in the past three and a half seasons. That he wishes his love and/or wants be reciprocated? Geez, that's new, I've never thought of this.

      What we will see is that somebody with the appearance and maybe the attitude (which attitude? the playboy? the good dad? the I-wish-I-could-be-that-cool writer?) of Castle will have some kind of relationship with a woman who looks like Beckett. But where on earth is a gangster's moll reaction tells anything about Beckett? No matter what will happen between them in the AU, sex, sacrifice, that will tell nothing about their real story.

      A film noir episode is perfectly in place in the show with Castle's affection to Sam Spade, his storyteller mind, I have no problem with it. Using that to throw a bone to the shippers who want only seeing Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic kissing is very cheap, the characters of Richard Castle and Kate Beckett would deserve better.

  • lame

    Pulling our chain or jumping the shark, it seems like AWM & CO have run out of ideas in keeping C/B apart. Every episode with Dr Blake promised so much more, and as in last season, the continuity is tossed out the window.
    We are presented with these cute, funny episodes, but as for the overall C/B arch AWM & CO keep spinning their wheels; going absolutely no where fast. Tell me exactly what the meaning of that final look Beckett gave Castle at the end of "Cuffed" was, or were we already getting our chain yanked and not realizing it.

    • Cristina

      "Tell me exactly what the meaning of that final look Beckett gave Castle at the end of "Cuffed" was"?

      The meaning? Nothing if there is no follow up aka continuity! The point was to make shipper squee and nothing more. Same thing with Castle/Beckett walking down the aisle arms linked. How else were they supposed to get to their seats? Really who else believes we'll ever see Castle/Beckett as a couple, walking down the aisle to get married on this show? ….. Yeah me either. Not being cynical just realistic and going on TV show experience.

    • lame

      I have to agree with Margaret, there were so many great moments this season AWM & CO could have built on to really add heat to the C/B arch and instead we get a rehash of the tepid season three relationship.

  • Cristina

    Just speculating and going on my years of TV watching experience … this screams "shipper bait"!

    In the "Is Lack Of Continuity A Problem For Castle?" article there was a great and true quote from poster on the ABC boards and it's been a touchstone for me since season 3
    "Things seem to be done for effect, to have an impact on the viewer, rather than having a lasting impact on the characters". No truer words were ever typed.

  • CME

    I totally agree….not a great path. Been done…to Death and I thought the folks running Castle said they weren't going to go the same old direction as other shows. Sad but Im NOT looking forward to this. Already feeling let down and frustrated.

  • Lawrence Griffin

    Don't get me wrong, I do love the show since day 1, but I am not sure that I will watch this episode like many I prefer to see the real thing. I think that the producers and writers should pay better attention to what the audience wants, otherwise the ratings could drop and the show will be cancelled.

    On February Steven Spielberg's ''Smash'' will be on NBC at the same time slot of ''Castle'' I have seen the promo on You Tube and I think that this show could really hurt Castle's ratings, if the writers and producers do not do anything to improve their stories and Castle and Beckett do not get together..

  • Cate

    I completely agree – I'm already feeling cheated after this week's ep. I mean, Beckett saying 'third time's a charm' to Castle sounded like she could've said it to some random stranger on the street and yet she's supposed to be in love with him! She couldn't have looked less bothered (and that's hard for Stana Katic who's subtle facial expressions are normally so expressive) and yet she knows he loves her and vice versa. It was all a bit flat for me. I don't want to see them get together in AU, either, because it just means we'll be subjected to another season after that of will they/won't they. I LOVE this show and the Caskett moments are great, but I'm becoming frustrated by the Caskett heat malfunction. Either they're on or they're off – stop messing around with the thermostat!

    • Rich

      "stop messing around with the thermostat" will be a memorable statement for me! It sums up the Castle/Beckett relationship perfectly. I have never liked the noir shows and have seen a ton of them. If the writers need help on the continuity issue, they have only to watch a couple of episodes of NCIS. I liked Luciana's article and have no need or desire to watch this episode. If they sing I'll turn the channel. Thanks Cate for the great line, which I quote again…"Stop messing around with the thermostat."

    • nmplawson

      About Beckett's whole statement in the church before walking down the aisle;
      Why didn't Castle ask Beckett? I mean he loves her right? Just because she didn't hear you say it or even if it repressed for a bit do you really go back to "friend level"? I mean everyone else knows what's up how he feels? i want to see Castle woo her, in only a way he can!
      I need Castle to step it up a bit and seriously throw some game Beckett's way. I mean he brought her a evening gown first season, there gotta more.

  • Kelly

    "Ultimate Expression of Love" may indicate some sort of sacrifice on the part of the Noir surrogates. There is a crime involved, one that has echoes in the Castleverse – so who lays down their life for love? That's where SK's comments took me. If, as has been speculated elsewhere, the Noir segments are Castle spinning a tale, why bother to look for parallels in the Castleverse? It seems that no matter what A. Marlowe does, someone gets unhappy and cranky because they can't see the future and think that it's somehow Marlowe's fault. It's a TV show. Watch, enjoy. Or not.

  • Erica

    I was annoyed at first but after reading the comments on the ABC Castle boards my faith is restored. People think that Castle is going to read this and be reminded how much he *loves* Kate and that he shouldn't be taking a back seat anymore and that he should fight for her. This will change the dynamic because he will become more observant with her behavior and he may figure out her secret and call her out on it.

  • hoping noir works

    For me, it's more like taking a one-eye open approach with a slight cringe.

    The chemistry between C/B has been under-used for quite some time while TPTB try to find ways to develop their relationship organically.

    Having them get jiggy in an AU-type setting? Meh. No thanks. But then again it might be *possible* and plausible in the context of the Noir storyline.

  • Christopher

    I loved Fringe’s ‘Brown Betty’, but hate the way they shortchanged the shippers in the ‘real’ part of Fringe, so I’d hate to see ‘Castle’ do that; but I wonder if we’re misreading the tease Stana gave us. When she says the ultimate expression of love………. what if in this noir episode, Castle’s character gives his life to save Beckett’s character? That would be interesting to see Beckett’s reaction in the show, to hearing Castle spin that story, and see how he feels about her/what lengths he would go to for her.

  • trojanwalls

    Remember the 'BONES' episode where Booth and Brennon got together in an alternate reality cooked up in Booth's coma? It almost broke my heart when nothing at all changed between the real characters and finally (recently) when things did change, they completely skipped the whole 'getting together' part of their relationship jumping instead to Brennon's pregnant months.
    I do want to see the noir episode – Castle would make a very dramatic noir detective and Beckett with her exotic looks could be a very, very sexy arm candy. But that's also part of my problem. In Castle, usually Beckett's the hero and Castle's her partner – the emphasis being on partner. Castle isn't shown as the real detective. I don't know how I would like a reversal of that role, since their usual dynamics contributes to their chemistry.

    • nmplawson

      The only reason they had to rush is because Emily actually got pregnant, the Bones and Booth story arch was headed that direction anyway. I think the writers realized that when they got all that flack about adding in Hannah they had to scrabble quick just to make it half believable. I think that the noir episode will be fine as long as nothing seriously happens to either Nathan or Stana ( knock on wood) in a year or two, they'll get together. i like the fantasy episodes because it gives everyone a break, allows people to stretch artistically. remember everyone been the same character for about four years now, yes there have been little changes/character development but these folks aren't the Simpsons ( 15+ seasons and Maggie's still a baby, please).
      The writers are really testing the waters, if we (the fans) get all wishy washy about how when and where the archetypes of Castle and Beckett hook up we're going to lose the potential to really develop it later. For all we know the noir episode could bring their feelings front and center.

  • lame

    Before the shippers get to giddy over "the ultimate expression of love", couldn't that be sacrificing ones' like for the other, rather than a sexual encounter?

    • lame

      Sorry for not thoroughly reading all of the other postings, and being redundant.

  • neo

    I separate the two things. A film noir themed episode is right on place in Castle with his affection to Sam Spade, storytelling, etc. It can be written right or wrong, can be lame or funny, we will see, I hope it will be good on this side.

    Using this episode to throw a bone to the shippers and showing two completely different people played by the same actors lip locking, having sex (or making sacrifices, no difference): it's cheap. If somebody wants to see a video tutorial of kissing, search on the web.

  • Nev

    I agree with Kelly's comment ealier. Just because Stana called it the "ultimate expression of love" doesn't mean they're going to jump into bed together. One thing I've learned is that you can never take what AWM or the cast say at face value. They tease and torture us a lot. Plus, as others have said, this could be a way of floating the idea of Castle and Beckett being together without them actually being together. Seeing what the audience's reaction is in preparation for making some kind of big move maybe next season.

    Additionally, I don't understand why, if so many people are dissatisfied with the relationship progress, they are still watching? Why do that to yourself? Go watch Bones or Grey's Anatomy where people are constantly sleeping with each other.

    • neo

      You know if everybody who has reservation the way the story is told should leave the show then this would be the final season, so probably you don't wish it seriously.

      Contrary to the simplification, "progress" doesn't equal to having sex or false smooching, though maybe it's too hard to imagine. Some people see more in these characters then mere objects of shipping.

    • Neicy

      Just because fans/viewers voice their frustration etc with a show doesn't mean they aren't still fans. Jeez! Ever heard of an open dialogue or constructive criticism.
      Just because I'm not enjoying every single aspect of this show doesn't mean I love it or want it to succeed. If everyone who didn't like a part of this show stopped watching … NEWSFLASH … this show wouldn't be on the air!

  • neo

    I would amend one thing to my previous comment, as it is a very important difference.
    If they reveal their feelings before this episode (don't need to jump on each other, just being honest regarding their wishes) I have no problem with any AU scene or plot, being it kiss, sex, sacrifice, involved by characters like them or very unlike them. Than it's the result of Castle whirring mind which isn't able to detach from the fact that something really changed between them. Not that there are any info that this kind of relevation would happen till then, but I thought it is a chance mustn't be overlooked.

  • anon

    I completly agree with you luciana, i will watch the episode but i think this is a stupid idea because i think it lacks originality. Castle has gotten enough crap from Bones fans saying that it is a copy cat show, and with this episode, the writers are just giving those fans more ammo. They need to keep making steps in the real world with castle and beckett or else they are going to start loosing fans. I have loved this season so far but i am afraid things are coming to a halt once again. And seriously, the last three seasons have ended with those two apart! they need to change it up, but they also cannot wait until the finale to bring them together because i think that is a little cliche too. And one more random thought that is on my mind, I will be seriously mad if they continue to follow bones and skip the whole first parts of their relationship when they finally do get together. those are the best moments, not to mention seeing how it affects everyone else on the show. there is a lot of stuff the writers can do that would bring in alot of fans if they dont follow in bones' footsteps.

  • Reckless Redneck

    I think this episode will be great! But, I’d rather see what’s going on in Beckett’s head about her feelings towards Castle than Castle’s because, we all know what going on in his head.

  • Kris

    Personally, I can not walt for this episode. One of my favorite episodes of the Xfiles was the stylized ep Post Modern Prometheus. Imo, thanks to the capable hands of Marlowe and XF alumni I expect the Noir ep to be fantastic. It’s a perfect fit for Castle’s imagination. I think it will be much more telling of how he really feels about Beckett romantically than any of the Nikki Heat novels…about the love vs sexual fantasies. And there will be real time scenes too so the possibility for ship advancement is still there. I’ve felt very satisfied with the pace and development of their relationship, though sometimes I chomp at the bit, they’re just so awesome! I didn’t think Mulder and Scully could be topped in my book, but Castle & Beckett beat em out. It just better not take them 9 seasons to get together! Seriously though, from where C&B started individually as characters and a couple, I think they’re right where they should be, and I’ve loved this season seeing into Beckett’s mind and heart. Going from giving Castle secret smiles to not being able to contain herself. He’s feeling the love and that is amazing. So I say so what if this ep is a fantasy/biscuit for us ships…I’m glad Castle pilot is demonstrating the range TXF had. Let it spread its wings, and enjoy the Noir ep for what it is as a guilty pleasure because when Castle’s secret comes out-you know what will hit the fan lol.

    • Kris

      dunno how the word ‘pilot’ got there, should read just ‘Castle’

  • Casologist

    I agree! This is just another twist on teasing. Last season those epic, meaningful scenes were, in their aftermath, forgotten. This season they are fantasy scenes. You love watching them but then afterwards you realize that they didn't mean much! To make this relationship thrive we need our DD to have some face to face, tender, intense scenes. They don't have to hook up yet . But they should be able to communicate by now by text rather than subtext only.

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