Castle: Stana Katic on How Beckett is in Love With Castle & What’s Ahead For This Season

Stana Katic is probably the best advocate of the shippers that desperately want Castle and Beckett to get together already. Out of the entire cast, she is the one who has always supported the idea of the two leads pursuing a romantic relationship and how that would not ruin the show. There is no Moonlighting curse, people. All there is here is good writing and bad writing. We have examples on both so we know it is possible to be successful after the two leads finally resolve that sexual tension that drives the fans crazy.

Katic sat down with TV Line’s Matt Mitovich, and revealed just what is going on in Detective Kate Beckett’s mind after everything that went down since the season 3 finale. Poor girl has had a lot going on: her Captain and mentor betrayed her and then died to protect her, she got shot and almost died, Castle declared his undying love for her and she has absolutely no leads on her mother’s case anymore. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster, right? It’s no surprise that she went back to her therapy sessions, even after being approved in her psich evaluation.

So at this point, she’s stuck in a really hard place, in which she has finally realized that she loves Castle right back, but she can’t pursue anything with anyone (romantically) until she solves her mother’s murder and put this whole thing to rest once and for all.

“There’s also that fear for Beckett. It took her pretty much all of first season just to look at him as a cohort, as a really great partner, so why sacrifice that unless you’re completely sure that the other person’s going to dedicate themselves to making a relationship work?” She explains.

When asked about why Kate would lie about not remembering anything, Stana explains what she thinks is going through Beckett’s mind:

“One of the reasons is that she realized over this experience, while in northern New York at her father’s cabin, that she herself has always kind of kept one foot out the door in a relationship. She has probably gotten into relationships and maybe known that there was a way out if she needed it, because there was this looming thing that she needed to do, a chapter that she needed closure on, which was her mum’s murder. She knows that she now would be a danger to any relationship that she would get into unless she can close that, so she’s not willing to admit to Castle that she feels the same way.”

Katic also says that one of the reasons that Beckett may not be ready for a relationship with Castle is because she may still see him as a player, as someone who may not be faithful in a relationship. She knows he is a great friend and trusts him, but this is also a guy that has two failed marriages on his back and, for all she knows, he may have been the reason both marriages didn’t work.

Now both characters are stuck in a catch 22. Beckett won’t be ready for anything real with Castle until she solves her mother’s murder and Castle can’t let her investigate it or she will be murdered. Not to mention that they are both keeping major secrets from each other. I am willing to bet that when those secrets come out, things will not be pleasant. “I think that her first reaction is she would be pissed.” The actress says. “Because for her that’s the one thing she has to finish in order to get on with things, and to get into a relationship hopefully with him, because she is crazy about him. She is in love with him. And throughout this season I’m looking for moments for that to shine. That was part of a discussion with Andrew and some of our creatives here: I feel, as the actor performing it, like the audience has had so much insight into what’s going on in Castle’s mind, because he has this outlet, his family, and Beckett doesn’t. So we’ve created this psychiatrist character (played by Michael Dorn) who’s an avenue. But I’ve also looked for private moments, as an actor, where Castle might not be looking but she can at least show [her feelings].”

Personally, I am all for seeing more of Beckett outside of the precinct and talking to a friend or even her dad. I am a big fan of Scott Paulin’s Jim Beckett and I am really hoping they will bring him back sometime this season. I find that whenever he is in an episode, we get to see a different side of Kate, thus getting more private moments and thoughts from the detective. Lanie would be a great bridge to Beckett’s world too because it seems that they played up that friendship in season 1 and then it kind of fell into the backburner until now. Just having a girlfriend to talk about what’s going on in your head would be a great way to balance Castle’s family life and get an insight into Beckett’s thoughts.

Stana also teases the Superhero episode airing tomorrow night and says that they had a blast filming it. “She relates to the superhero that’s doing what he’s doing, because she’s a form of a superhero in my mind, at least!”

You can check out the sneak peeks and promotional photos for tomorrow’s episode “Heroes & Villains” here.

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  • SB

    Stana Katic always gives a great interview. I love how invested she is in her character and look forward to watching her portray Kate Beckett this season. Like Ms. Katic, I view Beckett as a superhero so it will gratifying to learn more about the character this season. Thanks for the article and sharing the Stana Katic interview. The Castle execs should really use her more to promote the show.

  • lame

    I hope AWM's crew of writers take to heart Stana's desire to have an outlet for Beckett. You know Micheal Dorn's shrink wasn't hired for the two minuets we've seen so far. I known there was a good four or five hours of film on him and Kate in that conversation. We'll see those down the road. Jim Beckett and Lanie would also be great, just as she suggested. Listen to her Andrew, that's what we want, the other side of the story. It would put a fabulous bow tie on this season.

  • Casologist

    This Playboy issue has been a topic of discussion – not only on this site. True, we see more of Castle's feelings for Kate but he has shown more than enough times last season that he is not in this for a conquest. He is dead serious and I don't know how Kate or Stana could perceive doubts about him. We've seen his two ex-wives. Meredith, the fried Twinky – the term Castle used to describe her, a mother who doesn't want custody of her daughter. Gina was a rebound and she is more a businesswomen than a wife. So, he made poor choices but I don't think he was a serious cause of either divorce. Let's not forget that Kate's problem is that she has never attempted to even start a serious relationship. That issue is as significant as Castle's two failed marriages. They both have relationship issues. It's even!

    • lame

      I don't think you can say that. Will Sorensen to this date, Knew more about Kate than Castle still does. That would suggest and intense relationship, and he was the one who walked away form it. I don't think you can say that about the detective and the doctor.

      How 'bout Jim Beckett asking Kate how things are going between her and Castle. After all, if he knew Castle was one of the few people she'd listen to, he knows his daughter has feelings for him. Those conversations would great for the fans to see.,

      • Casologist

        Kate admits openly she goes into relationships with "one foot in and one foot out." She dropped Demming even though he wanted more as soon as Ryan told her that Castle sticks around for her. The doctor was a rebound after Castle went back to Gina. She stuck with him even though he couldn't make time for her in his busy schedule. Castle was the one who opened her eyes to her relationship issues. I think he knows her in some respects better than she knows herself. She talks to her Dad but she doesn't act on her feelings. Even Natalie Rhodes saw it pointed it out to her.

        How can you say that Kate Beckett doesn't have relationship issues when she admits it openly?