Sneak Peeks: Castle 4.05 “Eye Of The Beholder”

Well, I have to say that the upcoming Castle episode, “Eye of the Beholder” is sounding more and more deliciously infuriating. As you all probably already know, next week Castle and Beckett will be investigating a murder linked to a very valuable sculpture. Kristin Lehman (The Killing) guest stars as Serena Kaye, a a smart, sexy insurance investigator who offers her services in order to help them with the case. The problem is she also sets her eye on Castle, which will just drive Detective Kate Beckett up the wall in jealousy.

As you can see in the clips below, Castle will be a little taken with Kaye and Kate will most likely be killing the blonde in her mind several times over the course of the episode. Personally, I just hope this insurance investigator turns out to be the murderer or something equally twisted, just to punish Castle. The guy is supposed to be in love and now he’s chasing after another woman? Seriously?

Yes, I am definitely taking Kate’s side on this one. And of course, a jealous Kate Beckett is always entertaining as we already got to see in “Nikki Heat” last season and in the two-parter in season 2 when Dana Delaney guest starred as Agent Jordan Shaw.

Don’t forget to check out the polemic promotional photos for this episode.

“Eye of the Beholder” is scheduled to air next Monday, October 17th, at 10/9C on ABC.

  • lame

    I thought Martha Rodgers was a C/B shipper, is she getting as impatient as some of your guest/ shippers. Martha knows how Castle feel about Beckett, so is she telling him its' time to make a move?
    Whatever, this sounds like it's gonna be fun.

  • dftwinkie

    Actually, there's nothing about an ep that turns on making Beckett doubt herself, professionally or personally, that's going to play funny at this point in the season. Haven't we just been endlessly told how fragile she is? Haven't we just seen her boys rallying round, making sure she knows she's got their support? Hasn't Castle just spent three months pining for her, and hasn't he just been told he's got a real shot at a real relationship if he can just be patient and let her sort herself out, which she's noticeably trying to do? Why on earth would I find Castle making goo-goo eyes at some random blonde either plausible or funny at this point in their lives? It was great fun last year when they were in some other emotional place entirely, but I can't see it working now.

    • befair

      Beckett has been so arrogant this season that she has no room for doubt. "Kate, make it out to Kate." SO certain that she doesn't need to say anything else, no apology, just, "I couldn't call you Castle." Yeah, he spent 3 months pining for her and he WAS VERY INDIRECTLY TOLD, I'm not ready for the relationship I want to have. With??? Him, he's supposed to hope? Years from now? When a 10 year old cold case is solved?
      She needs to stop taking him for granted. He's waiting. BUT, he's human and alive; Beckett, not so much.

  • maureen

    Castle seriously needs to get C&B together – they are just going nowhere this season and I'm losing interest.

  • Caskett 101

    I agree C&B needs to happen already. A new storyline could be how they try to keep it under wraps (successfully at first) and have it unravel slowly. A lot of undercover and stakeout moments can be milked out of that!

  • Fina

    I can actually understand him. I mean, it must be really frustrating to be around the girl you love all day long and remember that HE doesn't knows that she remembers everything. I guess he is just interested in the blonde for some sort of distraction.

  • Befair

    Even his mother thinks he should move on. Go Martha! She may like Det. Beckett, but she wants her son to be happy. And to find someone who is worthy of him. Someone who appreciates him. Do you guys really believe that KB even halfway feels for him what he does for her? If she does, she has a funny way of showing it. (Well, not funny. More like cruel).

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