CBS Cancels CSI: NY, Golden Boy, Rules of Engagement, and Vegas

CSI: NYEarlier today, CBS picked up two new dramas, Jerry Bruckheimer’s Hostages and the Josh Holloway vehicle Intelligence, and four comedies. Now, though, they’ve decided to cancel three dramas in veteran CSI: NY and freshmen Vegas and Golden Boy, all of which aired on Fridays this season, and comedy Rules of Engagement.

Neither cancellation is much of a surprise. CSI: NY ended its season early and with rising production costs and the network’s desire to launch new dramas, it didn’t perform quite well enough to make it over the hump. Also, last season reportedly had the network choosing it over CSI: Miami, so the franchise member was living on borrowed time during the 2012-2013 season. Its cancellation leaves mothership CSI the lone member of the franchise standing, as the decade-old procedural has already been renewed for next season.

Vegas, meanwhile, was a case of disappointing numbers and little buzz. The show was meant to be a game changer for the network, given its expansive reach, period setting, and character focus. It was supposed to be CBS’ way of entering into the world of prestige television, its star-studded cast garnering a lot of hype before the season began – unfortunately, the show premiered softly in the ratings and never found its footing. Couple that with the fact that Golden Boy, starring Theo James, had a semi-promising first couple of weeks and Vegas never saw its NCIS: LA lead-in again. Golden Boy ended up struggling against weak competition on the other networks and squandered whatever potential success it hinted at in its opening weeks.

The end of Rules of Engagement was a foregone conclusion, as well. For years, the show had been a strong utility player for the network, able to be plugged in to just about any slot and perform at a certain level, but with CBS happy with its comedy development and looking to expand, there just wasn’t any room for it anymore.

CBS is set to reveal its 2013-2014 schedule on Wednesday, May 15th.

Are you surprised at either CSI: NY or Vegas ending? Do you think the latter should have been moved from its Tuesday slot in the first place? With the CSI mothership all alone now, will we see any more iterations of the hugely successful franchise?

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  • Mojave

    I’m disappointed with the cancellation of Vegas. I thought it was a very good show, great cast and writing, something different from an intriguing era. Sad that it didn’t get ratings.

  • Elizabeth L Audas

    Really sorry to hear that CBS has cancelled Vegas. It is one of my favorite shows but I knew when they moved it from Tuesday to Friday in favor of Golden Boy that it was probably doomed. I also watched Golden Boy but didn’t like it as much as Vegas. My feeling is that CBS should have left Vegas where it was following NCIS Los Angeles.

  • Eleanore Kraemer

    The only program I will watch next season on CBS is Criminal Minds. I’m very, very disappointed you cancelled CSI,N.Y. and Vegas. But you renewed garbage like Undercover Boss and Two and a Half Men. Those programs are stupid. Maybe enough people will complain to bring them back.