Stephen King’s Under The Dome Renewed For Second Season


We are pretty torn here at TV Overmind about how we feel about the first season of CBS’s thriller based on the Stephen King book of the same name, Under the Dome. While some of us see it as a taut thriller, filled with some great elements of science fiction and mystery, there are a few of here who have never gotten over the feeling that this is just The Simpson’s movie, taken a bit too seriously. But regardless of  how we all feel about it, someone out there likes the show. By out there, we mean you guys.

How do we know this?

Because Under the Dome was just renewed for a second season.

Which, by the way, we think is a great idea. Why Would we think that if some of us don’t like the show? Well, a show like this is hard to truly judge until we have had some kind of payoff as viewers. And you can’t give the payoff (as in, why is there a dome) until the characters and story have been flushed out more, which seems just what the second season will be set to do. Remember, Lost built itself up as a mystery, adding questions on top of questions, and that is how it got great ratings.

The problem when comparing it to Lost is, that Lost payoff was minimal at best in our opinion, so will we get a payoff as unrewarding as the payoff was after years of tuning in to that show? Well, the reality is, the book is published, so if you REALLY wanted to know how it all ends, you could pick that up at any moment and find out for yourself.

We will give you a hint. This is a lot more open and shut than Lost was, but now we just need to see if the show sticks around long enough for us to find out. If this renewal for a second season is any indication, we may just get the ending we deserve.

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