Tonight on Criminal Minds: 6.22 “Out of the Light”

emma fraser May 4, 2011 4

Criminal Minds Whilst Criminal Minds has been off our screens for a few weeks there have certainly been some shake ups behind that scenes that have got everyone talking. If you need a catch up on this discussion regarding these changes it can be found here. This week the show returns for its final run of three episodes before season 6 ends and it looks like it is business as usual for the BAU team tonight. Ahead is a look at what can be expected from tonight’s episode as well as look at what is to come, so be warned that there are some light spoilers below.

“Out of the Light” in typical Criminal Minds fashion has the team racing against the clock when a young women is found badly injured in the mountains of North Carolina and another is missing. They believe that they have the perpetrator of this crime who claims to be innocent, but is he? These two women don’t appear to be the only victims of this heinous crime and the team must piece together the evidence in time to save a life and catch the right guy.

This case seems like pretty standard fare for the Criminal Minds team, though cases that involve a victim who is alive and can provide possible details that can save the life of another are often more tense than when all the victims are so far deceased. From the promo below it looks like they are having a hard time getting any information from this women, making solving the case all the more difficult as they race against time.

What should we expect from the last two episodes of Criminal Minds season 6? Airing May 11th “Big Sea” has the team heading to Jacksonville, Florida where bodies have been discovered off the coast in the ocean, it all becomes personal for Morgan (Shemar Moore) when his aunt believes that her missing daughter could be one of the victims.

The big one is of course the season finale in two weeks, “Supply and Demand” sees the return of J.J. (A.J. Cook) which surprises the team, especially as Hotch (Thomas Gibson) proposes that there might be change coming for the team. As a reflection as to how things are in the reality the reason why changes might be coming to the team is down to spending budgets, showrunner Erica Messer recently told TV Guide that

“It’s about our team and the financial cost of crime fighting. The goal was to show how much the world needs our heroes and how important it is that we keep the team together. … Bad guys seem to have endless funds but, as in real life, there are budget cuts in the government, and the team is in jeopardy of being split up.”

It sure does sound like there will be a cliffhanger regarding the Criminal Minds team and their future. After all the fan upset at the end of last season it will be interesting to see how much of a cliffhanger there actually is. What would you like to see happen to the team in these final three episodes?

For a sneak look at tonight’s episode check out the promo below:




  • S Donahue

    I WILL quit watching Criminal Minds if Morgan continues to be the only one who kicks down doors, handcuffs everyone, gives CPR alone (when Hotch is right there), and if I ever hear 'baby girl' again I'll puke. Bring Prentiss back now! (She is still alive..) JJ- take it or leave it. When did you begin to forget Reid's brains & reading capability? Hotch is the Boss. Forget that too??

  • Bridget

    All I have to say is PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get the team back together!!  The show is simply not the same.  I think it's time to see what else is on Wednesday nights @ 9!?!

  • http://sameasabove Kathy Phillips

    I've been watching criminal minds for over a year, enjoy the show and cast, also like CSI and law and order, I haven't liked keep seeing repeats of criminal minds want to see new shows, hate to see this show end, it's really good.

  • michael

    am i wrong, or is the los angeles female csi that has been on csi: las vegas and who is playing conrads daughter, not the same bau agent that was just brought on criminal minds just a few episodes ago…if so is she playing 2 different parts on 2 different shows or is it a something we have not been told yet: like she is out of criminal minds and in at csi:las vegas?