Fired! Celebrity Apprentice Outcast Gary Busey’s First Stop: Jimmy Kimmel

Jon Lachonis April 18, 2011 1

The only reasons left to watch Celebrity Apprentice are now to see if there will be another Meatloaf blow-out, or whether the Donald will run for President on the platform that people born to Americans aren’t American. Gary Busey got the axe last night, and it was a sad day for the show. Busey’s antics made the Celebrity Apprentice twice as entertaining as I ever expected it to be, and his presence will be sorely missed next week. Busey surely isn’t taking it to heart, though, evident by him turning in his first requisite post-firing talk show appearance on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, instead of Celebrity Apprentice‘s home network’s – NBC – skein of talk shows. I can’t think of a better place for Busey to ham about his experiences on Celebrity Apprentice than Kimmel, whose own brand of off-kilter humor will no doubt lend itself well to Busey’s … um … Busey-ness. Kimmel also welcomes guest Courteney Cox and musical guest Jessie J to the Bud Light Outdoor Stage.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs tonight on ABC at 12|11c on ABC.

  • Marielle

    Those guys on The Apprentice really ganged up on Gary.  He was the only man on the show that was interesting.  John Rich was so boring. Meatloaf looked like he could really benefit from talking to a mental health worker. The rapper did not add anything of interest to the show.

    I loved the part where Gary explained his vision for a product. He verbally painted  a picture of a man on father's day with his son and daughter. He used an idea about a kite that had the product brand.  It would have made a great commercial.  His teammates did not step up. The only thing that Gary's team mates seemed to know how to do was to find things about Gary to judge.

    It was crazy, on one show Gary was minding his own business painting. Meatloaf took a mental fit accusing Gary of "stealing" his paints. Then it turned out that Meatloaf only misplaced his paints.  The guys seemed to think that it was okay to yell and scream at Gary. It was very odd.

    I am going to search thru my Netflix for EVERY GARY BUSEY movie ever made.  Gary Busey is a GREAT ACTOR!