Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men Renewed, and AMC Wants a Late Night Show From Him Too

kevin smith

AMC wants more of Kevin Smith, as they’ve just renewed his reality show Comic Book Men for another season. The show is more popular than you might imagine, and AMC wants to take advantage of Smith’s devoted fanbase who is tuning in on the regular.

Past that, they’re eyeing Smith for something resembling a last night hosting gig, though really, more of a televised podcast. Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman will be filming Hollywood Babble-on with the intention of it turning into a pilot talk show for AMC. The channel has found success with Talking Dead and Talking Bad, the chat shows after The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, though will they be able to replicate those results with Smith not discussing a specific show?

Honestly, I think it’s a great idea to have a sort of exclusively nerd-centric talk show out there. I would totally tune in to AMC to watch Smith discuss Batman vs. Superman, Avengers 2, Game of Thrones, etc, etc. There’s so much material out there, that I think it could be a sort of Top Gear for nerds. Will look forward to seeing what they come up with.

[Photo via Ilya S. Savenok/Stringer]

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  • HawkeMan

    Great idea! I would definitely tune in just to hear the discussions about all the stuff I care about. This could potentially fill the void left by Attack of The Show! :(