Super Strange Things Batman Did To Keep His Identity Secret

Batman has been one of the most popular and well-respected heroes in the DC universe for a long, long time. And yet in all that time only a few people, mostly villains, have ever hinted or actually come across the truth of his real identity. When you really think about it the caliber of enemy he’s had in the past and the fact that he reveals the lower half of his face doesn’t make him any harder to figure out than Superman, but somehow he’s been able to keep that particular secret from a lot of people throughout the years. But that’s not to say he hasn’t had to get inventive from time to time when keeping his secret.

But honestly, you wouldn’t believe some of the things he’s done.

He trained his bodyguard as his sidekick.

Yeah, believe it or not Bruce Wayne had a bodyguard for a while. Once she figured out his secret identity though he saw fit to train her. The trouble was that when he went down for murder she came along for the ride. She was stabbed and reconditioned in prison to become a cybernetically-enhanced spy from that point on, which means that being the bodyguard to Batman was somehow not the strangest thing she’d ever done.

He let the Suicide Squad keep operating.

It seems crazy to let hardened criminals, super-powered criminals no less, earn their freedom by doing impossible, supposedly suicide missions. Batman obviously agreed and was ready to take them down when Amanda Waller showed up with a trump card of her own, the truth about Batman’s identity. She fully promised that if he was intent on stopping the squad that she would let it be known who he really was. Batman relented at that point and the Suicide Squad was allowed to keep operating.

He made it known that he was guy funding the Batman.

It wasn’t an admission of his dual identity, but it was about as close as it got without actually saying the words. Bruce Wayne decided to let the world know that he was in fact footing the bill for the Batman’s many impressive gadgets, weapons, vehicles, and suits that were used to combat crime in Gotham. He even went so far as to create Batman Incorporated, which also funded other superheroes in a public manner so as to fight crime and deflect any suspicion that he might actually be the Batman. Amazingly enough, and thanks to some quick writing, that seemed to work and the Batman got to keep his anonymity.

Honestly it’s hard to say why the writers of Batman have never really allowed his identity to push through. A lot of Marvel heroes have allowed their identity to be known and despite this fact making their lives a little harder that’s one burden they haven’t had to deal with in years. The world knows that Tony Stark is, or was Iron Man, that Steve Rogers was Captain America, and Natasha Romanoff is Black Widow and so on and so forth. There isn’t a need for all the secrecy with some characters.

Plus, a few of Batman’s enemies already know, and all it would take is one slip of the tongue and the secret’s out.


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