Can Community Survive Without Donald Glover?


donald glover

With Dan Harmon back on board, Community is steadily becoming one of my favorite shows again. Tight writing, great direction, and a great cast are all crucial to this. But this week I was watching Community, and they dropped the bomb about Troy leaving (to sail the world and become a man, per Pierce Hawthorne’s will) and it hit me. The mad cap zaniness of Troy and Abed are part of what makes the show work so well for me. They are the two characters who make it possible for all the pop culture jokes and movie references. So what will happen to Community when Troy leaves, and can Community survive without Donald Glover? Truth is, I really don’t know.

Don’t get me wrong. The entire show is awesome, and most of the cast will still be there to play so wonderfully off each other. But any fan of Community can tell you, the show works so well because of all the characters playing off each other. Troy’s naivete worked really well against Pierce’s jaded ways. Jeff works really well with juxtaposed against Annie’s innocence. Just how do they intend to fill the massive void that will be left in Troy’s absence? Are they going to do what they did with Pierce and replace him with a different energy (Mike from Breaking Bad) or will they recognize that void and work around it? The reality is, this is not an article that can provide answers to any of these questions. This is me, genuinely asking. Can Community survive without Donald Glover?

Well, they survived that one horrid year without Dan Harmon, so I suppose anything is possible….

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  • highdesertslim

    The one “type” character the show is missing is a Latino/Latina (this was even addressed last week about diversity of the school). My vote would be Elizabeth Pena. Are you listening “Community” producers?

    • Remy Carreiro

      That is a pretty great point! I side with you and agree.