Captain America: Winter Soldier Directors Will Helm Season Six Premiere of Community


They may have found huge, worldwide success with Captain America: Winter Soldier, but the Russo Brothers are more than open to returning to the show that helped raised their profile. Between Joe and Anthony Russo, they’ve directed 33 episodes of Community across the show’s five seasons, and now they’re about to make it 34.

The brothers are returning to direct the season six premiere of Community, the show now having moved from NBC to Yahoo. Here’s what they told IGN about their plans:

“We will be returning. We’re going to do the first episode [of Season 6] for those guys. We’re going to have a little fun with that episode. [Community executive producers] Dan Harmon and Chris McKenna are cooking up something very cool for us…The quality is always so high for the scripts on that show, so it’s very exciting to tear into one of those scripts as a director.”

An Avengers themed episode? A SHIELD themed episode? A guest-starring appearance by Chris Evans? Hopefully all of the above. The Russos are incredibly dedicated to the show, and even managed to direct two episodes in season five, despite the fact that they were busy editing Winter Soldier at the time.

We know next to nothing about this new season of Community, other than if Jim Rash gets his way that there will be at least one Game of Thrones-themed episode. But needless to say it’s good news the Russos are back, and hopefully they’ll bring some quality installments with them.

[Photo via NBC]

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