Celebrate Troy’s Funniest Moments on His Last Night of Community

Troy is leaving Community tonight, making for the second major cast departure since Chevy Chase’s Pierce Hawthorne left as well. Donald Glover departs on somewhat more amicable terms, and at least allowed himself to be written off in a (somewhat) reasonable way as he chases Pierce’s millions around the world.

He was only slated to be in a handful of episodes this season, and tonight is his final bow. To celebrate, NBC has assembled a collection of Troy’s funniest moments on the show. He was one of the better characters in my estimation, and it will be interesting to see how the show works without him. The study table is getting awfully small. Granted, there are still many good characters and Dan Harmon is killing it with these new scripts, but it’s always sad to lose a cast member not for plot purposes, but simply because they want to leave. Just ask Downton Abbey.

Watch the video above and don’t miss the new episode of Community tonight so you can say goodbye to Troy properly.

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