Chris Elliott Joins Community, Season Five Keeps Sounding Better and Better


David Cross, Vince Gilligan, and Tim and Eric, to name just a few. A few what? Just a few of the amazing guest stars they are going to have on the new season of Community. As if we couldn’t be anymore excited, we just got more Community news, and wouldn’t you know it, we are excited! Why, because this season, Chris Elliott joins Community. Remember Chris, from Cabin Boy, and all his old bits on SNL and David Letterman? Oh, and let’s not forget, two of the greatest TV comedies of all time. Get A Life and Eagleheart. Truth is, Community needs this after an abysmal last season.

The thing is, we can forgive Community for season four. Honestly.

Stuff happened with the show’s creator, Dan Harmon. Stuff happened with the show’s cast, Chevy Chase. Stuff happened. But to find out that Chris Elliott is coming on board with Community makes me want to sing and dance, and make obscure pop culture references only the most astute readers would get. TV Line has more on the story.

The long and the short is, Chris Elliott will play the founder of Greendale Community College, who may have left due to a certain scandal. If you know anything about Elliott you know, safe to assume the character he will be playing will have a few screws loose and will fit right in at Greendale. Listen, not for nothing, but when Chris Elliott joins Community, everyone wins.

Community returns January 2nd. Oh, goodness me, that is under a month away!

[Photo via Jason Kempin/Getty]

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