Community: Alison Brie Busts a Freestyle on Jimmy Fallon

Alexis McLaren February 19, 2013 0

Alison-Brie-CommunityHer name is Ali Brie, She’s on Comm-uni-ty, Thursday nights on N-B-C!

I always knew Alison Brie had some dope rhymes. The actress, who plays Annie, stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night (Feb. 18) and was promoting the show by discussing how funny it is that all their holiday episodes will not be airing during their respective holiday seasons.

The conversation swung to Alison talking about how sometimes on set, freestyle battles just breakout. When you have Donald Glover, who is professional rapper Childish Gambino (if you haven’t seen him live, DO IT!) and Danny Pudi beat boxing, it’s only natural for Alison Brie to want to get in on the fun and drop a few lines.

Check out Alison aka Ali Brie freestyle a promo for Community.