Why The Community Cancellation Was “Streets Behind”


They cancelled Community. They cancelled Community. I am not saying it over and over so that you know. I am saying it over and over because I am in shock. I know season four was abysmal, but season five was glorious and more and more brilliant every episode. It is one of the only comedy shows on TV that is actually funny (in this writer’s opinion). I am not even sure what to say right now. Actually, I take that back. I have quite a bit to say.

First off, NBC, why? Community was trending on Twitter every single Thursday. Countless websites like this one watched week after week, blown away at just how good this season was with Dan “the man” Harmon back in charge. All the subtle pop culture references were back. All the characters were acting like their true selves again. Even the inclusion of Mike from Breaking Bad was a genius call and worked really well with the group dynamic. But I knew something was off in that final episode this season. It felt like they knew the show was ending. My problem is, we didn’t got a proper goodbye or closure. But, could this be setting up a final episode in movie form. Some think so, and that would make me very happy. How well the show will convert to movie format remains to be seen, but I would see that movie. Remember kids, we wanted six seasons and a movie. That was only five seasons. I am bitter. I hate when hopeful hashtags fail.

The Editor-In-Chief of this site, Paul Tassi, made a great point to me about all this. He pretty much said they had a banner season and would be a great final season for any show to go out on. I can see that, and feel a little better about the cancellation of Community after hearing it. But still, the fact may not get to hear how Troy’s boat voyage went is really bothering me right now. Also, Annie, sweet Annie. I never got to confess my love to thee.

Okay, well how about #FiveSeasonsAndAMovie? Is that too much to ask?

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