Community Season Five Gets a Movie Trailer

Paul December 10, 2013 0

No, my title doesn’t make very much sense, as how can you have a TV show with a movie trailer? Well, Community can, and you’ll see what I’m talking about above.

It’s an ad for “Mr. Winger,” where season five of Community is painted as a wacky fish out of water comedy where Jeff has to go back to this community college to teach after failing as a lawyer yet again.

I wondered how they would get him back to the school after what was a pretty conclusive season four finale, and this appears to be the ticket. I wish the rest of the cast was in it a bit more, but the joke works as is.

And of course, note the “sixseasonsandamovie” hashtag that pervades the trailer. It’s been Community’s motto for a while now, and from the looks of it, they just might actually get to six seasons at this rate. No, Community does not get anything approaching good ratings, but NBC is so desperate for content, a low-rated show that might have been canceled without a second thought years ago, might now get to live forever. Any show that has a fanbase, particularly one as fierce as Community’s, is something the network wants to keep as long as possible. But a movie? That might be a bit of a stretch, even for them. Unless they’re counting season five as a movie, which is why they’re doing this trailer…. Genius!