Community Stars Respond To New Season and Confirmed Movie on Twitter


Yesterday, the question was “will Community get its movie, too?” but the truth is, we already knew it would. It already had. The six seasons and a movie thing is 100% happening. Not some internet myth started by trolls. Not some rumor on some god forsaken website. Nope. Community will have another season thanks to Yahoo, and after that, will end their run with an actual film. For any of your skeptics out there, this is huge. How about some cast responses via Twitter just to prove to you all how true this is?

First off, the show’s creator and outspoken hero is Dan Harmon, and his response on Twitter was genius. It was like he was talking about Game of Thrones. He said: It’s been so long since I have seen the young maiden. My love is stronger than my fear of death. He then followed that up with the infamous #SixSeasonsAndAMovie hashtag. Nice to see that actually worked.

Danny Pudi posted an awesome picture of him smiling with elation, with the words “more college” underneath it. Gillian Jacobs simply hash tagged the six seasons and a movie, as a subtle way to show she was on board.

I think my favorite was Ken Jeong, though. His tweet specifically mentioned the fevered fans and how none of this would have happened (twice) if the fans were not rabid. He tweeted:

It is all because of the fans. The love you know for Community knows no bounds. And we love you right back. Chang the world.

No, that last sentence is not a typo. That is just for fans of the show.

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