The Community and True Detective Mash Up That Gets It Right

You know what show I cannot get enough of right now? True Detective. It is cryptic and shot beautifully, and on top of that, it is kinda creepy and intense. Perhaps a little TOO intense for its own good sometimes. You know what else I love? Community. A show built on inside jokes and pop culture references that has found its stride in its newest season now that Dan Harmon is back at the helm. So how do you think I feel about this Community and True Detective mash up? I will give you a hint: I love it.

The irony here is that this Community and True Detective mash up happened on a THIRD show. The Soup. So this is like showception. What is great here is that they nail it. The weirdly vague way everything is explained, but not REALLY explained. The weird mysticism and philosophy that goes into the dialogue. It is all here. Kind of makes me realize how uber-serious the show realy is. Well, see for yourselves.

The real funny thing here is that, as much as this is a satire, I would still watch that heck out of that show. This just further proves Jim Rash is a genius. Seriously, that dude can do no wrong in my eyes. That Jeff guy is pretty awesome, too. Also, the can opener is gonna fly if the doll face doesn’t ring out by midnight.

Sorry, True Detective banter is rubbing off on me.

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