Were Community’s Ratings Up? Down? Who Knows?


Community came back last night, and though it was a return to form, the numbers are an equally important part of its debut. The show had 3.7M viewers for its premiere and 3M for the second episode which aired back to back. The first represents a climb of 300,000 viewers since the season four finale but the 18-49 numbers were down. A lot:

“Among adults 18-49, Community had a 1.3 rating and then a 1.2, down 32 percent from last year. This is an all-time low for a Community premiere. Community didn’t help The Michael J. Fox Show or Sean Saves the World, with both returning to a series low.”

Sooo is this bad news? Is Community on the verge of death for like, the fifth time in five years? Doubtful. The show has an established fanbase, which is something NBC can’t afford to lose, however small it may be. Furthermore, Community reruns air on Comedy Central which is a big moneymaker. More episodes equals more reruns, hence why middling shows can seemingly run indefinitely.

I’m not doing the whole song and dance about whether Community will live on any more. As it stands, it will, and probably will for at least another season after this one. Even if numbers are down, NBC has learned their lesson messing with the show’s fate at this point, I believe.

[Photo via Justin Lubin/NBC]

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