Dan Harmon Expresses Doubt About Community Resurrection

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Community creator Dan Harmon is a cynic. Thing is, do you blame him? The dude wrote one of the greatest shows on TV only to have himself axed from it and have it butchered. He comes back, makes the best season the show ever had, and they cancel the show. I would be burnt out if I were him, too. That is like an abusive relationship that exhausts you. So now that he has come out and claimed he has doubts it will ever be resurrected, is anyone shocked? Should we be?

So Harmon himself had some words about the potential Hulu resurrection of Community. Thing is, if you are a fan like me, you may not want to hear it. The good part is that we are all right that Hulu is talking about bringing it back. The kicker is, Dan Harmon doesn’t really see that happening. The quote from the Banf World Media Festival in his own words is:

 “What I can’t say and what I’m pretty cynical about, just because I think it’s better to be pessimistic and be pleasantly surprised, is that they could make anything happen. It’s a big cast full of talented people with a lot of options. And when all that is done, you’d have to make a deal with me and I wouldn’t want to do it without (writer producer Chris) McKenna. I think if you lost one piece of that puzzle – what if Yvette Nicole Brown wasn’t in the mood to do it anymore? We’ve already lost Donald (Glover), we’ve lost Chevy (Chase).”

See, it is a perfect storm that needs to happen for Community to come back. Every single soul has to agree, and as he pointed out, that looks unlikely. He also adds he would rather be pessimistic and be pleasantly surprised than to set himself up to be disappointed. In other words, he is totally down for it happening. He just doesn’t think it’s likely. Man, that makes a little part of me die inside to here.

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