Dan Harmon’s Still Got It: Five Awesome Things from the Community Premiere


For those watching the premier of Community last night, it may have initially seemed really bleak. Like the “darkest timeline” took over, and for a minute, it did. But then a gear switched, and we felt it. All us Community fans slowly breathed a sigh of massive relief because it seems that Dan Harmon’s still got it. Whatever that magic is that makes Community one of the best sitcoms on TV. Here are five awesome things you may have missed from the premier.

Abed Going Full Nic Cage

I am in the exact same boat as Abed about Nic Cage. How can someone be so great in one movie, and be so awful in another. It makes no sense. It has no algorithm (it actually does, though. Nic Cage is only as goo as the directors he is working with. When he has a great director, he turns in a great performance. More on that later) But seeing Abed go “full Nic Cage” was one of the funniest moments of the show, period.

The Lighting

I feel like many people may have missed this. Did anyone else notice the lighting was connected to how dark the feeling of the show was? At the beginning of the first episode, when Jeff was convincing the gang to sue Greendale, all the lights were off. The show was (symbolically) dark. Then, as Jeff and the group came around, more and more lights began coming on. By the second episode, it was all fully lit again. Absolutely BRILLIANT reference to “the darkest timeline” yet, and absolute proof Dan Harmon’s still got it.

Chevy Chase Cameo

How awesome was this? Even though Chevy and Dan had some real problems, Chase came back for a cameo in the first episode of the season. It also was genius that the cameo was a nod to Star Wars, too. That is why we love Dan. He speaks our language. It also showed us Chevy Chase is a lot nicer than we thought. Classy move, Chevy.

Mike from Breaking Bad

The moment it hit me that Mike from Breaking Bad would be replacing Pierce in the group, I died of joy. Literally. I am dead right now. His deadpan delivery works REALLY well in contrast to the sun shiney group. Also, his picking on Leonard was mean, but seriously hilarious.

They Ret-conned Changnesia

The moment that professor Chang stood up and admitted all his behavior in season four was a hoax, that was it. I was sold. He ret-conned the awful season four in one sentence, and with that sentence, I knew it. Dan Harmon’s still got it. Community is awesome again.

In other words, all is right with the world again. We are officially OFF the darkest timeline.

[Photo via Justin Lubin/NBC]

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