David Cross To Star In Next Dungeons and Dragons Community Episode


You can file this directly under “best news I heard all day”. Do you guys remember the AWESOME Dungeons and Dragons themed episode of Community? The episode where the crew got together to play some D&D and save Fat Neil? The episode where we finally saw just how dark Chevy Chase’s character was going to get? The episode that was brilliant, and hit us all in the feels. Well, good news. There is going to be a follow up to that episode, and David Cross is going to be in it. Yes, that makes our brains almost explode with nerd excitement.

This is one of those “two great tastes that taste great together” things. There is NO WAY that David Cross and his physical brand of self-deprecating comedy won’t work at Greendale. Uproxx talks about it briefly, but really, what is there to be said? This is like trying to fathom the universe. It is a given this will be a perfect fit, and noting all the other amazing cameos and guest stars coming on Community next season, we keep thinking we can’t be anymore excited for Dan Harmon’s return. But as soon as got this news and giggled like a small step-child we knew. Season five if Community is setting itself up to some REALLY high standards, but it seems like it is readying to hit it out of the park.

Of course, with David Cross on board for a D&D episode, that is pretty much a given formula for success, and we could not be anymore elated. He deserves A NEW START, after all, doesn’t he? Only Arrested Development fans will understand that last joke, and I am okay with that.

[Photo via Vivian Zink/NBC]

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