Dissecting the “Six Seasons and a Movie” Pitch for Community


As many Community fans know, when that wonderful show vanished for awhile, people took to the hash tag “Six Seasons and a Movie” to try to help bring the show back. Well, the show came back and just ended one of its best seasons yet. Yet the hashtag still exists. There are still people who say they want six seasons and a movie. I am here to make the case for a straight seven seasons. I adore Community, but think another season would be better than a ninety minute movie.

First off, a movie would be ninety minutes to two hours at most. That is like four to six episodes. If we got another season instead of a movie, that would be so many more hours of new content. That s how you flush out a story. I know a movie would be an epic end, but how could you even make a Community movie work? I could see if maybe they did one of those epic paintball or alternative timeline theories you may be able to squeeze a film out of it, but you also risk squeezing some of the joy out of it. When was the last time you saw a show turn into a movie, and the movie was better than the show? The Veronica Mars movie was great, but no one talked about it. The X-Files movies were mere shadows of their shows. See what I am saying?

So my pitch is give us seven seasons. Use that last season to flush out the stories of every character. Maybe bring Troy back one last time. Maybe (please) kill of Chang in epic fashion. My overall point is you can do a lot more with 22 episodes than you can with 90 minutes. A show this good needs to go out in proper fashion, and I just don’t see how a Community movie would work. Take to the comments and give me your thoughts.

[Photo via Trae Patton/NBC]

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