Donald Glover is Getting Fitting and Funny Farewell As Troy on Community


I’m incredibly pumped for Community season five. But as much as I’m excited, I’m also quite crestfallen. For as good as the season will be, this will be the season we lose Troy on Community. Played wonderfully by actor and rapper Donald Glover, Troy is a big draw for many on the show. His dumb-yet-likable demeanor just pulls you right in. For that reason alone, it will be sad to see him go. Good news, though. The rumor is that they have a great final story line for Troy on Community. Yes, the word epic has been tossed around.

TV Line has more on the story, but no one knows facts yet. All we know is that Troy is going to get a tantalizing offer at the beginning of the season, and it will make him rethink everything and will lead to his exit. Just what that is, no one knows. Some are scared that the loss of Donald Glover and Chevy Chase may make for a sub par fifth season of Community. But the best of us know that Dan Harmon is back on board, and that says quite a lot for just how good this season could potentially be.

It is also said that proper respect will be given to the Troy and Abed friendship. Man, how is Abed going to function when Troy leaves? Guess we will all have to tune in this season and see for ourselves.

[Photo via Ethan Miller/Getty]

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