Don’t Fall For “Donald Glover Returning To Community” Hoax

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Alright, I need save all of you from the false hope I felt earlier today. There was a thread on Reddit today about the brilliant Donald Glover returning to Community (he has been gone only two weeks, which should have been the first hint it was fake), but the thing is, it is not real. It was a note passed around the web that said something along the lines of “returning to Community because of Internet”, and people were saying it was written by Glover, referring to his character Troy. Well, the Donald Glover returning to Community thing is just an evil internet hoax, and I wanted you all to avoid the heartbreak I felt today.

Rather than talk about Community or Troy, I want to get to the real heart of the matter here. Why do people do stuff like that? I don’t understand what instilling a false sense of hope in people actually does for the person perpetuating the hoax. Are their collective lives so shallow and empty that they need to mess with people to make themselves feel more powerful? Sorry, but that is some serious sociopath behavior. Whoever did it, I wish I could have five minutes alone in the dreamatorium with you. Even Inspector Spacetime could not reverse time and save you from that.

Anyway, I am simply here to tell you don’t fall for the Donald Glover returning to Community hoax like I did. Losing Troy twice is twice as painful. My soul is crying right now.

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  • HawkeMan

    I’m glad this is the first time I’m hearing about this hoax because I too would have been so angry with rage! I still cry inside when I think about the look on Abeds face as Troy sailed off. But I will NEVER give up hope that Troy will return for season 6. Or that there will actually be a season 6. #sixseasonsandamovie