Five Ideas for Community Spin-Off Shows

Paul September 14, 2012 1

Yesterday we got word that Donald Glover is planning a back-up show on NBC in case Community gets cancelled this year. With a fired showrunner and 13 episodes airing on Fridays, things certainly don’t look good, and we should start planning for contingencies.

But if Glover can have his own show, why can’t the other cast members? I took the liberty of making their theoretical programs about their Community characters living life after Greendale. See if you’d watch any of these below:

Abed’s Inspector Spacetime

This isn’t the first time such a project has been proposed, but it’s high time Abed got to fully commit to the role of the Inspector. Who cares if most Americans don’t know what Doctor Who is? Abed could totally make a parody of it work, as evidenced by the time he’s spent in the titular role in various episodes of Community. Even if Donald Glover is busy with his new show, he’d make some time to guest star as the Constable at least a few times.

Jeff Winger: Douchebag at Law

What happens when Jeff Winger finally gets reinstated to be a lawyer? Why, he gets his own show of course. I would totally watch an LA Law style show with Joel McHale’s Winger as the lead, and I know I’m not alone in thinking that. Rob Corddry could even stick around as his nemesis, and I think Jeff would thrive with a whole new set of people to quietly mock.

Annie Goes to a Real College

Little Annie Edison is probably the smartest member of the entire group, so what happens when she finally gets away from Greendale and gets to go to an actual school? Why, it would be Annie gone wild of course! Well, at least to some degree. I could easily see her pledging a sorority or something else similar and having a real college experience unlike the one she had in Greendale. Actual college could yield even more interesting avenues for her character, and I couldn’t wait to see the types of GIFs it would produce.

Shirley’s Sandwiches

There could be a show about Shirley opening up her sandwich shop off campus somewhere, as there are many people working in the food service industry and not many shows dedicated to their interesting lives. I also think that Britta could be one of her employees because seriously, what else is Britta going to do after Greendale? Be a psychologist? Please. Also, Pierce could be the manager.


I have no firm ideas for Ben Chang’s show, CHANG, just that it could be about him doing absolutely anything at all and it would probably end up being one of the funniest half hours on TV. Chang goes grocery shopping? Chang joins the army? Chang starts living under a bridge? Whatever the case, it would be Chang-larious.

  • Li

    I’d like to see a show about Britta’s anarchy days, or her adventures as Radiohead’s favourite groupie… Or she should join Occupy or something like that, and fail miserably. I think that could be very funny.