This GI-Joe Community PSA Is The Best Thing I Have Ever Seen

To me, right now, Community is pretty much a religion. I had almost fallen off after the abysmal fourth season, but when Dan Harmon came back this season, he came back renewed. Every single episode this season has been nothing short of brilliant, littered with running gags and inside references that most who are not pop culture nerds will completely miss. Like, don’t even pretend you got the Zardoz reference from two weeks ago. You don’t even know what Zardoz is. The thing is, I do. I am a super nerd who grew up in the 80’s, so who do you think all these Dungeons and Dragons pop culture references are being made to? My generation, the people who played the games and lived it all. Well, truth be told (and though I didn’t think it possible) Community just topped itself with this new GI-Joe Community PSA.

Thanks to the internet, everyone knows about GI-Joe PSA’s, but for those of who of us who grew up idolizing D&D and GI-Joe, it is like Dan Harmon is speaking directly to us. In case you have not yet heard the news, this week, Community goes all old-school GI-Joe on us. To get us ready for that, they released a PSA done in the old style of the GI-Joe cartoons. All I can say is, the minute I heard Britta’s GI-Joe name, I lost it. This is brilliant stuff firing off on so many levels it is hard to keep track.

Also, can I say how utterly hilarious it is that one of the kids is spray painting a pentagram?  Or the simple fact that Abed and Britta are based around REAL GI-Joe characters. Or the perfect note they end it on. I mean, this is satire at its finest. Seriously.


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